INNOVACI, Institute of Engineering and Management, Kolkata, West Bengal, 24th - 25th April 2013

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Venue/Offline Mode
Start Date :
24th April 2013
End Date :
25th April 2013
Location :
Kolkata, West Bengal
Organizer :
Institute of Engineering and Management
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IEM has organized a host of successful tech-fests over the years with aplomb and promises to make Innovación bigger, better and even more electrifying. LIST OF EVENTS: I. Robotics: 1. Le Louvre Quest (autonomous robot with image processing) 2. X-Race (manual robot race) 3. Robofooties (manual robot football match) 4. Hell in a cell (manual robot wrestling) 5. Tracker (autonomous line-follower robot) 6. Robocomrades (autonomous grid and path follower robot) II. Electronics: 7. Micromaniac (micro-controller coding) 8. Electrocuted (circuit-making) III. Gaming: 9. Counter Strike 10. Need for speed 11. Fifa IV. Coding Events: 12. Hackathon (developing solution to given task ) 13. Algorithmist (application of algorithms) 14. Almost There (encrypted puzzles and riddles) 15. Bug Smash (C programming and debugging) 16. Contrivance (test of data structures, C and algorithms) V. Activity Events: 17. Aperture (photography) 18. Innovare (model-making) 19. Scrapchamp (generation of useful products from scrap) 20. Ecopallete (poster-making) 21. Quiz Crusade (general quiz) 22. Mathemagic (math puzzles and riddles) VI. Online Coding Events: 23. Code 1.1 (algorithms) 24. Webolve (website developing) VII. Workshops: 1. Android Application Development 2. Autonomous Robotics Workshop VIII. International Robotics Exhibition



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