NIRMITEE 14, Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Technical Festival, Pune, Maharashtra, 27th - 28th February 2014

  • Category: Technical Festival
  • Start Date: 27th February 2014
  • End Date: 28th February 2014
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"NITMITEE14" This is the 15th edition of this national level technical event. "Nirmitee14" has variours civil engineering related events in the offering. The entire event will test your skills and creativity.


EVENTS: Paper Presentation - Prize -1st - 5000 -2nd - 3000 & Trophies. (Each subhead will have 2 prizes) We at Maharashtra Institute of Technology are proud to organize “Paper Presentation” as a part of NIRMITEE for the 15th time. This is a National level Competition intended to encourage among students, the technical knowledge of new technologies and on-going research being carried out in Civil Engineering field. Paper Presentation is a competition wherein the participants are expected to present results of some scientific investigations or research. The topic may be supported by results of some experimentation work, data acquired from various sources, etc. The oral presentation should use an effective way of communication the research to the audience such as slides, graphs, tables, images etcetera. The subheads for the “Paper Presentation” in Nirmitee 2014 are as follows: 1) Innovative Materials & Construction Technology: -Pre-engineered Construction -Innovative Materials and High Performance Concrete -Innovative Construction Techniques -Fast Track Construction -Green Construction Technology -Automation in Construction Industry -Sustainable Construction 2) Project Management : -Total Quality Management in Construction Industry -Project Risk Assessment and Management -Cost Control techniques -Supply Chain Management -Construction Scheduling Techniques and Use of Soft wares - Construction Claims Management -Construction Disputes and Resolution Methods 3) Structural Engineering: -Structural Analysis and use of software -Ferro-cement Technology -Advanced Pre-stressed Concrete Structures -Earthquake resistant structures -Bridge Engineering - Structural Design in Industrial Construction -Structural Design of Power Plants 4) Transportation and Geo-Technical Engineering : -Intelligent Transport Systems -Urban Traffic Planning and Management -Metro/BRT/Monorail Projects (benefits and feasibility) -Pavements: Types, Design, Construction and Maintenances -Case studies on Geotechnical Investigations -Advance Foundation Techniques -Failure studies of Foundations– Causes, Prevention, and Remedies. -Soil Stabilization- Materials, Methods, Techniques 5) Environmental and Water Resource Engineering : -Green and Ecological Technologies For Urban Planning -Measures to Improve the Deteriorating Air Quality -Solid Waste/ E-Waste/ Construction Waste Management -Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Management Procedures for projects -Innovative Ideas for Treatment of Water -Flood/Watershed Management Techniques -Hydraulic Design of Irrigation Systems -Economic Utilization of Water Resources 6) Surveying: -Land Surveying –Use of Modern Methods -Hydrographic Surveying-Methods, Applications -GIS, GPS and Remote Sensing Techniques -Setting out Methods for Construction Projects -Preparation of Survey Maps and Digitization -Project Data Generation based on Topographic, Soil, Water, Geological, Archaeological, Socio-Economic Surveys. -Surveying Software Applications Rules:  Only Under graduation, Post-graduation and Diploma students from recognized Institutions are eligible for participation in the event.  A maximum of 2 students per team are allowed to present the paper.  Participants from different institutions can also form a team.  Participants are required to send abstract in required format to our e-mail address. participants are required to present their paper at MIT Pune during Nirmitee 2014.  The prescribed format must be followed failing which will result in the disqualification of the participants.  Total time allotted for presentation is 10 minutes. ( A warning bell will be given at 8 minutes), followed by question and answer round.  The decision of the judges will be final and binding to all.  If anybody is interested in any topics other than those mentioned in the subheads can also submit the abstract of the same. Schedule:  Last date of submission of abstract: 24th February2014  Presentation of the papers at Nirmitee : 27th February2014 NOTE :- Keep checking the website regularly for further details. Contact:- Gaurav Jadhav : 9403148712 Kunal Gosavi : 9503379793 BOB THE BUILDER Build your future!!! Prizes - 1st - 7000 - 2nd - 5000 - 3rd - 3000 & trophies Rules:- 1) Maximum of 4 participants are allowed in a team. 2) The problem statement will be displayed four days prior to the day of competition. 3) No extra material will be provided. 4) Failure to satisfy any of criteria given in problem statement, will lead to disqualification. 5) Judges decision will be final in case of any discrepancy. NOTE:- Keep checking the website regularly for further details. Contact: Mayuresh Bakare : 8956474247 Tushar Patil : 9545865368 ROTARY YOUTH LEADERSHIP ACTIVITY Creating youth leaders!!! Prizes - 1st - 15000 & trophy Socio-Preneur Do you know how to identify and start a business? Do you know how to source and organize the required resources? Are you good enough to take both the risks and rewards associated with the venture? But, can you also adopt a mission to create and sustain a social value and do you care even a bit to provide a positive return back to the society? Well then this is your 1st of its kind opportunity to show case your innovation and business skills & create a venture which is very much needed for our country India's sustainable development. Participation in teams of 2 to 4 The competition is divided into 3 rounds- Round 1: Synopsis You will be required to email us a brief report of your Social Enterprise, which