List of latest Paper Presentation Topics in July 2020.

PPT Topics in 20 College Symposiums

Paper Presentation Topics PPT Date College Name City

Intelligent Information Systems
Data management and visualization
Data mining techniques
Big Data Intelligence
Information Retrieval Techniques
Image/Video Processing and Analysis
Data Integration techniques
Web data management techniques
Big data storage and processing architectures
Distributed and Parallel Databases
Access Control and Authorization techniques
Natural language Processing
Big Data as a Service
Data pre-processing techniques
Multi-Structured Data Processing Techniques
Computational Modeling and Data Integration techniques
Security and Privacy-Preserving Big data analytics

Cognitively Inspired Computing and Communications
Cognitive foundation in big data
Cognitive Robotics
Autonomous Computing Technologies
Cognitive information processing model
Cognitive human-computer interaction techniques
Deep Learning
Data-driven Fuzzy Systems and Models
Cognition based human-machine cooperation
Cognitive interferences in data processing
Cognitive Information Theory
Neuro-computing and Brain-System Interfaces
Knowledge processors and Manipulations
Intelligent Decision Theories and Models
Distributed Data Intelligence Models
Cognitive data modeling and mining techniques

Smart Cities
Process Automation
Supply Chain and Logistics
Industrial Internet of Things
Cognitive Human-Computer Interaction Models
Industrial Automation and Robotics
Internet of Vehicles
Wearable and personalized technologies
Smart Virtual Environments
Mobile Technologies and Services
Gaming Theory
Smart User Interfaces
Multimedia and Video Processing

08 Jul 2020 Scad College of Engineering and Technology Tirunelveli

Data Science and Analytics
Data Warehousing & Mining
Machine Learning
Database Management &Information Retrieval
Big Data Analytics
Internet of Things
Cloud Computing
Brain Computing
Image/Video Processing
Medical Electronics and Computing
Virtual Reality
Artifical Intelligence
Human Computer Interaction
Web Services
Embedded Systems
Security & Cryptography
Wireless & Sensor Networks
Mobile & Ubiquitous Computing
Satellite Communications
Global Information Systems
Parallel Architecture & Computing
Robotics & Control
Bio Informatics
Software Engineering
Block Chain Technology

10 Jul 2020 Guru Nanak University Ibrahimpatnam

Computing Models and Applications
Network Virtualization and Visualization
Social Computing
Soft Computing Algorithms and Models
Smart Computing Architectures
Ubiquitous / Pervasive Computing
Cognitive Computing models
High Performance Computing
Evolutionary Computing
Distributed and Parallel Computing
Green Cloud Computing
Smart Cloud Computing Architectures
Computational Aspects in Information Systems
Computing algorithms in Industrial Processes
Biomedical Computing models
Nature Inspired Computation Models
Scientific Computing models
Bio-inspired Computation networks and models
Computational Technology in Engineering Education
Cluster Computing models
Edge / Fog Computing Technologies
Next-generation Computing Models

Smart Network Science
Artificial Neural Networks
Sentiment Analysis
Natural Language Processing
Social Network Mining
Computing in Mobile Adhoc Networks
Network Service-based Grid Computing
Computing in Internet of Things
Smart Vehicular Communication Models
Computational Intelligence and Bioinformatics
Computing Networks Ethics
Mobile Information Systems
Web Intelligence and Applications
Pattern Recognition

Machine Learning and Optimization
Artificial Intelligence
Big Data Analysis, Security Issues in Big Data
Cloud / Grid / Distributed Computing
Cognitive Science
Component Analysis
Data & Knowledge Engineering
Digital Image Processing
Evolutionary Optimization
Information Theoretic Learning
Intrusion Detection/Prevention Techniques
Multi Agent Systems
Multimedia Technologies
Optimization Technique
Recent Trends in Machine Learning
Robotics and Automation
Statistical Learning

