World Congress on Precision and Personalized Medicine 2022, Medwide Group, Conference, Rome, Italy, 22nd - 23rd August 2022

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22nd August 2022
End Date :
23rd August 2022
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Rome, Italy
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Medwide Group

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World Congress on Precision and Personalized Medicine 2022

About Event

Precision & Personalized Medicine has grown from a part of the vision of precision medicine to part of clinical practice in several settings. While it is still evolving and its promise is not fully realized, personalized medicine is making a difference in the lives of cancer patients and those with rare genetic diseases. Early experience in implementing personalized medicine is both exciting and sobering. It is transforming medical care for the better for some but there is a long way to go for many diseases and it magnifies systemic health inequalities.

We cordially welcome all the participants from all over the world to attend the “World Congress on Precision & Personalized Medicine” Which is scheduled on August 22-23, 2022 in Rome, Italy.

Medwide Conferences welcomes the Professors, Pathologists, Specialists, Clinical Geneticist, Cytogenetic Diagnostics, Therapists, Researchers Specialized from Molecular Genetics and Genomics, Physicians and Hospitalists with different specialties such as Endocrinologist, Cardiologist, Nephrologists, Orthopedic, Hematologists, Immunologists, Oncologists, Rheumatologist, Research scholars, Industrial professionals and Student delegates from Biomedical, Pharmaceuticals and Telemedicine and Healthcare Sectors to be a part of it, from all over the world to Vancouver, Rome, Italy.
WCPPM- 2022 is among the World’s leading Scientific Conferences. The program will gather internationally renowned experts in the field of Genetics Genomics and Personalized Medicine and provide a forum for presenting and sharing ideas at academic, conceptual, and clinical levels. The speakers will highlight current challenges, research, and clinical developments and offer their unique insights into their field of expertise


Biomarkers and Diagnostics
Personalized Therapies
Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)- Diagnosis and treatment
Personalized Medicine for COVID-19
Preventive Medicine & Public Health Care
Internal Medicine
Artificial intelligence: Precision medicine
Market Strategies & Challenges In Personalized Medicine
Personalized Medicine in Oncology
Clinical Case Reports
Rare Diseases/Disorders and Orphan Drugs
Patient-Centered Care
Future of personalized medicine
Lifestyle Medicine
Immunology and Infectious Diseases
Advances in Molecular Diagnostics
Personalized medicine for CNS diseases
Cardiology and vascular medicine
Nanotechnology in Personalized Medicine
Emerging opportunities in personalized medicine
Drug target discovery and integration with individualized therapy
Proteomics and Genomics in Personalized Medicine
Gene Editing, Micro biome and Neoantigens
Diversity in Precision Medicine
Translational Informatics
Disease Prevention Strategies and Medical Treatments
Wearable technology: Precision Medicine
Digital Phenotyping
Genetics and Molecular Biology
Pharmacogenomics: Convergence of Pharmacology & Genomics
Cell Biology
Approaches to Stem Cells and Cell therapy

Event Theme

Latest Innovations in Genetics, Genomics and Precision Medicine



Certificates will be provided to Participants

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