List of latest Paper Presentation Topics in August 2018.

PPT Topics in 61 College Symposiums

Paper Presentation Topics PPT Date College Name City

Robotics & Artificial Intelligence Neuro-Fuzzy Control
Internet of Things
Signal & Image Processing
Embedded Systems
Virtual Instrumentation
Hybrid Electric Vehicles
Non-conventional energy sources
Biomedical Technology
Automation in automobiles
Any interesting or innovative ideas (irrespective of department) that do not fall under the above mentioned categories are also welcomed.

20 Aug 2018 KCG College of Technology Chennai

1. artificial intelligence
2. Bio-medical instrumentation
3. Renewable Energy
4. Automation
5. Agriculture
6. Robotics

21 Aug 2018 Sri Sairam Engineering College Chennai

Paper presentation:
1)Chemical Biotechnology
2)Medical Biotechnology
3)Microbial Biotechnology
4)Bioprocess Biotechnology
5)Bioinformatics & Simulation
Poster Presentation:
1)Chemical Biotechnology
2)Medical Biotechnology
3)Microbial Biotechnology
4)Bioprocess Biotechnology
5)Bioinformatics & Simulation
6)Agricultural Biotechnology
7)Waste Management & Recycling Technology

23 Aug 2018 University College of Engineering Bharathidasan Institute of Technology Campus Tiruchirappalli

• Embedded Systems
• Specific subjects related to Electronics & Control
• VLSI Design
• Medical Electronics
• Signal and Image Processing
• Artificial Intelligence
• Wireless Communication
• Robotics
• Augmented Reality(AR) & Virtual Reality(VR)
• Green Energy Systems
• Big Data Analysis
• Machine Learning
• Waste, Energy, and Environment
• Waste Management
• Avionics

Note: The topics are not restricted to the above domains only. We also consider papers that are composed of productive ideas too.

24 Aug 2018 Sri Sairam Engineering College Chennai


Last date of submission: 21/08/2018
Intimation of selection of paper: 22/08/2018
Send the abstract or paper to

24 Aug 2018 KCG College of Technology Chennai

Mechanical Related topics

24 Aug 2018 MAM College of Engineering Tiruchirappalli

1) Instrumentation in architecture
2) Green power
3) Future of Nanotechnology
4) Energy efficient IoT and sensor networks
5) Green chemistry and engineering
6) Self-adaptive and self-managing systems for green computing

25 Aug 2018 Valliammai Engineering College Chennai

Bigdata, Computer Science & information Technology

26 Aug 2018 The Bell Hotel and Convention Centre Bengaluru

Any topic related to Mechanical engineering from Design, Thermal or Manufacturing

27 Aug 2018 RMK College of Engineering and Technology Thiruvallur

Any technical topics

27 Aug 2018 RMK College of Engineering and Technology Thiruvallur


27 Aug 2018 RMK College of Engineering and Technology Thiruvallur

Open to Computer Society

29 Aug 2018 Dhaanish Ahmed College of Engineering Chennai

Related to computer society

29 Aug 2018 Dhaanish Ahmed College of Engineering Chennai

Machine Learning
Big Data

29 Aug 2018 Dr MGR Institute of Education and Research Institute Chennai

 New sensor materials and technologies for medical applications
 Printed, flexible, biodegradable and biocompatible electronics
 Sensor devices and sensor arrays
 Nano sensors
 Electrical and thermal-based sensors
 Wearable and implantable sensors for biomedical applications
 Remote sensing systems for healthcare
 Novel electronics for brain activity monitoring
 Sensors and Systems for Brain Computer Interfaces
 Implantable Neural Sensors for Brain Machine Interface
 Exhaled Breath Sensors
 Sensors and Systems for Physical Rehabilitation
 Smart Sensors for Health and Environment Monitoring
 The Role of Sensors in IoT Medical and Healthcare Applications
 Future of Healthcare: Sensors Technology

30 Aug 2018 Kongu Engineering College Erode

Topics on Information Technology

Network Security
Pervasive Computing.
Cloud Computing.
Mobile Computing.
Adhoc Networks.
Data Mining.
Information Security.
Grid Computing.
Computer Applications in Web Service.
Global Optimization Problems.
Big data.

