Open Source Summit 2021, Saintgits College of Engineering, Kottayam, Kerala, 28th June - 2nd July 2021

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Venue/Offline Mode
Start Date :
28th June 2021
End Date :
2nd July 2021
Location :
Kottayam, Kerala
Organizer :
Saintgits College of Engineering
Open Source Summit 2021

About Event

The Open Source Summit aims to provide a platform where open source enthusiasts can meet, share their ideas and listen to world-class speakers and trainers and collaborate with the community. Open Source is not the Buzz Word, it has been around for many years. But accelerating the development and growth of open source softwares is the need of the hour. We aspire to motivate the audience, inculcate in them the spirit of community contribution , thereby helping them give back to the community.


Keynote Sessions
Technical Sessions
Fireside Chats
Pane Discussions


Riot OS
Kali Linux
Hyperledger Fabric
Linux Kernel

Event Guests

Julian Gordon - Linux Foundation
Brian Behlendorf- Linux Foundation
Oleg Nenashev - CloudBees
Mario Behling- FOSSASIA
Hong Phuc Dang- FOSSASIA
Ibrahim Haddad - Linux Foundation
Janko Isidorovic - Nova Vector
Martin Bahr - Free Software Advocate

Event Theme

Open Source



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