MECHANICA 2013, IIT Madras, , Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 15th - 17th March 2013

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  • Start Date: 15th March 2013
  • End Date: 17th March 2013
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The Mechanical Engineering Association was formed with a view to facilitate the inclusion of all the elements of the illustrious Department of Mechanical engineering, IIT Madras, namely, the professors, students, research professionals and the other non-teaching associates into one single family and has remained infallibly committed to its efforts right from the time of its inception. Its presence becomes imperative to facilitate a seamless integration of people from diverse ethnic and academic backgrounds and to foster in them a spirit of indelible commitment towards achieving and actively promoting technological excellence. Recognizing the vast potential of constructive interaction between the various elements of this huge family outside the abode of classroom, the association has consistently committed itself to inculcating a sense of belonging into everyone through a diversified list of curricular extra-curricular activities that are carefully etched out in order to nurture a system of comprehensive development in the student community.


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