15 Jul 2020 RVS College of Engineering and Technology Coimbatore Coimbatore

Artificial intelligence in manufacturing Deep learning in material testing
Machine learning in NDT Smart materials
Friction stir welding Ceramics
Fusion wedding process Liquid Crystals
Advanced metal forming Functional materials
Micromachining Mesoporous Materials
Subtractive Manufacturing Liquid Crystals
Agile Manufacturing Aerospace Thermal Materials
Augmented Reality Surfaces and Interfaces
Surface treatment Light weight materials
Web based manufacturing Materials for Automotive and Environment
Heat treatment Friction stir surfacing
Luminescence Materials Coatings
High temperature & Cryogenic Materials Micro machining
Thin and Thick Films Lean Manufacturing
Underfill material Processes Virtual Reality
Composite Materials Design for Manufacturing And Assembly
Aerospace Materials Magnetic pulse forming
Magnetic Materials Smart machining
Carbon, Graphite, and Graphene Membrane Technology
Phase change materials High Temperature Processing
Thermal interface materials Digital manufacturing
High strength materials Flexible electronics manufacturing
Underfill materials Super plastic Forming
Energy materials Additive manufacturing
Nano-materials Nano-machining
Polymer solar cells Peen Forming
Bio-Materials Sustainable Manufacturing
Green Energy Materials Materials design, synthesis and processing
Environmental Effect on Materials Bio manufacturing
Material Characterization Micro fabrication

24 Jul 2020 MLR Institute of Technology Hyderabad

Call For Papers
Sustainable Computing and Communication Technologies
• Sustainable design architectures
• Energy and power constrained devices
• Ultra-low power sustainable system architectures
• Distributed data processing systems
• Network optimization and analysis
• Energy efficient wireless communication systems
• Sustainable big data frameworks
• Sustainable cloud computing architectures
• Energy efficient communication protocols
• Green data centres and sustainable data processing technologies
• Energy consumption modeling techniques
• Network standardization and benchmarks
• QoS and Green computing architectures
• Sustainable computing models, methodologies and paradigms
• Energy efficient wireless networks
• Low-power communication technologies
• Sustainable analytics and visualization
• Theoretical aspect of sustainable computing and communications
• Power- and Energy-aware scheduling and resource allocation

Sustainable Networking Technologies
• Smart network modeling and simulation
• Smart grids and networking technologies
• High performance networking virtualization
• Sustainable networking standards and regulations
• Green data centre networks
• Network resource management techniques
• Sustainable network routing schemes and concepts
• Sustainable wireless networks
• Peer-to-peer networks and overlays
• Sustainable vehicular ad-hoc networks
• Green, energy-efficient and sustainable networking architectures

Sustainable networking and Applications
• Smart network sensing systems
• Smart society [Sustainable models, design, frameworks and strategies]
• Sustainable vehicle communication and buildings
• Sustainable industrial automation and control
• Smart energy generation, transmission and distribution
• Sustainable logistics and supply chain management
• Smart transport systems and traffic management architectures
• Smart and sustainable home, health care and ageing population support
• Sustainable mobility and vehicle management
• Smart user-centred services and systems
• Smart data analytics techniques for smart cities
• Smart Information system architecture for sustainability
• Internet-enable infrastructures for sustainability
• Case studies and innovative applications

06 Aug 2020 Surya Engineering College Erode

Track – 1
Ceramic and composite materials
Green nano materials
Environmental chemistry and pollution control
Simulation, modeling and control of smart materials
Smart bio-materials
Dynamic behaviour of materials
Advanced materials for smart batteries
Polymer-based smart materials
Phase-change and high temperature materials
Advanced materials for a smart automotive and energy applications
Advanced device materials

Track -2
Eco-friendly and sustainable materials
Nano materials for sustainability
Nano particles and nano electronics
Smart materials for sewage treatment
Advanced materials in waste and pollution management
Renewable energy materials
Smart biological materials in clinical design
Bio-inspired and biomimetic smart materials
Solar cell materials for smart energy harvesting
Behavioural properties and material characterization