Topics on Embedded Systems

Smart Grids.
Soft Computing Techniques.
Renewable Power Conversion.
Feedback Control System.
Power System Restructure.
Artificial Intelligence Techniques.
Expert System.
Power Quality Improvement Techniques
Topics on Communication

Wireless Communication.
VLSI for Communication.
VLSI for Signal Processing.
Source Coding and Data Compression.
Detection and Estimation.
Space- Time Signal Processing.
Ad-hoc and Sensor Networks.
Image and Video Signal Processing.
Analog and Digital VLS

Topics on Civil Engineering
Theory and Advanced Technology of Engineering Structure
Civil and Urban Engineering
Transportation EngineeringM
Architecture and Urban Planning
Topics on Mechnical Engineering
Fluid Dynamics
Compressible Flows
Computational Mechanics
Automotive Engineering
Heat and Mass Transfer
Nanomaterial Engineering
Plasticity Mechanics
Multibody Dynamics
Nonlinear Dynamics
Structural Dynamics
Noise Control
Material Engineering
Transport Phenomena
Manufacturing Process

30 Aug 2018 Rathinam Technical Campus Coimbatore

Any Topic Related To Recent Trends in Engineering Application

31 Aug 2018 PSN College of Engineering and Technology Tirunelveli


31 Aug 2018 SSN College of Engineering Chennai

Any Topics

31 Aug 2018 Ramco Institute of Technology Rajapalayam

VLSI and Embedded Systems
Signal and Image Processing.
Wireless Communication and IOT.
Sensors and Instrumentation, Robotics and Power Electronics.

31 Aug 2018 SRM Institute of Science and Technology Vadapalani Campus Chennai

Big Data Analytics,
Industry 4.0,
Any Innovative own creations.

31 Aug 2018 Erode Sengunthar Engineering College Erode

Any topics

31 Aug 2018 Jay Shriram Group of Institutions Tirupur


01 Sep 2018 Dhaanish Ahmed College of Engineering Chennai

-Fuzzy Logics
-Embedded & RT
-Wireless Communication
(Many more related to Electronics & Communication)

01 Sep 2018 Dhaanish Ahmed College of Engineering Chennai


01 Sep 2018 Kumaraguru College of Technology Coimbatore


01 Sep 2018 Velammal Institute of Technology Chennai

Embedded systems
Wireless communication
Image processing
Network security
Other innovative ideas

04 Sep 2018 Jay Shriram Group of Institutions Tirupur

Domain A (Mechanical Design)
Bio – mechanical technology ( This area may include designing prostheses, developing movement systems for people).
Automobile technology ( Design or construction, maintenance, and operation of self - propelled vehicles for use on land or sea, in air or space).
Space and aviation technology (Design or production of aircraft, spacecraft, aerospace equipment, satellites or missiles).
Marine technology ( conception or design or construction techniques of ships, offshore structures, marine vehicles and other advanced offshore technologies).
Domain B (Thermal sciences):
Thermodynamics(This area may include refrigeration and air conditioning systems, power plants, renewable energy resources, compressors blowers and fans).
Fluid mechanics(This area may include Turbines, Braking systems, dams, boundary layer and other related mechanisms).
Heat transfer(This are may include papers regarding conduction, convection and radiation, phase transition, cryogenics, etc).
Mass transfer(This area includes Astrophysics, Food technology, combustion techniques, fuel cells, etc).
Engine technology(Pertaining technology associated with the IC engines).
Domain C (Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering)
Newer methodologies(Includes newer printing methodologies like 3D Printing and advanced machining techniques).
Material sciences( consists of developing material fields like composites, ceramics, re-inforced materilas etc).
Lean manufacturing , quality control and systems , operation management,etc...

