ALCHEMY 2014, NIT Tiruchirappalli, Chemical Engineering Fest, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, 14th - 15th March 2014

  • Category: Chemical Engineering Fest
  • Start Date: 14th March 2014
  • End Date: 15th March 2014
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To most people, the word "Alchemy" conjures an image of a dank, medieval laboratory with a bearded initiate pursuing the futile, magical ambition to convert lead into gold. But to those soliciting their presence in the current edition of the Chemical Engineering Symposium of NIT Trichy – “Alchemy” is the battleground of brains, a carnival celebrating Chemical Technology. Technology, as we know it today, is the manifestation of millennia of thought and action, which has unflinchingly served and enthralled mankind since the invention of the Wheel. But in this era of high-tech gadgets, polluting vehicles, lethargic industrial practices, the buzz word ‘SUSTAINABILITY’ has taken a back seat. We, the student community have realized the need of the hour, the need to tap, reform, reinvent and recreate the chemical engineering processes to make the world a better place to live in. Join us in our mission to be a part of a revolutionary change and trust us it would be dainty. To the fresher, Welcome! To the seasoned, Welcome back to this journey of exploration, revelation and awe. Come March 2014, National Institute of Technology, Trichy will be the epicenter of scintillating technology and you are invited to the party! Here are some of the highlights of Alchemy’14:


Alchemy brings to you a plethora of events to awaken the sustainable engineer in you and deal with international issues. Join in and prove to the world that you have what it takes to create a better tomorrow. The event clusters include: VirtuaChem Exhibit your skill to manage money, resources, labor, equipment and capital in a chemical industry; we will make sure your abilities are rewarded! So why wait? Join us to discover the industrialist in you! Sherlo-CH In this event the participants will be shown a series of videos of various industrial disasters and they will have to identify what went wrong and who is responsible for it. Awaken the Sherlock in you and unfold the events that might have led to a disaster. Powerful Ideas It is a MUN with a twist - Study, analyze and bring up feasible solutions for the energy crisis faced by various cities in India. Whirlwind Amaze us with your innovative windmill and walk away with the cash prize. Case Study Competition The participants are required to study the data provided and present solutions to manage the situation pertaining to environmental, economic and market considerations. Industrial Design Problem Alchemy’14 serves as a medium for you to connect with real industrial issues and challenges. Think, innovate, solve and win exciting prizes. Papyrus Inscribe Do you have any inspiring ideas that would make our world a better place to live in? Alchemy ’14 invites you to inscribe these inventrom of yours in the papyrus of chemical engineering! Click’em Discover the undiscovered and rediscover the established. Capture the sustainability issues of today’s world and you will be fittingly rewarded. ChemQUIZ If amalgamation of technology and quizzing is what you want then search no more. Alchemy’14 presents to you CHEMGYAN, a one-of-a-kind quizzing experience to recharge your grey cells. Guest Lectures: The series of guest lectures at Alchemy serve to educate and entertain the attendees at Alchemy. Every year notable individuals give thought-provoking lectures on a variety of topics. Our stage has witnessed in the past some phenomenal ideas coupled with radiant personalities, and come Alchemy’14 it’s going to be no different. Workshops: Alchemy Workshops aim to deliver a hands-on experience. They provide an outstanding platform to interact with the peers of the subject and students with similar interests and develop the required temperament to excel in the same. Sustainability should not be a choice, but a desire!!! For more details, log on to



Accommodation will be provided to the participants coming down from different places. Food and stay will be taken care off!!

How to reach NIT Tiruchirappalli

The college is located at the Tanjavur Main road... It is at half an hour's distance by bus from both Trichy and Tanjavur....

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