Gantavya 2k13, SRMGPC, Techno Management Festival, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, 24th - 26th October 2013

  • Category: Techno Management Festival
  • Start Date: 24th October 2013
  • End Date: 26th October 2013
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Gantavya 2k13


SRMGPC conducts a Techo-Management fest titled as 'Gantavya'. 'Gantavya' means 'Destination' and here we mean a destination from where a new journey of making an edge in your career will start. This event is a platform to reveal student's hidden technical talent. The mission of 'Gantavya' is to encourage one of the becoming autonomous learners, as we all know that the onus of skill development is shifting from organization to individuals. 'Gantavya' aims to make students become effective and enhance their skills in a playful environment so that they can become future leaders and responsible citizens of this highly independent world.


Robotic Events In Gantavya2k13 at S.R.M.G.P.C. (Lucknow) with Problem Statements and Details: 1. Savior (Robo Race) 2. Delluminator (Autonomous – Light Follower) 3. Black Pearl (Aqua Bot) 4. No Mercy (Robo War) 5. Robo Miniac (Mini Robo War) 6. Udaan (Chuck Glider) 7. Air Bus 360 (RC Airplane Mega Show) For any query, please feel free to contact: Deepak Kumar Verma : +91 7275476356 Awanish Tiwari : +91 9696644473 Anshuman Tripathi : +91 9807680559 Computer Events • Sum Up Pro: -Provide an all-round approach towards preparation for those willing to become good technocrats. Give answers of simple questions on computer conceptsand win. • C is Sharp:- Questions related to C language basic concepts and programming would be given. • Web Weaver:Design a website on the spot… let’s see how skilled you are…? • Net Buzz: - Questions related to .Net and SQL. • Crypto Quiz: -Security and Cryptography related questions. • Insomnia:- Code the problem statement in any of the suitable language(C, C++ and Java) • IOPC: -This is a programming contest to test your speed and skills while codingand competing with online coders. • Debugging: -Debug the error codes in C. • Devoid of Mouse:- Live a life without a mouse dependent on keyboard. If you can then you are the winner. • Jugad :-Assemble a simple machine and win the Prize. • Mind Kraft: -The ultimate test of your psyche! • Mobile Mania: -Design a mobile application on spot… • Genius: -On Paper And Picture Question related to IT & CS… • Programmer: - Code the given problems to get their Desired Output. • Join Java: - Quiz and design in blue J. • Enigma: - Solve the puzzle related to C, C++. Management Event • DoCoMo: -Participants have to answer questions in a definite time based on the documentary movie. • Big Symbol: -Recognize the companies with the help of their Logos, trade mark and taglines. • Quizmoz: -Find out your business aptitude and knowledge. • Case Study: -Case study will be given on a topic and the participants will have to submit the synopsis on given case. • Role Play: - Participant will perform according to the given situation. • Challenger: -Exploring the entrepreneur hidden inside, which could identifypotential opportunities & threat before venturing up into a newbusiness. • Industrial Player:-Brush up your skill and daring entrepreneur, to plan an innovative business idea. • Add Buzz: -JO DIKHTA HAI, WO BIKTA HAI. Try out yourself in marketing of your product. • Beg, Borrow, And Buy: -Go Get and Win the Price. • Wealthy Man: -Accomplish Goal on Given Financial condition. • Brand kshetra :-Participant will perform for growth of brands • Quick Take: -Team Have to use HR ability to handle situation. • Nirnayaka :-Make decision chart on the given situation • Bussiness Quiz:-Test your business skills. • Stock Shastra:-Create your own Portfolio and trade on virtual exchange Gaming Events • Counter Strike: - Want some great action?? Fire bullets and kill your enemy to win. Event Fees:300 • Unreal Tournament: -Finish the opponent and be the champion. Event Fee :-130/- • Age of Empire:- Want to be a king… AOE and develop your nation. Event Fee ` 130/- • NFS most wanted: -If you are a good driver then play and win. Event Fee ` 150/- Electronic Events • Bug D Bugs:-Correct an electrical circuit and win the prize. • Circuit Suspense: -Make new circuits with digital IC’s and chips as per problem. Civil / Mechanical Events • CADD Mania: -Make auto CADD drawings according to problem and win the prize. • Town planning: - Plan your own city according to you… Best city plan will win. • Aashiyana Pro:-Dreams also win prizes. Make your dream house and take away the money. • Junkyard:- Thought about taking out gold from junk? It’s time now Make something productive out of junk and win. • Beat D Weight: -Make a bridge that can bear maximum weight. • Structural Quiz: - Quiz related to general architecture and design. • Civicmania: - Quiz related to elementary civil subjects. • Adcivicmania: - Quiz related to advance civil subjects. • Mech-H-Man:- Quiz related to basic concept of mechanical. General Events • Research Paper Presentation: - Participants would discuss technical paper on any title which has not been published. Event Fee ` 300/- • Inquizzitive: - Questions of quiz are related to management, science, technology,general knowledge, current affairs. So tighten your mind to geta damn interesting QUIZ. Event Fee ` 50/- • Power Calculation: - Do you think you are faster than Aryabhatta??? It’s time to prove…take part in this simple math’s quiz give the answers andwin. Event Fee ` 40/- • Sudoku: - Expert in old Japanese game? Then it is the place to prove it... finish the Sudoku as early as possible and prize is yours. Event Fee ` 40/- • Fastest Texting: - Show your talent in speed typing on mobile phones. Event Fee ` 40/- • BlindTexting: - Show your typing talent while closing your eyes. Event Fee ` 40/- • Spell Buzz:- Spell the Words to win the Game…. Event Fee ` 40/- • Sudoko :- Solve the Sudoko as fast as you can! Event Fee ` 40/- • Logo Quiz: - Identifies the logos and symbols Event Fee ` 40/- • Excelsia:- Communicate nonverbally with your partner …… Event Fee ` 40/- • Pic mania:- Identifies puzzling ‘pictures… Event Fee ` 40/- Degree College Events • Genious G Quiz based on G.K.,I.T.,Reasoning……… • Symbol Mania Identify Symbols in Rapid action……. • Paper Presentation Present your best paper on topics…… • Programmer code the given problem!! • Code++ Advance coding and debugging… • Win Java work on blue j to win java….. • Yantrik Yukti Show your Yantriki to correctly recognize Yuktiss…… • Araya Vedh Chance to become Araya Bhatt…. • Business Play Prove Your communication Skills…! • Code-o-mania Design game And Website On spot…… Rasayan Solve reaction to win Rasayanwati…. Inter College Events • Tech Symbol Solve puzzle of symbols…….. • Paper Presentation Present your topic Related to any field • Rasayanwati Paper Quiz based on chemistry……. • Physico Quiz Quiz on Phyisics roles & lows…….. • Gaditagya Solve mathematics puzzles and theorems.... • Tikdam Any how find a way to get others out….. • Codeo Design Little Projects on spot • Little Genious Quiz related to GS,GK, and so on………..


For accommodation and hospitality please contact us via phone before fest starts.

How to reach SRMGPC, Lucknow

Transportation from Lucknow Railway Station and Airport can be easily found.

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