Abhiyanth 2017, Rajiv Gandhi University of Knowledge Technologies RK Valley, Techno-Management-Cultural Fest, Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh, 16th - 18th March 2017

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Techno-Management-Cultural Fest
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Start Date :
16th March 2017
End Date :
18th March 2017
Location :
Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh
Organizer :
Rajiv Gandhi University of Knowledge Technologies RK Valley

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Abhiyanth 2017

About Event

We shall overcome
We shall overcome someday....!!
HURRAY!! Finally the time has come to cherish you all with our greetings to fest.
We, the students of IIIT RKV, RGUKT are paving you a path to come, join and enlighten your scope. Our three days TECHNO–MANAGEMENT-CULTURAL FEST ultimately called as ABHIYANTH 2K'17 aims at bringing together a plethora of ENGINEERS. An opportunity to have lots of euphoria. Everybody is sent here on planet to live, express, and sophisticate their own dreams. In order to mingle all these our fest team invites you all with cozy gratification. On the top of all we are the engineers the fest includes many of our interests. Many are granted with special talents in us. Though we are engineers we have the skill of attracting one's attention with our abilities.

The top amongst them is ARTS! That catches every visitor's eye and make them awe struck. These arts have a special magic spell in them that makes you feel comfort. This is as like as a rising sun of the fest. The pleasant feel that can take you throughout the fest.

The events under technical are to illuminate ans innovate your thoughts that are hidden. To get them into light our technical events play a key role. Events like workshops guest lecture talks are one among them. The knowledge gained from these are to broaden your diction. Every department has its own competitions with surprising prizes.

Above all there is also another field that makes everything particular is our MANAGEMENT. Although we are tech savy we can manage things which makes the world in an order. This field inclips business ideas so that entrepreneurship come into focus. Management also deals with people's intellect and personalities. The etiquette makes a man Raymond.

Finally here comes our XPLODE. The delightful cultural night cherishes us with traditional dance, music, DJ, skits and delicious food courts. These creates a zeal that raises our heart beat. We assure you that this enthusiastic night ends the fest with lots of contempt in us.


Technical Events
1) Reverse Coding
2) Spot Coding
3) Flow-Chart Coding
4) Web Page Designing

1) Circuit Mania
2) Digital Mania
3) Maze Finder
4) Tech IQ

1) Civignan
2) Autocad Design
3) Popscicle Bridge
4) SFD & BMD Competition

1) Extractometer
2) Shrapika
3) Egg Drop Challenge
4) Industrial Problem Solving

1) Water Rocket
2) Cata Pult
3) Re-Solution
4) Chassis Design

1) Pure It
2) Expresso
3) Problem Solving using Excel

1) Ad-Venture
2) Ad-Selfie
3) Ad-Making
4) Who am i?
5) MAD
6) The Guru
7) B-Quiz

1) Libio
2) E-Games
3) 3D Show
4) Laser Show
5) Fotographia
6) Finding Amigo
7) Sherlock Holmes
8) Fun-Gama

1) Spot Paintings
2) 3D Paintings
3) Illusions
4) Mega Arts
5) Scrap Arts
6) Shadow Arts
7) Silhouettes
8) Carvings


Machine Learning
Vision Botics
Aero Modelling
IC Engines
Process Design Engineering
Corrosion Analysis
Hydraulic Equipment
Digital Marketing
Advanced Communication
Life Skills


CSE ECE Mechanical Civil Chemical Metallurgy


Will be provided by college.

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