GREATSTEP 15, IIT Kharagpur, Department of Mining Engineering Fest, Kharagpur, West Bengal, 9th - 11th October 2015

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Department of Mining Engineering Fest
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Start Date :
9th October 2015
End Date :
11th October 2015
Location :
Kharagpur, West Bengal
Organizer :
IIT Kharagpur

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About Event

Come this October and the IIT Kharagpur campus plunges into the pool of creativity, innovation and a plethora of activities with GREAT STEP - Geo Resource Engineering and Technology Students Teachers and Employers Partnership, an annual technical summit of the Department of Mining Engineering. Promising to be different from its ilk, at GREAT STEP we wish to channelize the immense talent and ingenuity of the students to challenging problems, build a Coherent and strong rapport between employers and students and provide a platform for the students to help them become the future stalwarts in the realm of Geo-Science and Engineering. The World is waiting and we promise that the wait is worth it.


GREAT STEP has total 12 Events such as:
Mineo Case Study
Petro Case Study
Mine Data Analysis
Industrial Design Problem
Quiz Spiel
Enviro case study


Mechanical Chemical Energy Mining

How to reach IIT Kharagpur

Don't be panicked. We will be there to provide you a warm reception. All necessary information will be provided by periodic announcements on the station.There will be Participants' Reception team outside KGP station. GREAT STEP vehicles and the volunteers will be available to bring you to the campus. Else hacks are ubiquitous all around the station .They can get you to the campus at around 80 rupees. If you want to experience the adventure of rickshaw drive, just spend 35 rupees. The volunteers will guide you. However you can also take a cab to the IIT Campus it is a 10 minutes ride.

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