could be a product or service. Round 2: Presentation You will be required to present your innovative concept and will be judged purely on innovation and uniqueness in concept. Round 3: Virtual Market A full fledged virtual market will be created for you to run your business as an Entrepreneur or invest your money as an investor. Entrepreneurs will be judged on their business kills and market value, while investors will be judged on Return on Investment. NOTE :- Keep checking the website regularly for further details. Contact:- Siddhartha Oswal: 9922550202 Akshay Shirude: 9763727488 TOWN PLANNING Planning for excellence!!! Prizes - 1st - 7000 - 2nd - 5000 - 3rd - 3000 & trophies The problem will be disclosed five days prior to the actual event i.e. on 22nd of February. Participants are expected to read the following rules to familiarize themselves with the specifications expected in the competition. Rules :- 1) A group may consist of not less than 2 members and not more than 3. 2) Participants shall bring their own stationary (pencils, color pencils, rulers etc.) 3) Participants have three hours to complete the job. 4) Participants have to give a mini presentation on the next day, explaining their plan. 5) Presentation should contain at least 8 to 10 slides and time limit being 10 min ( 8 minutes presentation and 2 minutes question answers ) NOTE :- Keep checking the website regularly for further details. Contact:- Gayatri Bagade : 8237604596 Shweta Lokhande : 9420133979 CUBECRETE Ideas are mortar!!! Prizes - 1st - 7000 - 2nd - 5000 - 3rd - 3000 & trophies Rules:- The problem will be disclosed on 19th February. Participants are expected to read following rules to familiarize themselves with the specification expected in the competition. Specifications: 1. Maximum 10% variation is allowed in the strength of individual cubes. 2. Average of three cubes strength shall be taken into account and the group with highest average cube strength will be declared winner. 3. Mix design sheet is to be submitted in advance and to be mailed on following address: 4. “N14” should be grooved on each and every cube. No group will be allowed without “N14” engraved on their cubes. 5. Every candidate should be able to clearly explain the mix design sheet. 6. The decisions of judges will be binding and final. NOTE:- Keep checking the website regularly for further details. Contact: Dnyaneshwar Therokar: 9823805065 Sachin Thombre: 8149271446 LINE - EM - OUT Where is the finished line??? Prize - 1st - 7000 - 2nd - 5000 - 3rd - 3000 & trophies To execute any the first step is to set it out on the site. This set out plan gives the foundation to the upcoming structure. To get this line-out done with least possible tolerance is the real skill of an engineer. To test this skill nirmitee presents Line-Em-Out which is an opportunity to budding engineers. Participant will be provided with a foundation plan which they have to set using provided instruments. Rules: 1. Instruments provided:- • 20” Theodolite • 20m measuring tape • Ranging rods • Pegs • Lime powder • Nylon string • Nails 2. No other instrument will be provided. 3. Maximum number of participants- 4 per team 4. Centre of on column will be provided as reference. 5. Permissible error - +/- 10% 6. Instruments should be handled with utmost care. Note:- Keep checking the website regularly for further details. Contact: Arjun Badhe - 9028247114 Rohan Aurange - 9604488368 SOFTCON Log on to ideas!!! Prizes - 1st - 7000 - 2nd - 5000 - 3rd - 3000 & trophies. The problem statement will be given on the spot, and participant has to develop the problem as per requirements. Following are the software kept for event :- 1. Autocad 2. Tekla 3. Primavera 4. MATLAB 5. MS-Project AUTOCAD It is a software competition where participant has develop the simple model as per requirements. Simple line plan will be given to participant. Participant has to develop double line plan with furniture with the help of autocad. RULES- • Only undergraduate, postgraduate and diploma students from recognized institutes are eligible for participation in the event. • 1 person participant is allowed. • 1 hour will be the time limit. • Autocad 2006 will be provided. • Decision of judge will be final and binding to all. CONTACT DETAILS- Mayur Ubale- 7709850339 Payal parikh - 9970595395 Tekla Tekla is basically a detailing software used in civil engineering to create 3D models of different structure (buildings, factories etc). We can create the model using given data regarding the structure and further we can also modify and generate different drawings of a structure in AutoCAD format. We can also analyze the modal and determine the material requirement for the structure (bar bending schedule, quantities). For this event we are going to give a problem statement on the spot. The participant should create the model in given time. The participants basic aim is to generate the model with minimum errors and finish it within given time. The participant must be able to operate the software on his own . CONTACT DETAILS- Sahil Chaure- 09709128708 Unmesh Polekar- 9423051684 Primavera Primavera is a based on Project Management. The contestants have to use the software and create basic calendars, allocate resources and create the WBS, make multiple projects. Contestants need to answer a few basic questions as well which are based on project management and Primavera. The students should conform to the following rules: 1. Only one participant is allowed per entry. 2. Time allotted is one hour. 3. Using basic knowledge of PRIMAVERA, problem can be solved. 4. Winner would be chosen on the basis of maximum marks allotted. 5. Judges decision will be final and binding. CONTACT DETAILS- Abhaysinha Shelake - 9420655081 Anuj Dubey – 8007196892 Microsoft Project Microsoft Project (MSP) is basically the planning software. It is use to plan the project by linking activities with their duration to find out optimum duration for the project Using MSP we can apply the resources to each activity and able to draw the cash flow charts and resource allocation charts. The students who are interested to take part in the competition follow the following rules 1. With your knowledge of civil engineering and logic interlink the activities which are given in a project. 