Track -3
Smart materials to assist human process
Advanced materials for drug-delivery process
Structural monitoring technologies
Smart materials in pharmaceutical applications
Smart materials to maintain ecological sustainability
Smart materials in aerospace applications
Application of smart materials in manufacturing industries
Smart photonic materials and devices
Smart material fabrication and its uses
Novel applications of sustainable materials

12 Aug 2020 Vaigai College of Engineering Madurai

fluid mechanics
Automotive engineering
Computational mechanics
FEM modeling and simulation
Heat treatment
I.C engines
Turbo machinery
Lubricants and lubrication
Modeling, simulation, and optimization
Renewable energies technology
heat transfer
Bulk deformation processes
sheet metal forming
Computer-based manufacturing technologies: CNC, CAD, CAM, FMS, CIM
Machinability and formability of materials
Manufacturing design for 3R(“reduce,reuse, recycling”)
Mechanical micro machining
Mechanisms and machines
Medical device manufacturing
Metal casting, metal joining processes
Rapid manufacturing technologies
prototyping, remanufacturing
Sensors for intelligent manufacturing and artificial intelligence
Heat treatment, microstructure materials properties
Failure and fracture mechanics
Friction, wear, tribology, and Surface engineering
Functionally graded materials, cellular materials
Machinability and formability of materials
Micro and nanomechanics
Multifunctional and smart materials
Nanomaterials and nanomanufacturing
polymers processing

13 Aug 2020 Sri Sairam Institute of Technology Chennai

Agent communication and network
Web Intelligent
Web Minning
Web Services
Text Minning
Data center and cloud networking
Distributed Information Processing
Embedded Software for Sensor Networks
Energy Efficiency and Management
Fault and Identification
Internetworking protocols & Internet applications
Middleware in Sensor Networks
Multimedia Sensor Network
Network Scheduling and Optimization
Network virtualization
Networked Sensing and Control
Protocols in Sensor Networks
Sensor Fusion, Tracking and Localization
Sensor Network Security
Sensor Networks for Smart Grids
Software defined and cognitive radio networks.

Future Smart Computing Paradigms
Models of Smart Environments
Algorithms for Smart Computing
Security, Privacy, and Economics in Smart Environments
Cyber-physical System Platforms for Smart Environments
Middleware Platforms for Smart Environments
Mobile and Ubiquitous Platforms for Smart Environments
Smart Human Environments, Entertainment, and Social Activities
Smart Energy Management and Analytics
Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution
Wireless Power Transfer and Energy Harvesting
Renewable Energy Sources and Technology
High Voltage Engineering, HVDC-FACTS
Forecast and Power Management of Renewable Sources in a Micro Grid
Pattern Recognition and Object Tracking
Audio and Electro-acoustics
Antennas, Propagation and Computational EM
RF/Millimeter-wave Circuits and Systems
Electronic Devices and Materials Processing
Power Electronic Devices and Components
Analog and Mixed Signal ICs

Big Data
Data Engineering and Data Warehousing
Data Mining and Web Mining
Database Management Systems
Knowledge Discovery

Agent Oriented Software Engineering
Agile Software Engineering
Component-Based Software Engineering
Computer Aided Software Engineering
Dependable Systems Design
Software Architectures
Software Dependability Evaluation
Software Design Patterns
Software Metrics
Software Project Management
Software Quality Assurance
Software Reverse Engineering
Software Testing
Software Testing Tools
Software Verification and Validation Techniques
UML, OO Modeling

Data Communications
Grid Computing
Information and Network Security
Mobile Computing
Network Management
Services Oriented Architecture
Storage Area Networks
Wireless Communication

Internet of Things Architecture
Interoperability of IoT systems
Social Acceptance of IoT Systems
Architecture and systems design
Interface and control systems
IoT analytics
Security of Things
Consent acquisition and ethics in IoT
Human-Computer Interaction and privacy in IoT
Location privacy in IoT
IoT and Human-Data Interaction
Cognitive IoT
IoT based e-Commerce
Smart City Applications
Crowd Sensing and Management
Smart Grids and Energy Management
Intelligent Transport and Applications

3D Printing/Flexible Electronics
Internet of Things
(Big) Data Analytics

Ad-hoc and mesh networks
mobile networks
self-organizing networks
sensor networks
cyber-physical systems
Internet of Things (IoT)
delay/disruption tolerant networks
opportunistic networks
disaster-recovery networks
device-to-device communication.

