Agnitus 2k15, St Michael College of Engineering and Technology, Technical Symposium, Kalayarkoil, Tamil Nadu, 11th April 2015

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Category :
Technical Symposium
Event Type:
Venue/Offline Mode
Start Date :
11th April 2015
End Date :
11th April 2015
Location :
Kalayarkoil, Tamil Nadu
Organizer :
St Michael College of Engineering and Technology
Agnitus 2k15

About Event

Agnitus 2k15 contains more learning programs. In this we contact more brain improvement programs. This program will be dated on April 11, 2015. The End Of The World Has Been Postponed Until Further Notice-Because AGNITUS Is Here!! Science May Set Limit To Knowledge, But It Does Not Set Limits To Imagination. Here, We Mark A New Beginning Towards Redefining Technology That Will Transform The Future. Agnitus Celebrates The Zenith Of Passion For Tech. We Are Coming To Exhilarate The Young Minds, Force Them To Tingle Their Grey Cells, Spark Their Passion To Innovate And Challenge Their Potential To Create Like Never Before. Ideate Your Dreams, Push Yourself To Explore New Horizons And Innovate To Make The World Better. So, Push Past Inertia And Insecurities And Develop An Urge To Be The Torch Bearer Of Change. For Once, Stop Being A Part Of The Crowd And Be The Change You Want To See.


Paper Presentation Technical Quiz Technical Drawing Water Rocket RC Car


CSE ECE IT EEE Mechanical Aeronautical Aerospace Automobile Marine



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