04 Sep 2018 Sri Sairam Institute of Technology Chennai

►Green Computing
►Multimedia Systems
►Machine Learning
►Parallel Processing
►Distributed Computing
►Grid and Cloud Computing
►Internet of Things
►Soft Computing Techniques
►Semantic Search and Web Technology
►Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
►Wireless Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks
►Communications and Information Security
►Cyber Forensics
►Image and Video Processing
►Bigdata and Hadoop
►Nano Scale Applications
►Cryptography and Network Security
►Antenna Design & Low Power Circuits

05 Sep 2018 University College of Engineering Tindivanam Tindivanam


06 Sep 2018 National Engineering College Kovilpatti Kovilpatti

Open to all

07 Sep 2018 Coimbatore Institute of Technology Coimbatore

Any Technical Topic

07 Sep 2018 Coimbatore Institute of Technology Coimbatore

 Wireless Sensor networks.
 Optical communication and Microwave antennas.
 Signals and image processing
 Nanotechnology / MEMS
 Satellite Communication
 Advanced VLSI / Embedded Systems
 Cryptography & Network Security
 Internet Of Things(IoT)

07 Sep 2018 Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan Engineering College Perambalur

• 4G & 5G Wireless Technology
• Soft computing
• Big Data Applications and Analytics
• Databases and Data Mining Applications
• Energy-efficient Computing for Big Data
• Image Processing
• Grid Computing
• Cloud Computing
• Nano Technology
• IoT models and applications
• Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
• Mobile Ad-hoc and Sensor Network

07 Sep 2018 Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan Engineering College Perambalur

Any area from civil engineering

07 Sep 2018 Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan Engineering College Perambalur

Big Data
Cognitive Computing
Cloud Computing
Nano Computing
Network Security
Image Processing
Machine Learning
Recent Trends in information Technology

08 Sep 2018 C Abdul Hakeem College of Engineering and Technology Vellore

1.Analysis of Solar Thermal Power Generation
2.Renewable Energy with Automation Techniques
3. Energy Efficient Motors
4. Modern Trends in Machine Design Technology
5. Smart Grid – Future Electric Grid
6. Renewable Energy and Environment Protection
7. Boost-derived Hybrid Converter with Simultaneous DC and AC Outputs
8. Robotic Monitoring of Power System
9. IBOC Technology
10. Solar Tree
11. Future Generation Wireless Network
12. Embedded Web Technology

Any advancements in the field of Electrical and Electronics.

08 Sep 2018 Velammal Institute of Technology Chennai

Any topics for Mechanical Related

08 Sep 2018 RVS Padhmavathy College of Engineering and Technology Chennai

Any topics related computer science field

08 Sep 2018 Sri Shanmugha College of Engineering and Technology Salem

City issuse and solution

09 Sep 2018 Laxminarayan Institute of Technology Nagpur

ICRTAC – CPS 2018 welcomes submissions of original unpublished Technical Papers on the following topics but not limited to:
Cyber Physical System:
• Social CPS computing
• Industrial CPS and smart manufacturing
• Applications of CPS
• Data Security and privacy for CPS
• Threat modelling for CPS
Computing Control and Communication:
• Ubiquitous and Pervasive computing for enhanced user interactions with CPS
• Mobile computing and devices for CPS
• Big Data System and data analytics for CPS
• Simulation of CPS applications
• Security and Privacy of CPS
• Educational Computing

10 Sep 2018 VIT University Chennai Campus Chennai


11 Sep 2018 Karpagam Institute of Technology Coimbatore

Any Technical topic

11 Sep 2018 National Engineering College Kovilpatti Kovilpatti

High Performance Computing
Robotics & Image Processing
Big Data Analytics & Cloud Computing
Communication & Security
Advanced Trends In IT

12 Sep 2018 Kongu Engineering College Erode

Introduction to Industrial Energy Audit
 Introduction to basics of EEE Introduction to basics of Solar
 Energy Solar off grid power plant Solar on grid power plant
 Solar tracking system
 MPPT Solar charge control
 Solar Water heater & Solar Street light Designing calculation estimation and Implementation

