Tremors 14.0, Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women, Technical Festival, New Delhi, Delhi, 21st - 22nd March 2014

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Event Type:
Venue/Offline Mode
Start Date :
21st March 2014
End Date :
22nd March 2014
Location :
New Delhi, Delhi
Organizer :
Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women
Category :
Technical Festival
Tremors 14.0

About Event

Tremors14.0 is the annual technical fest organized by CSI IGDTUW Student Branch, in March every year. CSI-IGDTUW Student Branch is a pedestal for the young achievers of tomorrow. Brought to the college in May 2008, it is a technical society serving as a platform for the innumerable budding ideas of the students. The branch aims to create a technology oriented environment in IGDTUW. With an overwhelming membership of students, it works towards fulfilling its motto: LEARN-ENVISION-INSPIRE! True to its name, Tremors sends shockwaves of enthusiasm throughout the country, luring some of the best minds. It provides a glorious opportunity to learn, compete and grow in true sense of the word. The students find avenues to showcase their knowledge outside the classroom. With an opportunity to participate in a splendid blend of potential technical, managerial, literary, adventurous, online and informal-fun events, Tremors 14.0 guarantees an unparalleled learning experience. Over the two-day fest, March 21- 22, 2014, the participants will get to try their hand at various formal and informal events. Formal Events test the technical expertise. Some tantalizing events are ROBORACE- and event where can test your robot against the toughest of obstacles set along the specially designed track. And WHO CAN C- an event designed to check the error finding and correcting capabilities. Informal events are fun events which promise pure entertainment to the participants. Some of them are STUCK TOGETHER-an event where participants are ‘stuck together’ i.e. their legs or hands are tied before they are required to do some really cool tasks.- and YAARIYAN-an event designed to test the compatibility between two friends. With all these treats, TREMORS 14.0 promises to be a one-of-its kind experience, providing opportunities for an unparalleled learning experience.

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