Evoluzione 4.0, Bharati Vidyapeeths College of Engineering, Technical Festival, New Delhi, Delhi, 24th March 2015

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  • Start Date: 24th March 2015
  • End Date: 24th March 2015
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Evoluzione 4.0


The BharatiVidyapeeth’s Indian Society for Technical Education chapter is proud to present its annual technical fest titled, “Evoluzione 4.0.” The fest will witness a national level project exhibition competition called the “Dr.Homi Bhabha National Innovation Challenge”, and a host of events like Arduino Speed Coding, Steganography, Exquizite(General Quiz), Google All, along with many other events. The college will invite students from all over the country to showcase their projects.


EVOLUZIONE EVENT DESCRIPTION Dr. Homi Bhabha National Innovation Challenge The Dr. Homi Bhabha National Innovation Challenge is the headliner event of Evoluzione 2015. BVP ISTE will be inviting students from all over the country to provide a platform for showcasing their extra-curricular projects. The event promises to attract the brightest minds of the country with a chance to display their skills in software, hardware or research. • Venue: Library • Prize Money: 1ST Rs. 3000 + Trophy, 2ND Rs. 2000 + Trophy Certificates for participation for all Apart from the main competition, Evoluzione ’15 will have five supporting events: 1. Arduino Speed Coding This event is to test the participant’s skills with arduino, electronics circuits and programming. Participants will be given a problem statement which they have to solve in minimum possible time with maximum possible accuracy. The problem statements will be based on arduino interfacing. • Venue: ED Room/ Lab • Registration fees: Rs 30 • Prize Money: 1st- Raspberry pi and 2nd- Arduino Uno/mega 2. Steganography Steganography is the art or practice of concealing a message, image, or file within another message, image, or file. It is a technique where you hide information inside an information. Participants will learn, and extract some juicy information from some innocent looking files around us. We will provide participants with some images, doc files, music files and and they need to scratch their minds, to find the hidden password or clues inside that file. • Venue: Lab A-102 or A-104 • Registration fees: Rs 30 • Prize Money: 1000, 500 3. Exquizit Exquizit is a tech quiz that will consist of two rounds. Participants will be grilled on a variety of questions related to technology. The first round will consist of written prelims and the second round will consist of six finalists battling it out against each other. • Venue: Seminar Hall • Registration fees: Rs 30 • Prize Money: 2000, 1000 4. AMAZING RACE It is a 5-8 level event. Each level will have some game/mystery/riddles or suitable obstacles which a team of 2-3 have to clear. After each level, the number of next level tickets will decrement as per the situation leaving only one winner at the end. 5. MATKI PHOD A fun and thrilling event where you have to test your aiming skills. 3 chances will be given to a person to hit the target while he is blind folded. Hit to win. 6. BLIND TRIAL Participants have to complete a track filled with obstacles “BLIND FOLDED” using a differential drive robot the other team member has to guide him the directions for the same. 7. LASER OBSTACLE CHALLENGE Participants have to dodge and make their way through a network of lasers in order to retrieve an object. If a participant steps in the path of any laser, a buzzer will beep and participant is disqualified • Event Managers: • Date: 24th March • Venue: TT Room • Time: • Registration fees: • Prize Money: • Additional Requirement:Lasers, mirrors, cardboard, tape etc. 8. GOOGLE ALL This event will be of two rounds, in first round participant need to filter the result to an extent such that no. of result google will fetch should be minimum. In second round there will be an app that will contain different levels, each of the level will be cleared after entering a password, that is needed to be determined from the problem page that will come after clicking the solve button on app. The one who will clear all the levels first will win. 9. GAME OF ASSASSINS In this event there will be title card in which will be given to the participants it will have a detachable head so that if forcefully snatched it would detach.So the main idea of this event would be by giving these title card to every opponent and within a defined area all the players are scattered.The goal of each player is to collect title card from the other opponents.Last person with max title cards will be declared as the winner. 10. BATTELFIELD "Battling The Odds" "Faint voices, silent footsteps, reload of a gun". If all this is music to your ears, then you belong here at the ultimate gaming arcade that is for the maniacs who just can't get enough of the reality. BattleWars at Evoluzion is getting geared up for the ultimate gaming event this year. This is the first time ever that the players will compete in Battlefield 3 to get their glory. Rules:- 1. There will be 2 teams each consisting of max of 4 players which will battle with each other.(lone wolf can join as well) 2. The one winning the match will qualify for the next round and so on. • Prize Money:1st prize 1000/- and 2nd Prize 700/-

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