14 Sep 2018 K Ramakrishnan College of Technology Trichy

1. Sustainable Energy Transfer Methods
2. Automated Vehicle Systems
3. Robotics and Automation
4. Eco friendly Fuel Systems
5. IoT
6. Smart Grid and automation
7. Renewable Energy Sources
8. Electric Vehicles
9. Embedded System
10. Signal Processing
11. Image Processing
12. Bio-Medical Communication
13. Sensors and Control

14. Deep Learning
15. Social Networks
16. Natural Language Processing
17. Cyber Security
18. Sustainable Building Materials
19. Green Ground Improvements
20. Ground Water Recharging Methods

NB: For more topics visit

14 Sep 2018 NSS College of Engineering Palakkad

1. Artificial intelligence
2. Internet of things
3. Data science
4. Big data
5. Augmented reality
6. Virtual reality
7. Virtualization
8. Cloud computing etc.
Any topics related to the field of computer science and engineering are most welcome.!!!

19 Sep 2018 Sriram Engineering College Chennai

Themes for Distinguished Lectures*
1. Motivational Session on Benefits of IEEE Membership
2. Prospects of Robotics and Automation in Agriculture
3. Involvement of Artificial Intelligence in Day to Day Life
4. Industry 4.0
* Themes would be related to the above technical areas
Theme for Participants Presentation Session
Societal Impact of Robotics and Automation – The presentations are invited from the participants reflecting the benefits of robotics, automation and its allied technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning on the day to day life of the society. The presentation should contain the following parameters in the following order;
1. Title of the presentation
2. Name, affiliation and contact details of the participant
3. Brief introduction of the technology covered
4. How the technology covered is benefitting the society
The presentation can be submitted through email at
The best three presentations in each session would be awarded with cash prizes and certificates.
Themes for Participants Panel Discussion Session
A panel discussion would be organized on any one of the following themes.
1. Would Robots Replace Humans?
2. Artificial Intelligence – A threat or Boon to the Society?
3. Artificial Intelligence – Creating unemployment?
4. Self-Driving Cars – Safe or Threat
One panel would consist of 10 to 15 participants for Discussion.

21 Sep 2018 Quantum School of Technology Roorkee

Artificial intelligence
Machine learning
Deep learning
Behavioral analytics
Big data analytics
Cloud computing

29 Sep 2018 PSG College of Technology Coimbatore

Advanced Nanomaterials
Nanotech for Energy and Environment
Nanoparticles Synthesis and applications
Nanomaterials for Clean and Sustainable Technology
Nanocomposites and Bionanocomposites Materials Nanotechnology for Solar Energy Collection and Conversion
Energy storage and Novel Generation
Nanostructured and nanoporous Materials and devices
Nanotech for Oil and Gas
Carbon Nanostructures and devices
Renewable Energy Technologies
Fuels Application
Polymer Nano technology
Bio Sources for Materials and Fuels
Soft Nanotechnology and colloids
Green chemistry and Materials
Nanomaterials Fabrication, Characterisation and Tools
Water Technologies
Synthesis of Nanomaterials
Smart Grid
Sustainable Nanomanufacturing
Nanotechnology safety
Modeling and Simulation at the Nanoscale
Nano Toxicology
Nanoscale Electronics ... ETC (Remaining topics listed in website)

