Fisa 14, Rajalakshmi Engineering College, Technical Festival, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 23rd August 2014

  • Category: Technical Festival
  • Start Date: 23rd August 2014
  • End Date: 23rd August 2014
  • Event Mode: Venue
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Fisa 14


FISA'14, a technical festival which will bring programmers, designers, gamers, actors, photographers, cricketers and the intelligent thinkers! That is pretty much every possible professions, so you surely have a place! So participate and win prizes!


Technical events: 1.DIVULGE- Paper Presentation 2.SPECTACLE- Project Presentation 3.CODIFICA- Coding 4.UNTANGLE- Debugging 5.WEB SCULPTING- Web Designing 6.SUPERSTRUCT- PC Assembling 7.ANNEX-Technical Connections Non-Tech Events: 1.INSIGNIA- Logo identification 2.PARODY- Dumb c 3.GULLY CRICKET 4.GAMING-Console Attack Online Event: 1.PHOTOGRAPHY 2.POSTER DESIGNING


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