Connaissance 2014, JNTUH College of Engineering Hyderabad, Technical Festival, Hyderabad, Telangana, 14th - 15th March 2014

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Event Type:
Venue/Offline Mode
Start Date :
14th March 2014
End Date :
15th March 2014
Location :
Hyderabad, Telangana
Organizer :
JNTUH College of Engineering Hyderabad
Category :
Technical Festival
Connaissance 2014

About Event

Connaissance 2014 is a national level technical fest organised by JNTUH college of engineering where 3000+ participants all over Andhra Pradesh participate in this symposium. you can participate in more than 15 technical events,workshop , many spot events and even culturals to have great fun.


TECHNICAL EVENTS : 1.Paper presentation 2. Poster presentation 3. Contraption 4.Tech treasure hunt 5.Engine Conseil 6.Tech photography 7.Solid works design contest 8. Tech Quiz 9.Workshop modelling 10. WORKSHOP ROBOTIC EVENTS : 1. Roborover 2. Robosoccer 3. Transrover 4. Roborumble and many more ............................

Event Guests





JNTU College hostels : We have four boys hostels and two girls hostels . Registrations for accommodation can be made either online or on spot

How to reach JNTUH College of Engineering Hyderabad

By Bus From Koti,Nampally: Catch Bus No. 218,225 and get down at JNTU bus stop. From Secunderabad Catch Bus No. 219,226 and get down at JNTU bus stop. participants from mehdipatnam board bus no.s 19k , 19M , 189M By Train Outstation participants can arrive either at Secunderabad or Nampally Railway Stations and then board the above mentioned buses. They can also travel by Auto, which might cost you upwards of Rs.100.

Event Sponsors in Hyderabad

1.MTAR TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD 2.ALPLA Sangareddy. 3.SVS projects , Hitech city. 4.ZETATEK,Hyderabad and many more .................


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