Prayatna 2k20, Madras Institute of Technology Anna University, Technical Symposium, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 7th - 8th February 2020

Category :
Technical Symposium
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Start Date :
7th February 2020
End Date :
8th February 2020
Location :
Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Organizer :
Madras Institute of Technology Anna University

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Prayatna 2k20

About Event

Prayatna is a nationally recognized technical event organized by Association of computer Technologists MIT, Anna University, which brings more than 3,000 young minds from 150 different colleges together, in order to unleash the power of analytical thinking and computer programming in engineers across India!

To unveil these skills, Prayatna hosts a multitude of both technical and non-technical events, including: Online Programming Contest, Onsite Programming Contest, SQL Scholar, Debugging, Web Hub, Paper Presentation, on an International Coding Platform.

To further enrich and ignite the students' passion for programming, Prayatna also conducts various workshops like: Deep Learning, Ethical Hacking , App development, Data Analyticsall with the guidance of experts in their respective fields.

Prayatna offers a platform for students and companies to come together for their mutual benefit, as event winners are offered internships at technical institutes. This provides a way for the companies to select better candidates and also gives them good exposure among the student community. The students inturn gains valuable experience at the firm.

Don't miss out on this great opportunity. Hurry up, register yourself and be a part of Prayatna 2k20.


Tech events list
2. Fastest finger

1. Ospc
2. Web hub
3.blind coding
4. SQL
5. DS
6. Street coding
7. Coffee with java

Non Technical Events
4.Treasure Hunt
6.IPL Auction
7.Sherlock Holmes

Mega event


1.Campus to Corporate
2.Digging into Data
3.Artificial Intelligence
4.Web Development
5.Ethical Hacking
6.App development
7.Deep Learning

PPT Topics

Any topic of your choice


CSE ECE IT EEE Mechanical Civil Chemical Metallurgy MCA Physics Ocean Aeronautical Aerospace Automobile Marine Ocean


Nachimuthu: 9445937088
Varshini: 9500730411

Event Sponsors in Chennai

Freeing India

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