One Day National Workshop on Raspberry Pi Platform and Python Programming, M Kumarasamy College of Engineering (Autonomous), Karur, Tamil Nadu, 20th September 2016

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Event Type:
Venue/Offline Mode
Start Date :
20th September 2016
End Date :
20th September 2016
Location :
Karur, Tamil Nadu
Organizer :
M Kumarasamy College of Engineering (Autonomous)
Category :
One Day National Workshop on Raspberry Pi Platform and Python Programming

About Event

Discover the endless potential of a Raspberry Pi computer -a credit card-sized device that allows for amazing creativity. As the gateway to innovative gadgets, these devices will enable you to complete all sorts of projects from an email-linked blinking desk light to full home- automation. In this workshop you'll be introduced to the Raspberry Pi platform, the Linux OS, how to write basic programs, and controlling out- puts to other hardware.



Breathe Electronics is a product-realization company has its research and development center at Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. We involved in Design & Manufacturing of Electronics and embedded products, and also we provide services to innovate around the country. Breathe Electronics is dedicated to provide a wide range of products, services and solutions that address a variety of challenges faced by society. Breathe Electronics R&D provides a unique opportunity for those who wish to contribute to the future of our world through research and development. Breathe Electronics R&D conducts many of its projects in cooperation with leading colleges, universities and institutions in India to ensure that we deliver the solutions needed.


Workshop Highlights
• Introduction to Raspberry pi
• Installation of OS on Raspberry pi
• Overview of available hardware resources
• Introduction to compilers
• Python programming for pi
• GPIO interfacing through pi
• LED, BUZZER, Switch interfacing
• LCD interfacing with pi
• Digital Sensor interfacing



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