List of latest Paper Presentation Topics in December 2020.

PPT Topics in 23 College Symposiums

Paper Presentation Topics PPT Date College Name City

The topics of interest includes (but not limited to)
Energy Storage Devices and Systems
Flexible AC Transmission Systems
Power Electronics and Drives /Power Quality Issues
Nonlinear Systems
Process Control Engineering
Control Systems
Soft Computing
System Identification
Virtual Instrumentation
Fuzzy Expert Systems
High Voltage Engineering
Intelligent Automation
Intelligent Instrumentation
Artificial Intelligence
Neuro-Fuzzy Control
Non-Linear Control Optimization Algorithm
PLC, SCADA Based Systems
Power Systems
Renewable Energy
Robotics and Automation

10 Dec 2020 Karpagam College of Engineering Coimbatore

Materials Science
* Bio-materials, Nano materials, Smart and Next Generation Materials.
* Functionally Graded Materials, Meta materials and Super Alloys.
* Alternate materials , Composites, Intermetallics and Polymer Manufacturing
* Material Characterization
* High strain rate deformation of Materials
* Fabrication Process of Nano materials and Nano devices
* MEMS Integration and Metallography
* Multi-Physics Coupling Simulation and Optimization
* Powder Metallurgy and Ceramic Forming
* Recycling and re manufacturing of Materials and Components
* Thermally-Enhanced Processes and Materials

Design Science:

Product Design and Development
Solid and Fracture Mechanics
Mechanisms and Machines
Machine design
Environmental Mechanics
Design for manufacturing assembly
Design of experiments and optimization
Innovative Design Methodology
Particle kinematics
Engineering dynamics
Relative motion
Newton–Euler equations of motion
Analytical mechanics
Dynamics and control
Applications of AI Techniques in Design
Man-Machine Interface Design
Dynamics for mechanical systems and structures
Classical mechanics
Applied Mechanics
Industrial Design

Thermal Science:

Heat and Mass Transfer
Fuels and Combustion
New and Renewable Energy sources
Fluid flows and Fluid power systems
Fluid Dynamics and CFD
Refrigeration and HVAC
Propellants and propulsive systems
Energy Conversion Systems
Statistical Thermodynamics

Manufacturing and Management Sciences:

Advanced metal forming, welding, casting techniques and machining processes
Material Testing and Non-destructive Examination
Manufacturing of Composite Materials
Additive Manufacturing
Green Manufacturing
Micro- and Nano Manufacturing
Concurrent Engineering
Reverse Engineering
Operations Research/ Optimization Techniques
Advanced Product Design and Development
Decision Analysis/Theory
Dynamical Control Systems
Human Factors Engineering
Information Processing and Engineering
Intelligent Manufacturing Systems
Energy Management

Allied Sciences:

Artificial Intelligence
Big data, Data Science/Analysis
Machine Learning
Industry 4.0/5.0
Augmented/Virtual reality
Instrumentation and Control Engineering
Energy and Environment
Automotive Systems
Petrochemical Engineering
Marine Systems
Nuclear Engineering
Nano Sciences
Continuum Mechanics

10 Dec 2020 Vignan Institute of Technolgy and Science Hyderabad Hyderabad

Engineering, Technology, Science.

11 Dec 2020 Sona College of Technology Salem

All Branches , All Subjects and All Concepts

13 Dec 2020 IIRM-SDT Chirala

Nanoelectronic VLSI and Sensor Systems (NVS)
• Energy-Efficient, Reliable VLSI Systems (ERS)
• Hardware/Software for Internet of Things and Consumer Electronics (IoT)
• Hardware for Secure Information Processing (SIP)
• Hardware/Software for AI, Robotics and Automation (AIR)
• Hardware/Software for Vehicular Intelligent Systems (VIS)

14 Dec 2020 VIT University Chennai Campus Chennai

Data Communication and Computer Networks: Network based Applications, Network Security, Next-Generation Web, Future Computer Networks, Wireless and Adhoc Networks, Wireless Multimedia Systems, Cryptography, High-Speed Networks, Mobile Computing, Mobile Networks, and Wireless LAN, Optical Networking

