Centiyonx 2015, St Josephs Institute of Technology, Civil Engineering Symposium, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 29th August 2015

Category :
Civil Engineering Symposium
Event Type:
Venue/Offline Mode
Start Date :
29th August 2015
End Date :
29th August 2015
Location :
Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Organizer :
St Josephs Institute of Technology

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Centiyonx 2015

About Event

CENTIYONX15 is a National level Civil Engineering Symposium organised by: St Josephs institute of technology , chennai


Panasophical Shotgun (quiz)
Notion Overture (poster Presentation)
Shot in the Dark (pictionary)
Paradigmatic Mix (model Making)
offshoot Hype (adzap)
Awe-marvel (surprise Event)



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