National Seminar On Power Quality, Vivekanandha Institute of Engineering and Technology for Women, , Tiruchengode, Tamil Nadu, 20th - 21st March 2013

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  • Start Date: 20th March 2013
  • End Date: 21st March 2013
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National Seminar On Power Quality


Power Quality Is The Interaction Of Electrical Power With Electrical Equipments. Power Quality Is The Power Problem Manifested In The Variation Of Voltage I.E Voltage Swells And Sags, Variation Of Current, Transient And Variation In Frequency. The Broad Issues Of Power Quality Are System Reliability, System Interruptions (Outages), Voltage Unbalances, Wave Form Distortions, Harmonics Etc. PQ Has Direct Economic Impact On Many Industrial And Sensitive Consumers. Power Quality Monitoring Involves The Capturing And Processing Of Voltage And Current Signal And Several Remedial Measures Can Be Adopted To Obtain An Excellent Quality.


Introduction Characterisation of Electric Power Quality: Transients, short duration and long duration voltage variations, Voltage imbalance, waveform distortion, Voltage fluctuations, Power frequency variation, Power acceptability curves power quality problems: poor load power factor, Non linear and unbalanced loads, DC offset in loads, Notching in load voltage, Disturbance in supply voltage Power quality standards. Non-Linear Loads Single phase static and rotating AC/DC converters, Three phase static AC/DC converters, Battery chargers, Arc furnaces, Fluorescent lighting, pulse modulated devices, Adjustable speed drives. Measurement and analysis methods, Voltage, Current, Power and Energy measurements, power factor measurements and definitions, event recorders, Measurement Error Analysis: Analysis in the periodic steady state, Time domain methods, Frequency domain methods: Laplace, Fourier and Hartley transform The Walsh Transform Wavelet Transform. Analysis of power outages, Analysis of unbalance: Symmetrical components of phasor quantities, Instantaneous symmetrical components, Instantaneous real and reactive powers, Analysis of distortion: Online extraction of fundamental sequence components from measured samples Harmonic indices Analysis of voltage sag: Detorit Edison sag score, Voltage sag energy, Voltage Sag Lost Energy Index (VSLEI)- Analysis of voltage flicker, Reduced duration and customer impact of outages, Classical load balancing problem: Open loop balancing, Closed loop balancing, current balancing, Harmonic reduction, Voltage sag reduction. Power quality improvement Utility-Customer interface Harmonic filters: passive, Active and hybrid filters Custom power devices: Network reconfiguring Devices, Load compensation using DSTATCOM, Voltage regulation using DSTATCOM, protecting sensitive loads using DVR, UPQC control strategies: P-Q theory, Synchronous detection method Custom power park Status of application of custom power devices.


How to reach Vivekanandha Institute of Engineering and Technology for Women, Tiruchengode

Vivekanandha Educational Institutions are situated at Elayampalayam, Tiruchengode, Namakkal District of TamilNadu, on either side of Erode - Namakkal state highway.The campus is 6 Kms away from Tiruchengode,26 Kms from Erode,30 Kms from Namakkal , 53 Kms from Salem, 126 Kms from Coimbatore, Nearest Railway station is Erode and Sankagiri Nearest Airport is Coimbatore and Trichy

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