Internet of Things: Big Data Analytics, Device-to-Device and Networking technologies, Sensor Networks, Cloud Computing, Crowd-sourcing and Opportunistic networks, Data analysis and decision automation, large-scale data management, Efficient Resource Management techniques, Peer-to-Peer/Machine-to-Machine Protocols, Knowledge-based network discovery, Security, trust and privacy, Authentication and Authorization, user-oriented and context-aware IoT devices, Network scalability, and robustness, Modeling and Communication Transparency, and Performance Evaluation techniques.

Wireless Communication: Network Localization Techniques, Wireless Network Estimation and Processing, sensor and ad-hoc networks, Network mobility, and handoff management, Mobile and wireless IP, Wireless Multicasting and Routing, Multimedia QoS and Traffic Management, Network Congestion and Control, Wireless Network Security and Privacy, Performance of E2E network protocols.

Big Data: Models and Algorithms, Big data analysis architectures, Data Management, Security and Privacy, Data Mining and Visualization, Real-time Big Data Analytics, Big Data in Smart city Models and Applications.

Cloud Computing: Cloud Infrastructure, Cloud-as-a-Service, Cloud Management, and Operations, Cloud Security and Privacy, Performance, scalability and reliability, Cloud-based data analytics, software engineering practices, Cloud applications in smart environments and next-Generation Cloud Computing Models.

15 Dec 2020 Vaigai College of Engineering Madurai

· Soft Computing and Fuzzy Systems
· Pattern Recognition
· Computer Vision
· Computational Intelligence
· Brain-Computer Interface
· Machine Vision
· Intelligent Search and Optimization Techniques
· Decision Support Systems
· Intelligent Healthcare Systems
· Intelligent Knowledge Management Systems
· Intelligent Business Systems
· Hybrid Intelligent Systems
· Intelligent Manufacturing Systems
· Human-Machine Interface
· Intelligent Autonomous Systems
· Robotics

· Cloud Computing and Big Data
· Internet of Things
· Cyber-Physical Systems
· Intelligent Fuzzy based Systems
· Neural networks
· Artificial intelligence and Intelligent Systems
· Machine Learning
· Knowledge-based Systems
· Multi-Agent Systems
· Mobile Computing
· Fog/Edge Computing Models
· Social Computing
· Scientific Computing
· Natural Language Processing and Semantic Models
· Virtual Networks and Environments
· Cognitive Computing
· Genetic and Swarm Computing

· Intelligent Control and Automation Techniques
· Linear and Non-linear Control
· Adaptive and Learning Control
· Optimal Control Methods and techniques
· Fault Identification and Detection
· Networked Control techniques
· Neural Network-based Control Techniques
· Fuzzy based Control
· Robotic Control Techniques
· Performance Evaluation and Optimization techniques
· Embedded Control
· Process Control
· Intelligent Vehicle Control
· Motor Control and Power Systems
· Sustainable Control theories and models
· Environmental Monitoring and Control
· Real-time Systems Control
· Intelligent Modelling, Analysis and Control

· Supply Chain and Logistics
· Process Automation
· Quality Control and management
· Healthcare
· Industrial Internet of Things
· Industrial Automation and Robotics
· Internet of Vehicles
· Smart Virtual Environments
· Mechatronics Systems
· Mobile Technologies and Services
· Remote Sensing
· E-learning
· Gaming Theory
· Smart User Interfaces
· Multimedia and Video Processing

07 Jan 2021 JCT College of Engineering and Technology Coimbatore

Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Fog/Edge Computing, Social Computing, Cognitive Computing, Nature-Inspired Computing, Ubiquitous Computing, Green Sustainable Computing, Computer Vision, Human-Computer Interaction, Evolutionary Computation, Soft Computing Approaches, Collaborative Intelligence, Multimedia Computing, Mobile Computing, Bio-Inspired Intelligent Computing Technologies, and High Performance Computing models.

