Prodigy 2016, NIT Tiruchirappalli, Production Engineering Department Fest, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, 4th - 6th March 2016

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  • Start Date: 4th March 2016
  • End Date: 6th March 2016
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Prodigy 2016


“Prodigy”, is the annual technical symposium of the Production Engineering department of the National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli (NIT-T). It is held in the month of March, and attracts roughly 1000 students from all over the country. It has served as a platform for students to interact and learn from their peers across different institutions. Last year in the lead up to Prodigy, for the first time ever, we hosted an outreach event in Chennai and Trichy. We plan to extend our reach by conducting it in Bangalore this year! We are all really excited in presenting Prodigy this year, which will be the biggest and the best one till date!


Events List:

1) Design Challenge:
Unleash your engineering skills, creativity and intuition, and structure your ideas into a well-defined 3D model for the given design problems. Designing is to be done using CAD MODELLING SOFTWARES. The challenge is to design the product, keeping in mind its form and function, aesthetics and ergonomics, with an emphasis on its user friendliness. The best design wins!

2) Paper Presentation:
Been working on new ideas lately? Here’s the perfect platform for you to showcase them amidst a wide range of papers on the latest innovations and review of the existing technologies.

3) Engine Assembly:
IC engines give life to dead beasts. As the otto cycle spins, it unleashes the power and pumps in adrenaline which will leave you trembling. Incur the fury of the otherwise pissed off pistons, catching fierce speeds and out-throttling each other for their mark at the podium by assembling the disintegrated IC engine back to life.

4) Quiz:
Passionate about Science and Technology? Think you know the if’s and how’s of how everything works? Then Prodigy ‘16 Inter Collegiate Quiz is the right place for you!. Questions will be from various fields such as science, technology, automobiles, industrial concepts and general working of everyday machines. Prelims of the quiz will be held in two cities (check site for updates) and the winners from those cities will directly qualify for the final round of Quiz to be held during Prodigy ‘16 in NIT Trichy.

5) Davinci:
True engineer is one who applies the knowledge learnt, and builds stuff. Get your hands dirty with this event, which is sure to test your perseverance and skill as you attempt to build your own product. Involving hands-on fabrication work, this event promises to be the ultimate test for the engineer’s mind and body.


Workshops List:

1) R Language:
Know Big Data? Know that it is going to change the world? But don’t know where to start?? Prodigy ‘16 provides you the golden opportunity to kick start your passion. You will be taught the basics of R Language, which is currently the most widely used software for Big Data Analysis worldwide. We guarantee you that it will be one awesome learning experience. Grab this opportunity by registering online. Hurry !! Limited seats available!

2) Flexsim:
Have an idea to improve a process but don’t know the result without implementation ?? It’s time for you to experience the power of simulation. Prodigy ‘16 presents before you, the chance to experiment with your ideas. You will be taught simulation tools through Flexsim which gives you the power to create a analogous real world model of your ideas.

3) CNC Programming:
Usage of CNC machines is imperative in manufacturing industry. The need of the hour for all budding engineers is to know how to program and use one to face the competitive world. Prodigy ‘16 understands this and gives you the opportunity to learn the basics of CNC programming in fabricating a product.

4) CAD Workshop:
Prodigy ‘16 Auto-CAD workshop is aimed at providing an insight into the basics of designing 2D versions of machine components and know about their various aspects like isometric view, coordinate system, basic design tools, how to create parts, provide dimensions & drafting the parts.


For Participants : NIT Trichy Student Hostels and Dorms.
For Guests : NIT Trichy Guest House and Hotels in Trichy city.

How to reach NIT Tiruchirappalli

NIT-T is in Tiruchirapalli (also know as Trichy or Tiruchy). It is located about 22 km from Tiruchurapalli Jn / Central Bustand on the Trichy-Thanjavur Highway.The simplest and most economical way to reach NIT-T is by bus. Any city Bus at the Tiruchirapalli Jn will take you to the central bus stand. Board Thanjavur bound mofussiful or route bus. The journey time from Trichy will be around 30 minutes. Taxis may charge around Rs.300/-

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