20 Aug 2020 Francis Xavier Engineering College Tirunelveli

Advance propulsion system
A.I and Advanced Sensors in Aircrafts
Aircraft Instrumentation
Carbon Footprint Control Techniques
Experimental stress Analysis
Finite Element Analysis
Flight stability and control
Hypersonic Aerodynamics
Integrated modelling and Simulation
Measurements and Simulations for Engineering Application
Mathematical Modelling
Noise, Vibration and Harshness
Orbital Mechanics
Renewable Energy
Space debris
Space Dynamics
Scram and Scramjet Engines
Structural Health Monitoring
Space Electronics
Swarm Intelligence

21 Aug 2020 Malla Reddy College of Engineering and Technology Hyderabad

Smart Electronics
• Analog and digital circuits
• Antenna design and RF propagation
• Microwaves circuits design
• Smart Energy Systems
• Nano Electronics and Microelectronics Micro Processor
• Electrical Machines and Drive Systems
• Electric Vehicle Technologies
• Low Power Electronics
• Embedded systems
• Signal and Image Processing and Cryptography
• Robotics and Automation
• VLSI for DSP
• Nano-fabrication & Computing
• Semiconductor Technology
• Materials for Electronics
• Humanoid Robots
• Filters and Data Conversion Circuits
• Digital Circuits
• Mixed Signal Circuits
• Adaptive Signal Processing
• CAD for VLSI
• Antenna Systems
• MEMS and Sensors Design
• Electronic System Level Design

Communication Technologies
• Information and communication technologies
• Cooperative Communications
• Wireless Networks
• Sensing and Sensor Networks
• Internet Technology & Applications
• Cyber-physical systems for sustainable computing
• Mobile Computing and Communication
• Smart city Technologies and Systems
• Information and data processing
• Artificial Intelligence and neural networks
• Optical Communication and Components
• Communication Theory and Information Theory
• Wired/Wireless Technology Integration
• Digital Forensics
• Internet of Things
• Big Data and Data Mining
• Green pervasive computing
• Mobile Social Networking
• Fuzzy, Neural, and Evolutionary Computation
• Edge and Fog Computing
• Smart Security Models And Applications
• Wearable Systems And Technologies
• Next-Generation Communication Technologies
• Cloud Computing
• Deep Learning And Machine Learning Algorithms

10 Sep 2020 Kongunadu College of Engineering and Technology Tiruchirappalli

Topics of Paper submission includes,but are not limited to:
Electrical Engineering
Electrical engineering and renewable energy systems
Transforming renewable energy to electricity
Renewable source-powered generations
Analysis and design of control systems
Power electronics and drives
Energy management and conservation
Energy in buildings
Grid-connected microgeneration systems
Electric power generation by renewable sources
Control systems design
Next generation silicon technologies
Micro- and nano-electromechanical systems
Power electronics and drives
Electric drives
Programming for renewable energy systems

Electronics and Communication Engineering
Wireless Networking
Optical Communications
Multimedia Communications
QoS Provisioning and Architectures
Telecommunication Services and Applications
Network Performance
Innovative Networking Technologies
Network Security
Network Planning and Design
Software Technology in communication Engineering

Microwave Engineering
Antennas - Design, Modeling and Measurement
Microwave Circuits - Systems and Applications
Computational Electromagnetics
Radio Propagations,
Integrated Optics

