Siliconmania 2015, Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering, Entrepreneurship Summit, Bengaluru, Karnataka, 17th November 2015

  • Category: Entrepreneurship Summit
  • Start Date: 17th November 2015
  • End Date: 17th November 2015
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Siliconmania 2015


Siliconmania is an Intercollegiate Entrepreneurship fest, hosted by DERBI Foundation, in association with NEN - National Entrepreneurship Network.

A One day Entrepreneurship fest, symbolizing the "SILICON VALLEY”. Celebrating the joy of entrepreneurship on Tuesday, NOVEMBER 17, 2015 at Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering.

Brilliant minds come together to connect, collaborate, and win the challenges…
Are you ready for the challenge??

The contests are ranging from B-Quiz, B-Plans, Problem Solving and Pitching to VC Panel to bring out the best innovative & creative Entrepreneurs.
* Any UG and PG students can register for the event.



#1. The Stanford Daily Challenge (Event based on Newspaper Article)
Duration to present: 5 Mins


1. Team event of 2 members
2. Each team gets, 3 Newspaper Clippings.
3. Clippings would form the basis for creation of innovative idea/product/service.
4. Present a Biz plan, transforming your idea into a business (3 Slide presentation)
Pictures, Mockups, Posters can be submitted for additional credit.
(Note: Clippings will be from various sectors, industries each having a problem or an opportunity)
Event coordinator: Mr. Sunil - +91 87221 22108

#2. Sand hill Angels (Elevator Pitch)
Duration to present: 2 – 3 Mins


1. Make an elevator Pitch of your idea/Biz plan in front of investor panel.
2. Participants without an idea shall be provided a case scenario for pitching.
Event coordinator: Mr. Ganesh Rao - +91 96200 46204

#3. Redwood Hunt (SILICON VALLEY QUIZ)


1. Team event of 2 members
2. Quiz will be based on “Silicon Valley”.
Event Co-coordinator: Mr.Suchit - +91 94800 72922

#4. Mountain View Drill (PROBLEM SOLVING)
Duration to present: 5 Mins


1. Team event of 2 members
2. Participants would be provided a problem to solve, at the time of registration.
3. Present your solution with a business plan on 3 slide ppt.
Pictures, Mockups, Posters can be submitted for additional credit.
Event coordinator - Chethan - +91 99804 10259

Any further queries, Pls.feel free to contact the Event Coordinators:
Mr. S R Sudhir (Faculty Cordinator) - +91 99001 97390
Mr. Manjunath V - (Student Cordinator) - +91 98804 41168

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Event Date Nov. 17, 2015, (8:30 a.m. TO 6 p.m.)

Venue C D Sagar Auditorium, Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering, Kumaraswamy Layout, Bangalore – 560078

Registration Fee (All 4 Events) Rs. 100/- Per person Participation.

(This entitles you to participate in all the 4 events)

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Let the hunt begin...

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Startup hub of US

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