Electrofocus 16, Madras Institute of Technology Anna University, ECE Department Fest, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 26th March 2016

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ECE Department Fest
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Start Date :
26th March 2016
End Date :
26th March 2016
Location :
Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Organizer :
Madras Institute of Technology Anna University

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Electrofocus 16

About Event

Electrofocus is a National Level Technical Symposium held by Electronics Engineers Association, Madras Institute Of Technology, Anna University. It's an annual event that acts as a juncture of knowledge,talent,skill and innovation. With various events and workshops,the symposium provides a technically challenging environment for students from all over the country.


Techno wizards, Digi trix, Bug war, Virtua comm and many technical events. Non technical events include Managers Unplugged, B-plan, Treasure Hunt, Gaming.



Robotics events such as Robo rumble, All Terrain, Line follower, Robo Soccer.




Quadbot, Quadcopter, Android botix, Internet of things, Line follower with hand gesture, 3D printer, Virtual reality, Malware Detection in networks, Wireless communication by BSNL.

PPT Topics

Papers on the following topics will be encouraged:
Artificial intelligence
Embedded Systems
Green Power/alternate Renewable Energy Sources
Power Electronics & Power Systems
Robotics & automation
Speech/image Processing
Solid State Drives
Wireless Communication
Cloud Technologies
Note: Other topics Related to these and New innovative Ideas are also Welcome.

Event Caption

Illuminating Intellect

Event Theme

The Starting point of all achievement is desire Convert your desire into achievements




Accommodation will be provided for the outstation participants only.
Register for accommodation with mentioning number of members and days to stay.
Accommodation will be provided for 2 days or 1 day with the proof of your event participation.
Contact the Accommodation Team, as you reach the campus.
Rooms will be allotted for girls and boys separately.
Alcohol, drugs and explosives are strictly prohibited.
Participant should take care of their belongings. Accommodation Team will not be responsible for any mishaps.
Accommodation charges will be updated soon.
Accommodation will be given for maximum of two days (from 25th march evening to 27th evening).
Online payment for accommodation is opened....

For accomodation related queries, contact us at:

Name: Vignesh J
Mobile: 9787643462
Mail: jeganvignesh@outlook.com

Name: Puviyarasu
Mobile: 9843322734
Mail: puvi4040@gmail.com

How to reach Madras Institute of Technology Anna University, Chennai

MIT Road, Radha Nagar, Chromepet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600044

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