Applied Electronics
Embedded Systems
Reconfigurable Computing
VLSI Design
Biomedical Electronics
Industrial Electronics and Automations
Electronic Devices in Communications
Software Engineering in Electronics
Applications of Neural Networks
Industrial Automation and Control

Signal Processing and Coding algorithm
Signal Detection and Estimation
Audio/Speech Signal Processing
Image/Video Processing and Coding
Medical Imaging and Image Analysis.
Channel Coding
Space-Time Signal Processing MIMO and OFDM Systems

17 Sep 2020 Sri Shakthi Institute of Engineering and Technology COIMBATORE

IoT platform architecture
IoT analytics
Privacy preserving IoT data mining
IoT and big data integrity and confidentiality
Data and knowledge as a services
Security and privacy applications
Real-time and stream processing techniques and algorithms
Batch processing engine and techniques
Real-life case studies of value creation through advanced data analytic
Proactive/predictive and advanced machine learning model
Simplified and distributed data processing techniques
Ubiquitous machine learning
Smart home and independent living
Fog and Egde computing of healthcare data
Network Design and Architecture
Software Architecture and Middleware
Mobile Services
Data and Knowledge Management
Context-awareness and Location-awareness
Security, Privacy and Trust
Performance Evaluation and Modeling
Networking and Communication Protocols
Machine to Machine Communications
Intelligent Systems for IoT and Services Computing
Energy Efficiency
Social Implications for IoT
Future of IoT
Technological focus for Smart Environments
Next Generation Networks
Smart City Examples and Case Studies
Data Analysis and Visualization for Smart City, Green Systems and Transport Systems
Architecture for secure and interactive IoT
Intelligent Infrastructure and Guidance Systems
Traffic Theory, Modeling and Simulation
Sensor Networks, Remote Diagnosis and Development
Transportation Management
Pattern Recognition and Behavioral Investigations for Vehicles, Green Systems and Smart City
Health Informatics as a Service (HIaaS) for any Type of Health Informatics, Computation and Services
Security as a Service including any Algorithms, Methodology and Software Proof-of-concepts
Financial Software as a Service (FSaaS) including Risk and Pricing Analysis; Predictive Modeling
Education as a Service (EaaS) including e-Learning and Educational Applications
Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) including Workflows and Supply Chain in IoT
Software Engineering Approaches, including Formal Methods, Agile Methods and Theoretical Algorithms for IoT
Natural Science as a Service (NSaaS) including Weather Forecasting and Weather Data Visualization
System Design and Architecture
Mobile APIs, Apps, Systems and Prototype
Gaming as a Service (GaaS)
Framework (conceptual, logical or software)
Analytics as a Service (AaaS) for any Types of Analytics
Electronic, Logic, Robotic and Electrical Infrastructure, Platforms and Applications
Energy-saving and Green IT Systems or Applications
Integration as a Service (data; service; business; federated IoT)
Scheduling, Service Duplication, Fairness, Load Balance for SaaS and Analytics
Tenant Application Development including Customization, Verification, Simulation, and testing on SaaS and Analytics
IaaS, PaaS and SaaS quality of service (QoS), security, reliability, availability, service bus mechanisms
Social Networks and Analytics
User Evaluations and Case Studies
Wireless Systems and Applications
e-Government, e-Commerce, e-Science and Creative Technologies for IoT

07 Oct 2020 SCAD Institute of Technology Coimbatore

Electronics Systems
Virtual Reality
Automation Systems
Micro Electronics
Semiconductor Devices
Opto Electronics
Computer and Control Systems
Wavelets & Applications
Multi Carrier Modulation
MIMO Systems
Electromagnetics Engineering
RF Circuit Design

Communication Systems
Data Communication and Computer Networking
Cryptography Applications
High Speed Networks
Mobile Networks & Wireless LAN
Optical Networking
Network Based Applications
Network Security
Internet of Things
Next Generation Web Applications
Recent Trends in Computer Networks
Wireless Sensor and Adhoc Network
Intrusion Detection/Prevention Techniques