Expert Systems, Artificial Neural Networks, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning Approaches, Support Vector Machines, Natural Language Processing, Semantic Web Intelligence & Models, Fuzzy Systems, Genetic Algorithms, Smart User Interfaces and Visualization techniques, Robotics and Automation, Distributed Intelligent Systems, Patterns and Frameworks.

Intelligent Interfaces and Hybrid Systems, Embedded Systems, RF and Microwave Systems, Decision Support Systems, Big data models, Supervised and unsupervised Learning Models, Data Analytics and Visualization Models, Optimization Models, Emerging Nano scale devices, Scalable, reliable and robust architectures, Recommender Systems, and Cyber-Physical Systems.

Healthcare, Social networks, Wearable technologies, Industries, Business Intelligence, Multimedia Applications, Digital library, E-commerce and E-Governance, Gaming Applications, Other use cases, and Applications.

20 Jan 2021 RVS Technical Campus Coimbatore

Communication and Networking Technologies
Wireless Sensor Networks
Large-scale Networks for IoT
Peer-to-Peer Networks
Delay Tolerant Networks
Ubiquitous Networks
Social Networks
Network Cryptography
Device-to-Device Communications
Machine-to-Machine Communications
5G Networks
Internet of Things
Network Interoperability
Authentication and Authorization Models
Intrusion Detection Systems
RFID and Cognitive Radio
Cyber-Physical Systems
Software Defined Networks
Heterogeneous Networks
Ad-hoc Networks
Next-generation Networking Technologies

Communication Technologies
Computer Vision and Architecture
Mobile Computing
Cloud Computing
Fog/Edge Computing
Big Data
Semantic Data Mining and Analytics
Pattern Recognition
Soft Computing
Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning
Virtual Reality
Pervasive Computing
Cognitive Computing
Parallel Computing
Quantum Computing
Smart Grid Computing
Green Computing
Social Computing

Automated Industries
Smart Cities
Smart Homes
Intelligent Autonomous Systems
Healthcare Applications
Wearable Technologies
Remote Monitoring
Agricultural Monitoring
Secured Communication Solutions

04 Feb 2021 Francis Xavier Engineering College Tirunelveli

Differential Equations, Dynamical Systems, Functional Equations, Fixed Point Theory, Operator Theory, Control Theory, Fuzzy Set Theory, Stability Analysis, Optimization Techniques, Image Processing, Neural Networks, Graph Theory, and Coding Theory

10 Feb 2021 The Gandhigram Rural Institute (Deemed to be University) Gandhigram

Technical papers are solicited on the topics pertaining to the scope of the Conference will include, but are not limited to:


11 Feb 2021 SSN College of Engineering Chennai

Cloud-centered sustainable networks
Data & Storage Architectures
Green data centers
Architectures for data processing
Big Data Analytics
Data interoperability
Intelligent optimization techniques and models
Data security and privacy challenges
Dynamic resource management techniques
Data and sustainable information networks
Sustainability for future computing frameworks
Data simulation and modeling techniques
Quality of Service
Distributed and Parallel processing
Sustainable cloud service automation
Sustainable Edge-Cloud applications
Innovative access control techniques
Fault tolerance, flexibility, reliability and availability
Industry and business specific cloud models
Case studies and innovative applications

Intelligent Information Systems
Smart user interfaces
Artificial Intelligence
Expert Systems
Machine learning
Deep learning
Knowledge-based systems
Innovative knowledge discovery
Computer and machine vision
Web Intelligence
Pervasive Computing
Computational Intelligence models
Problem Solving Models
Intelligent search optimization
Emotional intelligence
Fuzzy sets
Cybersecurity and risk assessment techniques
Human-Computer Interaction techniques
Multi-Agent Systems
Natural Language Processing
Cognitive Science
Neural networks
New algorithms and models
Cyber-Physical Systems & IoT
Smart healthcare
Smart cities
Smart networking environments

