3rd International Conference on Data Intelligence and Cognitive Informatics ICDICI 2022, SCAD College of Engineering and Technology, International Conference, Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu, 6th - 7th July 2022

  • Category: International Conference
  • Start Date: 6th July 2022
  • End Date: 7th July 2022
  • Event Mode: Online
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3rd International Conference on Data Intelligence and Cognitive Informatics ICDICI 2022


In this era of big data, data analysis and management is emerging as a significant research field with a vision to manage the data from an information perspective. Recent, the data intelligence domain combines with the increasing efforts of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Cognitive science to study and develop a deeper understanding of the information processing systems. Furthermore, the new cognitive informatics tools, algorithms and methods that mimic the mechanisms of the human brain will lead to an impending revolution in understating a large amount of data generated by various smart applications. This 3rd International Conference on Data Intelligence and Cognitive Informatics [ICDCI 2022] welcomes researchers, academicians, scholars, and industrialists across the globe to join the international research initiative on data intelligence and cognitive informatics towards investigating the evolving information processing systems, and for the development of next-generation cognitive informatics and communication technologies.


International Conference on Data Intelligence and Cognitive Informatics [ICDCI 2022]


Paper Presentation Topics

Intelligent Information Systems
Data Management and Visualization
Data Mining Techniques
Big Data Intelligence
Information Retrieval Techniques
Image/Video Processing and Analysis
Data Integration Techniques
Web Data Management Techniques
Big Data Storage and Processing Architectures
Distributed and Parallel Databases
Access Control and Authorization Techniques
Natural Language Processing
Big Data as a Service
Data Pre-Processing Techniques
Multi-Structured Data Processing Techniques
Computational Modeling and Data Integration Techniques
Security and Privacy-Preserving Big Data Analytics
Cognitively Inspired Computing and Communications
Cognitive Foundation in Big Data
Cognitive Robotics
Autonomous Computing Technologies
Cognitive Information Processing Model
Cognitive Human-Computer Interaction Techniques
Deep Learning
Data-Driven Fuzzy Systems and Models
Cognition based Human-Machine Cooperation
Cognitive Interferences in Data Processing
Cognitive Information Theory
Neuro-Computing and Brain-System Interfaces
Knowledge Processors and Manipulations
Intelligent Decision Theories and Models
Distributed Data Intelligence Models
Cognitive Data Modeling and Mining Techniques
Smart Cities
Process Automation
Supply Chain and Logistics
Industrial Internet of Things
Cognitive Human-Computer Interaction Models
Industrial Automation and Robotics
Internet of Vehicles
Wearable and Personalized Technologies
Smart Virtual Environments
Mobile Technologies and Services
Gaming Theory
Smart User Interfaces
Multimedia and Video Processing

Contact Details

Dr. Karthik Ganesh,
Professor / CSE,
SCAD College of Engineering and Technology,
Tamilnadu, India.


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Registration Fees

Indian Authors: INR 7000 per paper
Foreign Authors: USD 100 per paper

Indian Listener: INR 5000
Foreign Listener: USD 80

How to reach SCAD College of Engineering and Technology, Tirunelveli

Cheranmahadevi, Tirunelveli Tamil Nadu - 627414 , INDIA

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