The Great Mind Challenge 2012, IBM, , Online, Online, 31st March 2012

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31st March 2012
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31st March 2012
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Online, Online
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The Great Mind Challenge 2012

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TGMC promotes students from engineering colleges from across India in their endeavor to develop solutions for real-time problems and scenarios using IBM open source software. It is aimed to encourage students who aspire to make key contributions to develop applications on cutting-edge IBM technologies while providing them with an opportunity to improve their software-writing skills. The IBM Academic Initiative includes an online portal that provides access to software, training, and course materials, most at no charge. Available within the Academic Initiative web site, IBM offers hundreds of resources for integration into college curricula to help teach students how to master the fast-growing market of open technologies. Through this initiative, IBM is working with students to build technology and science skills. Why should I participate in TGMC 2012? It's all about your skills and your future. The increased demand for business and technology skills will require students to develop a unique skill set never seen before. This new integrated skill set combines critical thinking, creativity, and innovation with leadership, global awareness, and technology literacy. This is why IBM began The Great Mind Challenge (TGMC), which will prepare YOU for the jobs of tomorrow. Some specific reasons: 1. To enhance your skills and ensure that they are mapped to real-time set industry demands. 2. To interact with and learn from experienced and established experts from IBM, a global leader in technology. 3. To get easy access to free training in high-end technologies. 4. To open doors to placement opportunities according to one


Project scenarios: Car Pooling, Corporate Employee Welfare System, Chessmaster club, Database Concurrency Comparator, DuplicateTestCases Detector, E-Healthcare Advisor, E-learning resource locator, E-Mandi, Employee Expense management System, Food Safety Portal, Generic Data Analyser, GPS Basic Air Traffic Simulation, Highly confidential Security System, HR Operations Manager, Insurance System with Tracking Manager, Investor self service Application, Issue Tracking, Law & Order Automation, MNREGA program administrator, Mobile Health Care Management System, Online Book Sales With Mobile SMS, Online grievience redressal system, Online picture manager, Paradarshii- corruption free economy, Smart Inventory Management System, Smart Traffic management system, Smarter Work Management System, SSMS- Smarter Space, Management System, Stock & Portfolio Management, System Architect tool, Tender management system, Transportation Portal, Universal Identification for Student in University using RFID, Virtual Learning Environment(VLE), Voice based Web Browser and Water Management Portal The Software Requirement Specification: •The SRS is the initial phase that needs to be completed in TGMC. Since SRS is one of the most important aspects of your project, which acts as a blueprint, it is advisable that quality time and effort is spent on it before actually starting the work on your project. •Please see the SRS template required: SRS Template.odt / SRS Format.pdf •Example of a completed SRS document: SRS Example.pdf Why should the TGMC project be made the final-year project for students? Apart from the fact that a large number of colleges have approved TGMC as a final-year project, the following value is derived: •It gives the student an opportunity to work on projects that are industry-recognized and mentored by experts in the software domain, thereby producing a quality project and instilling confidence in a student. •The students working on TGMC projects use software used within the industry, providing hands-on experience and making them market-ready. •A student can save a lot of time by working on just one project instead of two, which goes on to be a project that can be submitted as a partial fulfillment of a degree.

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