18 Feb 2021 GITAM School of Technology Bengaluru Campus Bengaluru

Nanostructured & Nanomaterials | Composite Materials | Glass and Ceramic Materials | Light Metals And Alloys | Steel Alloys | Shape Memory Alloys | High-Temperature Materials | biomaterials | functionally graded materials | Optical and Electronic Materials
Materials Synthesis, Processing and application | Material Characterization | Advanced metal forming, bending, welding & casting techniques | Powder metallurgy | High-speed Machining | Hybrid Machining | Non-conventional machining processes | Additive processing and joining technologies | Surface engineering for manufacturing process | Design and behavior of equipment and tools | Surface Treatment and Machining | computational modeling and simulation
Application of AI in manufacturing | Industry 4.0 | Advance optimization techniques | Sustainable environmental materials | Innovation in Sustainable Technology | Performance optimization | Energy & Environmental Materials, Operation Research & Decisions
Bearing & Gear Tribology | Lubricants & Additives | Contact Mechanics & Friction | Wear Mechanisms | Tribo-Testing | Tribology in Design & Manufacturing | Tribology in Metalworking | Bio Tribology | Nano Tribology | Space Tribology | Automotive Tribology | Marine Tribology | Wind Power Tribology | Tribology in Renewable Energy | Innovations in Tribology
Renewable Energy (RE) Technologies (Solar thermal, Wind, Biomass etc.), Energy Storage and Conversion, Energy Systems – Policy/Economics/Optimization/Efficiency/Management, Environmental Pollution Control, Bio-Fuels Co-generation and Waste Heat Recovery System, Clean Development Mechanism, Nuclear Engineering, Life Sciences and Applied Science, Bio-Physics and Structural Biology, Cell Biology, Cell Culture, Bio-Diversity, Mathematics for Life Science, Physics for Life Science.

20 Feb 2021 Arya College of Engineering and Information Technology Jaipur

Intelligent Systems

Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Systems
Agent and Multi Agent Systems
Intelligent Business Systems
Machine Intelligence
Computer Vision
Pattern recognition
Web Intelligence
Intelligent Software Engineering Models
Fuzzy Systems
Brain-Computer Interface
Computational Intelligence
Intelligent Search and Optimization Techniques
Mobile Computing and Intelligence
Virtual Environments
Human-Machine Interaction
Wearable Computing Systems
Intelligent Communication Systems
Intelligent information and Network Systems
Sustainable Systems

Sustainable Design and Environment
Intelligent Energy Efficient Architectures
Green Data Centers
Sustainable Software Systems
Smart Resource Scheduling and Allocation
Algorithms for Reduced power and energy utilization
Real Time Systems
Sustainable Circuit Design
Low Power Electronics
Sustainable Technologies and Human Factors
Green Decision Making and Development
Next-generation Sustainability Solutions
Sustainability for Industries
Sustainable Systems and Smart Cities
Security, Trust and Privacy
IoT and Big Data based Sustainable Computing Architectures
Data Intelligence

Smart Cities
Smart Cyber Physical Systems
Sustainable High Performance Systems
Sustainable Industries
Sustainable Supply Chain and Manufacturing Systems
Power Electronics
Business Intelligence
Transportation and Logistics
E-waste Analysis and Solutions
Power Aware Networking Applications

26 Feb 2021 SCAD College of Engineering and Technology Tirunelveli

Pervasive Computing:
Ubiquitous networking and sensing models
Smart interface design models
Data mining techniques
Smart crowdsourcing and intelligent models
Human-Computer Interaction models
Social intelligence and computing models
Adaptive Computing in Robotics systems
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models
Machine-to-Machine Communication
Intelligent user interface models
Brain-machine interaction
Pervasive wearable communication models
Deep Learning and Deep Computation
Smart Grid Computing and Cloud Computing
Smart systems [smart home, gaming, healthcare, Cities and transportation, etc.]
Smart Space Systems and Techniques
Autonomic Computing

