Industry Oriented Hands‐on Image Processing Training 2k19, Rajalakshmi Engineering College, Hands-on Training, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 20th - 21st September 2019

  • Category: Hands-on Training
  • Start Date: 20th September 2019
  • End Date: 21st September 2019
  • Event Mode: Venue
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Industry Oriented Hands‐on Image Processing Training 2k19


Image analysis is the process by which meaningful information or measurements can be obtained, usually extracted in the form of the digital images, typically by computer algorithm.
Image analysis is a technique often used to obtain quantitative data from tissue samples using analysis software that segments pixels in a digital image based on features such as colour
(i.e., RGB), density, or texture. A limitation of image analysis is that it often requires assumptions to be made and only provides measurements of relative changes to the object(s) of interest in tissues. Even with its recognized limitations, image analysis is a powerful tool when used correctly to obtain quantitative data.The Workshop is open to students who are
interested in learning the recent advancements and carrying out research in the area of medical imaging technologies.