Dextero'22, RMD Engineering College, Technical Symposium, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 14th November 2022

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Event Type:
Offline and Online Mode
Start Date :
14th November 2022
End Date :
14th November 2022
Location :
Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Organizer :
RMD Engineering College
Category :
Technical Symposium

About Event

Intercollegiate national symposium conducted by the Department of Computer Science and Business Systems.


Papyrus :
A paper presentation event which allows you to showcase your varied knowledge.By means of presentation, you enhance your abilities and it charters you to convey your distinctive thought process to those around you.

Tech Pro:
This event is the process of detecting and removing of existing and potential errors (also called as 'bugs') in a given program code that can cause it to behave unexpectedly or crash. To prevent incorrect operation of a software or system, debugging is used to find and resolve bugs or defects.

Skulk CTF:
Capture the Flag (CTF) in computer security is an exercise in which "flags" are "secretly hidden in purposefully-vulnerable programs or websites".
Competitors steal flags either from other competitors or from the organizers.

Brain Wire:
An event where you will be asked various questions about different technical topics.
The team which secures the most points will be rewarded and titled "The king of brain wire."

Mind Raze:
Gear up for the next level of excitement.

A photography competition to capture the moments.

Surprise Event:
Expect the unexpected.

Event Caption

Join forces with us to unleash your talents!



How to reach RMD Engineering College, Chennai

Transport will be provided.Can also utilize EMU train.

Certificates will be provided to Participants

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