IGNITION 2K16, St Josephs College of Engineering and Technology, Technical Festival, Palai, Kerala, 11th March 2016

Category :
Technical Festival
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Start Date :
11th March 2016
End Date :
11th March 2016
Location :
Palai, Kerala
Organizer :
St Josephs College of Engineering and Technology

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IGNITION is an annual Technical Fest organized by the SAE INDIA Collegiate Club in association with the Dept of ME, SJCET Palai for aspiring students.


Amphibian Drift:
Let’s see how good you are at making robots that can perform in rough terrains andwater. Competewith yourbattle machineon the toughest ramp you can ever hope for.
Prizes worth: 15K
Contact: Jomy Joseph: 8281191191
Joseph John:9495302563

Lathe Master:
Prove that you are a true Mechanical Engineer.
Here patience and precision come into play. Machine the model with maximum finesse.
Prizes worth: 5K
Contact: AmalDev:9495796687
Jothin C Jose: 9447587630

Machine Hunt:
Assembling ain’t tough job but doing it on time need skills.s
Get the clues, be the first to reach the spot and assemble the machine.
Prizes worth: 5K
Contact: Aby Tom:8547136181
Don George: 9605684906

Spot Photography:
Show us how you see the world through your lens, paint your vision in a snap after all a picture is a thousand words. Capture the best moments of Ignition-2k16
Prizes worth 1K
Contact: Aravind Abe:9497682159
Jossin Joseph: 8281430387

Best Driver:
Eyes on the road, Sweat on your forehead, Dirt on your wheels, Show off your driving skills. Finish the track in record breaking time.
Prizes worth 1K.
Contact: Gokul R: 8281486878
Judin Jose: 9544571209

Built Up MODES:
There’s a certain amount of romance to bikes. They're both beautiful and fierce.
Exhibit and compete with your customized bikes.
Prizes worth: 15K
Contact: Emel V Kurian:9809387867
Akhil Sunny: 9544460415

4x4 foot ball:
Dazzle with your kicks and tricks, dribble and leave your opponents on the backside and reach the goal.
Prizes worth: 3K
Contact: Mathew Cherian: 9539455112
AshiqueShanmugan: 8547349158

Nakshal games (fun games)

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