Computing and Application
Artificial Intelligence
Big Data Analysis, Security Issues in Big Data
Cloud / Grid / Distributed Computing
Cognitive Science
Data & Knowledge Engineering
Evolutionary Optimization
Information Theoretic Learning
Sustainable Computing
Human-Computer Interaction
Recent Trends in Software Engineering

21 Oct 2020 PPG Institute of Technology Coimbatore

Electrical, Computing, Communications and Sustainable Technologies

22 Oct 2020 Shri Shankaracharya Technical Campus Bhilai

Computational Vision
Modelling and simulation of Biological systems
Multi-sensor Data Analysis, 3D Computer Vision
Object/ Target Detection, Recognition and Identification
Big Data, Large Scale Methods
Deep Learning Techniques
Motion and Tracking, Space Video Analytics
Stereo and 3D Vision
Active and Real Time Vision
Industrial Vision Systems
Motion and Video Analysis
Image and Video Compression
Image and Video Retrieval
Object Detection & Recognition
Visual Multimedia in Mobile
Video Surveillance and Event Detection
3D computer vision in IoT
Hardware for Vision and IP
Signal Estimation & Detection
Image/Video Coding and Transmission in IoT
Image/Video Storage, Retrieval and Authentication in cloud
Machine Learning in Image/Video Analysis

BioMedical Image Analysis
Biomedical Signal Processing COntrol
Pattern Recognition and Applications
Deep learning & Image Based Rendering
Speech and Audio Processing
Sensors & Imaging models
Biological and Perceptual Models for Image/Video Processing in IoT
Biomedical Image Analysis in IoT
Biometrics in Social media
Environmental Bioengineering
Agro biotechnology using IoT
Bio-resources engineering and technology using IoT
Biomedical Electronics in IoT
Medical Engineering Systems & Applications
Medical Robotics in Social Media
Rehabilitation engineering in Cloud
Social and preventive medicine using IoT

29 Oct 2020 Vivekanandha College of Technology for Women, Elayampalayam, Tiruchengode - TK, Namakkal District, T Tiruchengode

Communication Technologies
Digital communication technologies.
Satellite communication technologies.
Wireless network communication technologies.
Mobile communication.
Mobile Ad-hoc networks.
Computer network communications.
Communication modeling theories and practices.
5G communication and networks.
Green communication systems.
Network and information security techniques.
Multimedia communication frameworks.
Microwave communication networks and technologies.

Digital Electronics.
Power and applied electronics.
Electro technologies.
Nanoelectronics and microelectronics.
Semiconductor technologies.
Power electronics and drive systems.
Power systems reliability and security.
Real-time systems.
Cognitive electronics.
Applied electronics.
Advanced VLSI systems.
Advanced computer architectures.
Embedded processors and networking.
Artificial Intelligence and expert systems.
Navigational electronics.

Artificial Intelligence Technology and Applications
Cognitive science.
Cognitive theories and applications.
Natural Language processing.
Machine learning techniques.
Deep learning technologies.
Decision support systems.
Automated expert systems.
Knowledge discovery, representation and acquisition.
Intelligent information systems.
AI and evolutionary algorithms.
Neural networks and applications.
Social intelligence and impact of Artificial Intelligence.
Intelligent user interface technologies.
Advanced knowledge networks and management.

Adaptive control systems.
Mobile and autonomous systems.
Multi-agent collaborative systems.
Robotics and engineering applications.
Human-robot-interaction and human centred systems.
Brain-machine interfaces.
Networked robotics.
Multi robotic systems.
Mapping, navigation and localization.
Distributed systems.
Nanobots and novel sensors.
Robotics and industrial monitoring.
Virtual systems.