Social Networking:
Opportunistic networks Models and Applications
Internet of things and its Architectures
Wireless Sensor networks
RFID systems, design and Implementations
Big data and cyber-physical systems
Heterogeneous Multilevel Networks
Peer to Peer Social Networking Models
Web-based Semantic models and commodities
Challenges and Opportunities in Social Networking
Edge and Fog Computing in Social Networks
Context-Aware Mobile Social Networks
Smart authentication and authorization models
Cyber Security and Cyber-physical systems
Security Issues and Technical Challenges in Social Information Networks
Cloud Security models in Social Networks
BlockChain models in Social Information Networks

19 Mar 2021 Narasus Sarathy Institute of Technology Salem

Artificial Intelligence
· Capsule Networks
· Smart Agent-based Systems
· Machine Learning
· Fuzzy based Intelligent Systems
· Evolutionary Computing
· Expert Systems
· Human-Computer Interaction Technologies
· Cognitive Intelligence
· Artificial Immune Systems
· Cyber-Physical Systems
· Artificial life
· Knowledge-based Systems
· Artificial Neural Networks
· Computational Intelligence
· Neuro-Fuzzy Models and Techniques
· Intelligent Estimation and Classification Models
· Hybrid Intelligence
· Internet of Intelligent Things
· Quantum Computing
· Cyber-Security Models and Techniques
· Reinforcement Learning

Smart Systems
· Deep Learning based Smart Energy Systems
· Innovative Energy Control and Management Techniques
· AI in Renewable Energy Systems
· Smart Power and Energy Systems
· Distributed Energy Systems
· Active Power Generation Models
· Intelligence Fault Diagnosis and Maintenance Technologies
· Smart Process monitoring and Control Strategies
· Techniques to Reduce Energy Consumption
· Smart Energy Optimization Techniques
· Neural Estimation for Energy Consumption
· Predictive Control, planning and Scheduling algorithms
· Dynamic Control of Energy Systems
· Distributed Computing and Control in Energy Systems
· Secured and Privacy-preserving analytics for Smart Energy Systems
· Innovation Quantum Computing Processes in Energy Systems

25 Mar 2021 JCT College of Engineering and Technology Coimbatore

Ubiquitous Computing and Communications:

Cloud Computing
Mobile Computing and Networks
Embedded Computing Frameworks
Modelling and Analysis of Ubiquitous Information Systems
Communication Networking Models
High Performance Computing
Pervasive Communication Networks
Autonomic Computing Models
Big Data Models and Applications
Ubiquitous Information Processing Platforms
Distributed Sensing Models and Applications
Secured Authentication and Authorization Models
Ubiquitous information processing systems
Smart Resource Management techniques
Peer-to-Peer Computing Models
sutainable Ubiquitous Computing Models and Applications
Novel Mobility Management Techniques
Next-Generation Ubiquitous Networks and Protocols

Intelligent Information Systems:

Novel Information process Modeling and Management
Advanced Intelligent Systems
Internet of Things
Human-Computer Interaction Models
Digital Informatics
Wireless Communication and storage Networks
System Information Modelling Techniques
Artificial and Computational Intelligence Models
Performance Analysis and Evaluation Techniques
Intelligent Information Retrieval Techniques
Mobile Data Management Techniques
AI based Intelligent Information Visualization techniques
Intelligent Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Models
Fuzzy based Optimization Techniques
Ontology-based Intelligent Information Systems
Fuzzy based Control and Optimization Models
Cognitive Informatics
Energy-efficient and Sustainable Informatics
Smart Automation Systems
Healthcare informatics and Bioinformatics Models
Security and Privacy of Intelligent Information Systems
Smart Distributed Information Systems

