Electromagnetics - Made Simple, Saveetha School of Engineering, Workshop, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 17th - 18th October 2014

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17th October 2014
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18th October 2014
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Chennai, Tamil Nadu
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Saveetha School of Engineering

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Electromagnetics - Made Simple

About Event

This Workshop deals about the Electromagnetism, which means the science of charge fields associated with it. Electricity and magnetism are two broad aspects of electromagnetism. Everyday modern life is pervaded by electromagnetic phenomena. Radio and television sets receive information carried by electromagnetic waves traveling through space at the speed of light. This workshop is aimed at students who are interested to explore the exciting face of electromagnetic s. In this workshop the discussion is to be carried out on the static electric and magnetic fields and their concepts which are to be explained with the utilization of efficient software. The EM wave theory is discussed using conventional Maxwell’s equations, wave equation Poynting theorem.The propagation of EM waves in various medium is to be explained with hands on software and animations, Various applications of EM waves are also to be discussed.


1. Static Electric and Magnetic Field 2. Time Varying Electromagnetic Field 3. Electromagnetic waves 4. Propagation Of EM waves 5. Application of EM waves 6. Animation on above topics 7. Hands on training with related Software

Event Guests

Mr.K.R.S Ravi Kumar, Scientist, SAMEER, Chennai. Mr.P.S. SenthilKumaran, Technical Manager, HPEG, HCL, Chennai.





How to reach Saveetha School of Engineering, Chennai

Saveetha School Of Engineering, Saveetha University, Thandalam, Chennai.

Event Sponsors in Chennai

IEEE Young Professionals society

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