Aerospace Technologies
Advances in aerospace technologies.
Aerospace robotics and mechatronics.
Aviation human factors.
Unmanned aircraft technologies and satellite communications.
Aerodynamic forces and flexibility.
Aircraft mapping and navigation.
Ballistic tracking technologies.
Aerospace communication techniques.
Geoscience and geo-physical image processing techniques.
Remote sensing technologies.
Space communications.
Sensing and sensor technologies.
Aviation logistics and supply chain management.
Knowledge management, prognostics and maintenance.

05 Nov 2020 RVS Technical Campus coimbatore

Research manuscripts and proposals are invited in the following topics (but not limited to)

Advanced Materials
Ceramics, Shape Memory Alloys and Nanomaterials
Materials for Aerospace Applications
Polymers and Polymer Composites
Glasses and Amorphous Systems
Characterization and Testing
Bio Materials
Building Materials
Chemical Materials
Optical/Electronic Materials
Magnetic Materials
3D materials
Cryogenic materials

Micro/Nano Machining
Metal Forming
Green Manufacturing
Non-Conventional Machining Processes
Additive Manufacturing
Metal Joining
Subtractive Manufacturing
Sustainable Manufacturing Technologies
Embedded system
Sensors for automation
Vibration engineering
Mechanical dynamics and vibration
Mechanical strength
Mechanical design
Casting technology and equipment
Welding technology and equipment
Plastic processing technology
Cellular manufacturing
Advanced manufacturing processes

20 Nov 2020 Velalar College of Engineering and Technology Erode

Intelligent Systems

Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Systems
Agent and Multi Agent Systems
Intelligent Business Systems
Machine Intelligence
Computer Vision
Pattern recognition
Web Intelligence
Intelligent Software Engineering Models
Fuzzy Systems
Brain-Computer Interface
Computational Intelligence
Intelligent Search and Optimization Techniques
Mobile Computing and Intelligence
Virtual Environments
Human-Machine Interaction
Wearable Computing Systems
Intelligent Communication Systems
Intelligent information and Network Systems
Sustainable Systems

Sustainable Design and Environment
Intelligent Energy Efficient Architectures
Green Data Centers
Sustainable Software Systems
Smart Resource Scheduling and Allocation
Algorithms for Reduced power and energy utilization
Real Time Systems
Sustainable Circuit Design
Low Power Electronics
Sustainable Technologies and Human Factors
Green Decision Making and Development
Next-generation Sustainability Solutions
Sustainability for Industries
Sustainable Systems and Smart Cities
Security, Trust and Privacy
IoT and Big Data based Sustainable Computing Architectures
Data Intelligence

Smart Cities
Smart Cyber Physical Systems
Sustainable High Performance Systems
Sustainable Industries
Sustainable Supply Chain and Manufacturing Systems
Power Electronics
Business Intelligence
Transportation and Logistics
E-waste Analysis and Solutions
Power Aware Networking Applications

03 Dec 2020 SCAD Institute of Technology Coimbatore

The topics of interest includes (but not limited to)
Energy Storage Devices and Systems
Flexible AC Transmission Systems
Power Electronics and Drives /Power Quality Issues
Nonlinear Systems
Process Control Engineering
Control Systems
Soft Computing
System Identification
Virtual Instrumentation
Fuzzy Expert Systems
High Voltage Engineering
Intelligent Automation
Intelligent Instrumentation
Artificial Intelligence
Neuro-Fuzzy Control
Non-Linear Control Optimization Algorithm
PLC, SCADA Based Systems
Power Systems
Renewable Energy
Robotics and Automation

10 Dec 2020 Karpagam College of Engineering Coimbatore

Nanoelectronic VLSI and Sensor Systems (NVS)
• Energy-Efficient, Reliable VLSI Systems (ERS)
• Hardware/Software for Internet of Things and Consumer Electronics (IoT)
• Hardware for Secure Information Processing (SIP)
• Hardware/Software for AI, Robotics and Automation (AIR)
• Hardware/Software for Vehicular Intelligent Systems (VIS)

14 Dec 2020 VIT University Chennai Campus Chennai

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