16 Apr 2021 Shree Venkateshwara Hi-Tech Engineering College Gobichettipalayam


Nanomaterials and Devices
Biophotonics and Electronics
Sustainable Electronic Materials
Bio-Inspired Electronic Materials
Functional Materials
Nanocomposites and Nanostructures
Emerging Advanced Electronic Materials
Hybrid Electronic Materials
Next-Generation Semiconductors and Materials
Innovative Electronic Materials Processing
Medical Electronics
Dielectrics and Magnetic Materials
Electronic Display Materials
Quantum Electronics and Photonics
Novel Architectures and Functional Blocks of Electronic Materials

Computational Material Science
Electronic Material Processing Technologies
Next-Generation Energy Materials
Wearable Electronic Devices and Models
Characterization of Electronic Materials
Optical/Nano Sensors
Advanced Optical Materials
Quantum Dots
Luminescent and Non-Luminescent Materials
Novel Synthesis Techniques
Novel Electronic Material Fabrication
Electronic Packaging Techniques
Electronic Modelling and Simulation
Electronic Material Standardization and Synthesis

14 May 2021 PPG Institute of Technology Coimbatore

Memetic Algorithms & Genetic Algorithms
Advanced Evolutionary Design
Swarm/ Collective Intelligence
Evolutionary Search and Meta-heuristics
Agent-based Systems and Artificial Life
Evolutionary Multi-objective Optimization
Particle Swarm Optimization
Meta-Heuristics and Intelligent Evolutionary Search
Evolvable/Adaptive Hardware and Systems
Advanced Genetic Algorithms
Complex-adaptive systems and Biocomputing
Evolutionary game theory and Evolutionary scheduling
Quantum Computing and Nano Computing
Bio-Inspired Hardware Systems and Software Practices
Evolution Strategies and Evolutionary Programming in Swarm Intelligence
Differential Evolution in Artificial Immune Systems
Evolutionary Computation in Bioinformatics
Evolutionary Computation in AI
Evolutionary Multi-objective Optimization Models
Evolutionary Applications in Games and Entertainment Technologies
Evolutionary Robotics, Industrial and Real World applications
Artificial Intelligence

Internet of Things
Big Data
Sustainable Energy, Grids, and Networks
Green Wireless Sensor Networks
Energy-Efficient Sensor Networks
Cognitive Mobile and 5G Networks
Renewable Energy Sources for Communication Networks
Sustainable Energy-Efficient UAV-based Networks
Field Trials of Sustainable Networking and Computing
Energy-Efficient 5G Network Models and Applications
Software-Defined Networking (SDN)
Network Function Virtualization (NFV)
Sustainability in Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN) & Vehicular Networks
Green Data Centers and Computing Architectures
Smart Embedded Networks and Ubiquitous Computing Models
Low-Power Local and Wide-Area Networks
Multimedia and Real-Time Networking Models
Security in Wireless Communication and Mobile Cloud Computing
Sustainable Social Networks and Applications
Techniques for Flexible Spectrum Usage in Wireless Communication
Secured Blockchain Models Applications
Cloud-based Mobile Networks and Applications
Big Data Analytics
Real-world Practices of Big Data Analysis

20 May 2021 Sir M Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology Bengaluru

Image Processing
Image recognition and Analysis
Image Registration
Image segmentation and edge detection
Image texture analysis
Medical imaging systems
Image acquisition, reconstruction and synthesis
Feature Extraction techniques
Medical image diagnosis
Image reconstructions and losses
Medical interpretability and explainable deep learning frameworks
Image processing for multispectral images
Image enhancement and restoration
Image formation principles
Pattern recognition and capsule networks in object tracking
Face and gesture recognition techniques
Genetic algorithms
Signal identification and representation
Speech and audio processing
Optical signal processing
Capsule based biometric technologies
Cognitive vision of image processing
Multi-fusion imaging

Capsule Networks
Capsules in image analysis
Deep learning in image analysis
Pattern recognition
Machine Learning
Data mining
Big data analytics and imaging
Visual content analysis
Fuzzy systems
Human-visual systems
Robotic vision of image processing
Capsules in adaptive image processing
Machine learning in capsule neural networks
Capsule implementation in image systems
Capsules and digital image processing techniques
Routing mechanisms
Machine Intelligence
Artificial neural networks
Artificial Intelligence Techniques