04 Oct 2018 JNTUH College of Engineering Hyderabad Hyderabad

Finance, HR, Marketing, Analytics

06 Oct 2018 Narayana Engineering College Nellore Nellore

Themes of the Presentation (Model Topics)
 Current Researches in Biomedical Engineering
 Monitoring of a patient using Wireless Networks
- Use of Wireless Networks for monitoring various parameters
of human body
 Advancements in Biometrics
- Current Advancements in Biometrics like
a. Iris Recognition
b. Palm Vein Technology
c. Brain Fingerprint Technology
 Tumor analysis using Image Processing
- Brain Tumor Detection, Breast Tumor Detection
 Tissue Engineering
- Cell culture, Stem Culture Technology, artificial organs
 Implantable and wearable diagnostic and therapeutic devices
- Smart tattoo, dermally implanted sensors, smart clothing,
intelligent earrings, smart lens
 IOT in Biomedical Engineering
 Drug delivery and Nano medicine
- Smart pill, Nano medicine in cancer therapy, Nano particle
drug delivery, Quantum Dots, Nano dentistry
 Engineering resolve for diabetes
- Methods for non-invasive insulin level detection
- Invasive/Non-invasive control of insulin level
 Application Of Nanotechnology in Electronics
- Nanolithography, Flexible electronics
 Wireless Communications
- Fifth Generation Wireless Technology (5G) - OFDM Basics
for Wireless Communications
- Wireless Optical Communication
- Steganography
 Power design
- Power minimizing strategy
 OLED Display
- Organic Light Emitting Diodes used as digital display in TV
screens, computer systems and portable devices
 System on a chip
- Lab on a chip, Cost effective SOC for mobile phones
 Plasmonics: ”Vision for the future”
- Plasmon printing, Plasmonic Therapy, Invisibility Cloak
using Plasmonics
 Rehabilitation Engineering
- BCI for dumb patients, robotic guide dogs

13 Oct 2018 PSG College of Technology Coimbatore

Topics could be in any of the following:

 AI for community.
Autonomous systems for Navigation (most preferably space and underwater).
Communication technology in robots.
Holograph technology.
Haptic technology.
CPU architecture.
Autonomous Car.
Future Application of Veri-chip.
Medical robots (mobile/fixed bot).
Quantum Computing.
Machine Learning in cybersecurity.
Augmented Reality.
Any innovative ideas in aerospace and defence field.

13 Oct 2018 PSG College of Technology Coimbatore

The main theme for the papers will be “Peace and Conflict” along with the sub-themes which are briefly discussed below.

Humanitarian intervention and the threat to state sovereignty.
Nuclear deals, economic sanctions, and the compromise on human rights
Power dynamics and conflict management in South Asia
Global Politics of resources and rentierism
We will accept papers both in Hindi and English.

We would like to invite participants by asking them to submit an abstract (300-500 words). The Editorial Team of YC, 2018 will shortlist students based on the submitted-abstract. The shortlisted students will be given sufficient time (one and half month) to carry out their research and write their paper. The work of all participants will be acknowledged officially. All participants will be acknowledged with the certificate signed by Vice Chancellor of JGU, Dean of JSIA and Faculty Coordinator of Youth Conclave and JGU Mementos.

27 Oct 2018 OP Jindal Global University Sonipat

 Introduction to biosensors
 Fabrication strategies for cancer biosensors
 Nucleic acid biomarkers based cancer biosensors
 Electrochemical detection techniques
 Optical detection techniques
 SPR based detection techniques
 Other optical detection techniques
 Protein biomarkers based cancer biosensors
 Fluorescence based detection techniques
 Chemiluminescence based detection techniques
 Mass-based detection techniques
 Piezoelectric biosensors
 Surface acoustic wave (SAW) biosensors
 Microcantilever (MCL)-based biosensors
 Recent Advances in Application of Biosensors in Tissue Engineering
 Current Research Trends, Future Challenges and Limitations of Biosensor Technology

02 Nov 2018 Kongu Engineering College Erode

Aeronautics & Aerospace Engineering
 Biological Engineering
 Chemical Engineering
 Civil Engineering
 Computer Engineering and Technology
 Electrical and Electronic Engineering
 Environmental Engineering
 Information Engineering and Technology
 Materials Sciences and Engineering
 Mechanical Engineering and Technology
 Power & Engineering
 Soft computing & intelligent systems in power
 VLSI & Embedded Systems
 Image & Signal Processing
 Remote Sensing & GIS
 Internet of Things

23 Nov 2018 Kakinada Institute of Technology and Science Kakinada

Prospective authors are invited to submit full length original research papers (which are not submitted or published or not under consideration anywhere in other conferences/journals). The ICCSDET-2018 proceedings will be indexed and published on IEEE Xplore Digital Library.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

