2nd International Conference on Expert Clouds and Applications ICOECA 2022, GITAM University Bengaluru Campus, Bengaluru, Karnataka, 3rd - 4th February 2022

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Event Type:
Venue/Offline Mode
Start Date :
3rd February 2022
End Date :
4th February 2022
Location :
Bengaluru, Karnataka
Organizer :
GITAM University Bengaluru Campus
Category :
International Conference
2nd International Conference on Expert Clouds and Applications ICOECA 2022

About Event

Recent years have witnessed that the knowledge-based systems have the ability to exhibit a higher level of intelligent performance as human experts. Expert systems help to solve the computationally complicated real-time applications by processing only the explicitly stated knowledge parameters. With new technologies like cloud computing, IoT, Sustainable computing it has been critical to meet the quality requirements of intelligent knowledge-based systems like expert systems. The emerging researches in the area of Artificial Intelligence, Expert Systems and computing technologies are changing the landscape of Intelligent Systems in real-time applications. This International Conference on Expert Clouds and Applications [ICOECA 2022] is solely dedicated to discovering the new research insights on Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Sustainability, Knowledge-based Expert Systems. Moreover, the conference seeks potential research submissions from all aspects including theoretical, practical, and experimental domains that pertain to the expert systems, sustainable clouds, and Artificial Intelligence [AI] technologies.


The GITAM University, Bangalore intends to be the preeminent research and teaching institution linking the people of our institutions to the nation and the world by providing quality, career focused education and world class specializations.

PPT Topics

✓ Cloud-as-a-Service
✓ Cloud-centered Sustainable Networks
✓ Data & Storage Architectures
✓ Green Data Centers
✓ Architectures for Data Processing
✓ Big Data Analytics
✓ Data Interoperability
✓ Intelligent Optimization Techniques and
✓ Data Security and Privacy Challenges
✓ Dynamic Resource Management Techniques
✓ Data and Sustainable Information Networks
✓ Data Simulation and Modeling Techniques
✓ Quality of Service
✓ Distributed and Parallel Processing
✓ Sustainable Cloud Service Automation
✓ Sustainable Edge-Cloud Applications
✓ Innovative Access Control Techniques
✓ Fault Tolerance, Flexibility, Reliability and
✓ Industry and Business Specific Cloud Models
✓ Case Studies and Innovative Applications
✓ Intelligent Information Systems
✓ Smart User Interfaces
✓ Artificial Intelligence
✓ Expert Systems
✓ Machine Learning
✓ Deep Learning
✓ Knowledge-based Systems
✓ Innovative Knowledge Discovery
✓ Computer and Machine Vision
✓ Web Intelligence
✓ Pervasive Computing
✓ Computational Intelligence Models
✓ Problem Solving Models
✓ Intelligent Search Optimization
✓ Emotional Intelligence
✓ Fuzzy Sets
✓ Cybersecurity and Risk Assessment
✓ Human-Computer Interaction Techniques
✓ Multi-Agent Systems
✓ Natural Language Processing
✓ Cognitive Science
✓ Neural Networks
✓ New Algorithms and Models
✓ Cyber-Physical Systems & IoT
✓ Smart Healthcare
✓ Smart Cities
✓ Smart Networking Environments



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