COLOSSEUM 2k22, RMK Engineering College, Technical Symposium, Tiruvallur, Tamil Nadu, 14th November 2022

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Event Type:
Offline and Online Mode
Start Date :
14th November 2022
End Date :
14th November 2022
Location :
Tiruvallur, Tamil Nadu
Organizer :
RMK Engineering College
Category :
Technical Symposium

About Event

Colosseum 2022 is a nation wide technical symposium organized by Civil Dept of RMK Engineering College which has been an outstanding technical fest in the recent years. This time, we have a melange of events that provides the participants a platform to exhibit their entire skill set. We have a total of 5 events and also Hands on Exciting events and be ready To show your skills. Get ready to Hustle!!...


Paper Presentation
Mad on CAD
Craft the Cruise
Surprise Events

PPT Topics


Event Caption

Build and Conquer



How to reach RMK Engineering College, Tiruvallur

Certificates will be provided to Participants

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