27 May 2021 King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi, Thailand, Dayeh University, Taiwan, and Tribhuvan Bangkok

Intelligent Computing Technologies
Parallel and Distributed Computing
Ubiquitous Computing
Fog/Edge Computing Models
Mobile Cloud Computing Models
Software Engineering Practices
Artificial Intelligence
Smart Grid Computing Models
Bioinformatics and Computation
Sustainable and Energy Efficient Computing Models
Smart Grid Computing Frameworks
Internet of Things
Social and Affective Computing for Web Intelligence
Adaptive Neural networks
Deep Learning
Autonomic Computing and Machine Vision
Intelligent Data Mining and Big Data
Pattern Recognition
Communication Technologies
Distributed and Automated Communication Techniques
Antenna, Microwave Theory and Applications
Mobile and Wireless Communication
Cognitive Communication Networks
Signal Processing for Wireless Communications
Sustainable Communication Practices
Vehicular Communication Frameworks
Information-Centric Networks
Multimodal Communication Techniques
Wireless Communication Channel Analysis
Optical and Satellite/Space Communication Techniques
Innovative Modeling and Simulation of Communication Systems
Artificial Intelligence for Mobile Communication
Smart Grid Communications
AdHoc and Sensor Networks
Next-generation Communication Software and Services

25 Jun 2021 Gnanamani College of Technology, Namakkal, India Namakkal

Intelligent Information Systems
Data management and visualization
Data mining techniques
Big Data Intelligence
Information Retrieval Techniques
Image/Video Processing and Analysis
Data Integration techniques
Web data management techniques
Big data storage and processing architectures
Distributed and Parallel Databases
Access Control and Authorization techniques
Natural language Processing
Big Data as a Service
Data pre-processing techniques
Multi-Structured Data Processing Techniques
Computational Modeling and Data Integration techniques
Security and Privacy-Preserving Big data analytics

Cognitively Inspired Computing and Communications
Cognitive foundation in big data
Cognitive Robotics
Autonomous Computing Technologies
Cognitive information processing model
Cognitive human-computer interaction techniques
Deep Learning
Data-driven Fuzzy Systems and Models
Cognition based human-machine cooperation
Cognitive interferences in data processing
Cognitive Information Theory
Neuro-computing and Brain-System Interfaces
Knowledge processors and Manipulations
Intelligent Decision Theories and Models
Distributed Data Intelligence Models
Cognitive data modeling and mining techniques

Smart Cities
Process Automation
Supply Chain and Logistics
Industrial Internet of Things
Cognitive Human-Computer Interaction Models
Industrial Automation and Robotics
Internet of Vehicles
Wearable and personalized technologies
Smart Virtual Environments
Mobile Technologies and Services
Gaming Theory
Smart User Interfaces
Multimedia and Video Processing

16 Jul 2021 SCAD College of Engineering and Technology Tirunelveli

Data Communication and Computer Networking

High Speed Networks
Mobile Computing
Mobile Networks & Wireless LAN
Optical Networking
Network Based Applications
Network Security
Next Generation Web
Recent Trends in Computer Networks
Wireless and Adhoc Network
Wireless Multimedia Systems

Communication Technologies

Coding Techniques for 3G & 4G
UWB Systems
Digital Multimedia Systems
Airborne Vehicle Communication
Antenna Systems
Signal & Image Processing
Telemetry & Tele Command Systems
Optical Communication
Satellite Technology
Earth Station Systems & Technology
Wireless Networks
Spectrum Management
Cognitive Radio Design
Millimeter Wave Technology
Telecom Management
Underwater Communication
Multi Carrier Modulation
MIMO Systems
Microwave Systems


Big Data
Cloud Computing
Health Care Informatics

27 Aug 2021 JCT College of Engineering and Technology Coimbatore

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