Karigaala 2K18, Chennai Institute of Technology, Technical Festival, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 2nd March 2018

Category :
Technical Festival
Event Type:
Start Date :
2nd March 2018
End Date :
2nd March 2018
Location :
Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Organizer :
Chennai Institute of Technology

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Karigaala 2K18

About Event

Karigaala is the Annual Technical festival or Symposium hosted and organized by Chennai Institute of Technology. We started in the year 2017, as an exuberant extravaganza.


Technical Events:
1. Paper Presentation.
2. Bob the builder.
3. Bridge Building.
4. CADD'iz
5. Pro Hack.
Non-technical Events:
1. Jenga.
2. Spell Bee.
3. Ship Wreck.
4. Fit the pipe.
5. Tower Building.


TEKLA Structures




Accommodation is Available, for further contact 7010413079, 8754281022

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