International Conference on Biomedical Electronic Systems and NanoDevices ICBSN 2022, Shree Venkateshwara Hi-Tech Engineering College, International Conference, Gobichettipalayam, Tamil Nadu, 26th - 27th September 2022

  • Category: International Conference
  • Start Date: 26th September 2022
  • End Date: 27th September 2022
  • Event Mode: Offline and Online Mode
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International Conference on Biomedical Electronic Systems and NanoDevices ICBSN 2022


Biomedical electronics is referred as the development and study of electronic devices that act as a bridge between biological signals and functions and those of conventional electronic processing systems. Biomedical electronic systems can be used in living systems to selectively sense, record, and monitor various signals and physiological states, as well as to convert relevant parameters into electronic readout for further processing and decision making. This International Conference on Biomedical Electronic Systems and NanoDevices [ICBSN 2022] will be dedicated to highlight the field of biomedical electronic devices. The main purpose of ICBSN 2022 is to bring together researchers and practitioners from electronics and related areas who are interested in developing, studying and using innovative devices and systems inspired by biological systems and addressing the emerging biomedical requirements.


Monitoring and diagnostic devices, sensors and systems, biorobotics, nano devices and technologies including micro systems and biomaterials are some of the technologies addressed at this conference. The fabrication and application of biodevices, including wearable and implantable devices is also addressed.


Paper Presentation Topics

Biocomponents and nanosystems
Nanobiosystems simulation
Digital analysis of biomedical signals
Signal processing in electronic systems
In vivo integration of soft, flexible and biodegradable electronics
Imaging and Visualization Devices
Biomedical Equipment & Instrumentation
Design, development and simulation of Nanobiosystems
Nanostructures and nanotechnology in biomedical electronics
Biomedical electronic systems for monitoring, diagnostics and treatment
Wearable and Mobile Devices
Lab on a Chip and Microfluidic Devices
Nano Structures and Nano Technology in Biomedical Systems
Nanomedicine and Nano Robotics
Nanomaterials, Nanodevices: Fabrication, Characterization and Application
Nanomedical Applications: Drug Delivery, and Tissue Engineering
Nanocomputing and Computational Nanotechnology
Next Generation Nano-Scale Technologies
Self-assembled Nanostructured Systems
Nanocrystals and Biomaterials
Green Nanotechnology
Nanotechnology Standardization
Naodevices for Imaging, Measuring, Displaying, and Controlling
Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology

Contact Details

Dr. P. Karuppusamy
Professor and Head, Department of EEE
Shree Venkateshwara Hi-Tech Engineering College
Erode, India
+91-97896 53809

Last Dates for Registration

Paper Submission Deadline
25 June, 2022
Decision Notification
25 July, 2022
Registration Deadline
22 August, 2022
Conference Dates
26-27, September 2022

Registration Fees

Payment Details:

Indian Author: 10,500 INR
Indian Listener: 7,000 INR
Foreign Author: 150 USD
Foreign Listener: 100 USD

How to reach Shree Venkateshwara Hi-Tech Engineering College, Gobichettipalayam

Shree Venkateshwara Hi-Tech Engineering College Erode-Gobi Main Road Sri Kalivani Nagar, Othakuthirai Gobichettipalayam,Erode(Dt)-63845

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