2. The most optimum duration is preferable 3. The activity data is given in Excel. Each participant will be able to copy data on your project sheet with proper commands(Setting the calendar as per holiday and working day given in the problem is expected) 4. After linking all the activity logically participant must show the following in the Excel format a. Critical part of the project 5. Time limit for the each participant is 1 hour and participant with minimum time with least error will be declared as winner. 6. The decision of judges’ is final and binding to all. CONTACT DETAILS- Chaitanya Bhosle - 9823818612 Dinesh Bhatia - 9763506048 Saurabh Savaskar- 9225810505 TECHNO QUIZ Go verocious!!! Prizes - 1st - 5000 - 2nd - 3000 & trophies To be called as knowledgeable person it is important to know each and every basic fundamentals related to field of our interest. We bring to you the National Quiz as part of Nirmitee 2014 where the best Civil Engineering students from different colleges compete, to be named champion in Civil Engineering domain. The quiz would assess your theoretical knowledge of civil engineering. Eliminations and Finals both would be held in MIT, Pune. General Rules:- 1. Each team must consist of 2 members. All members of the team should be from the same educational institute. 2. Eligibility: All students with a valid student id card from their respective colleges are allowed to participate. This quiz is open to all Engineering and Diploma students. 3. A team once constituted, cannot be altered during the course of the event. 4. You will be tested on the basis of your knowledge of fundamentals of Civil Engineering. 5. Quiz will be conducted in two stages: • Stage – 1, Eliminations: For all teams written test will be conducted on technical knowledge of civil engineering and then 6 teams will be selected on their score of test and will be eligible to compete in the finals. • Stage – 2, Finals: This will be stage round. Questions will be on the technical knowledge of civil engineering and the pattern of QUIZ will be discussed later. 6. Jury’s decision shall be final. 7. Punctuality is important. NOTE:- Keep checking the website regularly for further details. Contact: Harshal Nikose: 7709453952 Shreyash Patil : 9689932276 3 BID TENDER Civilized Sensex Prizes - 1st - 7000 - 2nd - 5000 - 3rd - 3000 In this event a type of retaining wall along with drawing will be given. Student can refer to the current market rates (DSR 2013) of Pune district and estimate the total cost of retaining wall. The quantities of items such as cement sand aggregate and steel has to be estimated from the given drawings. Standard tender form will be provided. Participant will have to fill up their information and submit the tender form in sealed envelope only.The selected envelope will further go into personal interview Rules and Regulations General Rules 1) Maximum two participants are allowed. 2) Under graduate, post graduate and diploma students can participate. 3) submission of the tender should be in the sealed envelope only otherwise team will be disqualified. 4) Five envelopes will be selected based on how estimated cost of each envelope differ from actual cost. 5) Selected envelope will further go for personal interview. 6) Decision of judges will be final and binding on all. Event Heads Jyoti Chavan: 9421289778 Sayed Tajammul:8446267628 TECHNIFIED SOLUTIONS Rumbling the riddle!!! Prizes - 1st - 7000 - 2nd - 5000 - 3rd - 3000 & trophies We at Maharashtra Institute of Technology are proud to organize “Technified Solutions” as a part of NIRMITEE 2014. This is the introductory year of the competition and it is a one of its kind event, which will inculcate among the participants an analytical approach towards solving complex technical problems, likely to be faced in practice. Technified Solutions is predominantly a problem solving competition. The students are expected to find solutions of the problem using a logical approach. The problem shall be custom made, and the solution of the problem may involve an analytical essay, numerical computations, and logical decision making. This activity will be a logic based activity which will completely depend upon the basic knowledge in the field of Civil Engineering and logical thinking and imaginative faculties of the students. The problem will be so designed that it is equally challenging for the students of all levels. Solving the Problem will cover the following sub-areas of Civil Engineering: 1. Surveying 2. Environmental engineering and environmental impact assessment 3. Geology 4. Foundation engineering 5. Hydraulic Structures 6. Social Impacts of Infrastructure Development and related laws 7. Transportation engineering 8. Structural engineering 9. Mathematics 10. Physics 11. Quantity Surveying Rules:  Only Under graduation, Post-graduation and Diploma students from recognized Institutions are eligible for participation in the event.  The allotted time for solving the problem shall be :  A group of a maximum of 3 students is allowed.  All the decisions taken by the judges shall be final.  The participants are expected to explain how they arrived at the solution, in a brief paragraph.  The participants are allowed to bring along and refer to any book. Provision for internet if needed should be made by the participants themselves  The solution for the problem is required to be reached in a stipulated time, which will be notified on the same day. There is no relaxation for this condition. NOTE :- Keep checking the website regularly for further details. Contact:- Punit Khatavkar: 9922404705 Ajinkya Joshi : 9158159592



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