Computing Systems

Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems,
Bioinformatics and Scientific Computing
Cloud Computing
Computer Graphics & Virtual Reality
Data Structures & Algorithms
Distributed Systems, DNA Computing
Neural Networks, Fuzzy Systems
Grid Computing
High Performance Computing
Mobile Computing
Soft Computing

Communication Circuits & Systems

Analog Circuits
Analog Communication
Audio and Video Processing
Communication Networks
Digital Circuits
Digital Communications
Digital Signal Processing
Image Processing
Internet of Things (IoT)
Low power Circuits
Mixed Mode Circuits

Electrical Systems

Green and Renewable energy technology
Optimization Algorithms
Power Electronics Controllers
Power Electronics Design and Applications
Power Quality Issues and Solutions
Power System Design and applications
Smart Grid
Soft Computing Applications in Power Systems
Switchgear and Protection
Electrical Machines

Electronic System Design

Embedded Systems
FPGA Design
Gigascale Systems
Nano Electronics
Automotive Electronics
System Architectures
System on Chip
VLSI Systems

Control and Instrumentation

Aircraft and Space Instrumentation
Automatic Control System
Biomedical and Analytical Instrumentation
Complex Control System
Fuzzy Logic, Neural Net Control System
Industrial Instrumentation
Linear, Non Liner Control System
Robust and Optimal Control
System Identification and Control

Digital Enterprise Technologies

Big Data
Data Mining
Digital Factory
Enterprise Modeling and Integration Technologies
IT-based Product-Service Systems,
Knowledge Management frameworks,
Service oriented and Cloud-based environments
Social Media Tech. in Design and Manufacturing
Systems Communication and Interoperability

21 Dec 2018 Saintgits College of Engineering Kottayam

Electrical Engineering, Computer Sciences, Electronics and Communications, Information Technology

20 Feb 2019 SVS College of Engineering Coimbatore

Smart Systems:
Smart Antennas
Smart Health
Smart Houses and Cities
Smart Systems and Technologies in Education
Smart Systems for Green Energy
Smart Systems in Business Information Systems
Software Engineering for Smart Systems
Smart Grid Communication Systems
Applied Electromagnetics in Smart Systems
Big Data and Smart Systems
Biometrics and Smart Systems

Computing and Computer System:
High-Performance Computing
Dependable Computer Systems
Embedded Systems
System on Chip / Network on Chip
Green Computation
Cloud Computing
Cyber-Physical Systems

Communication and Networking:
Communication Systems
Green Communication
Mobile and Wireless Networks
Image and Video Processing
Digital signal processing systems
Security and Privacy

Intelligent and Automation:
Computational Intelligence
Intelligent Power Systems and Environments
Intelligent Transportation Systems
Internet of Things
Agriculture Automation
Control Systems and Robotics

26 Feb 2019 Vel Tech Rangarajan Dr Sagunthala R and D Institute of Science and Technology Chennai

Green Energy Systems
Power Electronics & Energy Conversion Systems
Power Systems
Control System,
Integrated Circuits and Systems
Special Session on Smart Grid Technology, Energy Storage Systems and Hybrid Electric Vehicle

06 Mar 2019 Bannari Amman Institute of Technology Erode


Composite Materials
Concurrent Engineering
Finite Element Analysis
Green Manufacturing
Micro and Nano Manufacturing
Powder Metallurgy
Surface Engineering / Coatings
Advanced Welding Techniques


Computational Fluid Dynamics
Heat and Mass Transfer
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
Heat Exchanger
Cryogenic Engineering
Energy Management
Renewable Energy
Applications of Thermal Systems


Rapid Prototyping
Reverse Engineering
Design and Manufacturing
Modelling, Analysis and Simulation of Manufacturing Processes
Robotics and Mechatronics
Industrial Automation


5S, Kanaban, Kaizen
Lean & Agile Manufacturing
Poka Yoke
Optimization Techniques
Scheduling Algorithms
Supply Chain Management


Alternate Fuels
Internal Combustion Engines
Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Science
Vehicle Interface & Tracking
Advanced Ignition Systems
Corrosion and Wear Studies
Noise and Vibration Analysis

21 Mar 2019 SA Engineering College Chennai

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