Research Trends in Antenna Design and Beyond Applications 2022, CARE College of Engineering, Training Program, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, 5th - 6th December 2022

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Event Type:
Start Date :
5th December 2022
End Date :
6th December 2022
Location :
Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu
Organizer :
CARE College of Engineering
Category :
Training Program
Research Trends in Antenna Design and Beyond Applications 2022

About Event

Due to rapid growth in the area of modern wireless communication systems, the demand for different types of novel, multi-functional, and high-performance antennas is increasing exponentially. The objective of this STTP is to cover all aspects of antennas used in existing or future wireless communication systems. The aim is to share and explore the recent advances, current trends, and future emerging developments of antennas.
--> The objective of the STTP is to provide an insight on the utility of simulation tools for design and fabrication of antennas and RF circuits.
--> To enhance the knowledge and usage of advanced tools and techniques for the Design of Practical RF antennas.
--> To give exposure towards the research competence of faculty in the areas of RF antennas by providing exposure to practical problems and solutions.


The following topics will be covered in the STTP.
--> Wearable Antennas for Telemedicine, Military, IoT Applications
--> Artificial Intelligence (AI) Empowered Antennas
--> MIMO, Reconfigurable Antennas, Phased Array antennas, Metamaterial Antennas
--> Hands on session using CST Studio Suite

Event Guests

The sessions will be handled by External Expert
faculty members from Reputed Institutions.

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Learn, Innovate, Discover


ECE EEE Telecommunication Physics Aeronautical Design

Certificates will be provided to Participants

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