GNISTA V2.13, LBS College of Engineering, Technical Symposium, Kasaragod, Kerala, 7th - 9th October 2013

  • Category: Technical Symposium
  • Start Date: 7th October 2013
  • End Date: 9th October 2013
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Born with the motto of promoting technology, scientific thinking and innovation. Gnista has been creating an unmatched aura in the field of science and technology. It is intended in providing a platform to the budding engineers in national platform. Gnista strives to display the research and work of renowned person in every field. It also provides a platform for engineering enthusiasts to have various interactions with industrial giants. Gnista is also aimed at looking into social aspects of various innovations & aims to bring in many joint ventures from public sector enterprises & private players.


ROBOTICS - 1.Robocombat - This october being your Robowarrior on to the arena for the ultimate face off. 2.Robomaze - Line tracer Robots EuTANGLED - The wiring marathon !!! Wire your way to victory. Fix the circuit - The circuit debugging event Sirapster-The Ultimate junkyard An innovative challenge where you have to create something from nothing. Devious Designs - Sketch the future gadget designs of next millenia… ADZAP - An event to test your advertising & marketing skills Quizzes - 1.E-GYAN : The technical quiz 2.BRAIN BRAWL : The non-technical quiz BAND LINE PERFORMANCE For those of you who prefer music to loops.This music festival is nothing less than our orbit on the vocal of a singer with surprising depth & range LAN GAMING A host of emoting games for the gamers out there DUMB CHARADES For those of who believe actions speak louder than words, gesture your way to victory. PICTURE PERFECT Love the sound of the click? Love to play with light? Then here is the perfect platform for photographers in you START CAMERA ACTION For those of who want to hog the limelight we bring to you the short film competition. Your script , your scores.Your way to stardom




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