List of latest Paper Presentation Topics in October 2017.

PPT Topics in 27 College Symposiums

Paper Presentation Topics PPT Date College Name City

• Introduction about Global competiveness in Advanced Manufacturing Methods
• Introduction about renewable and recyclable composites Technology
• Types - wood fibers (hard wood and soft wood) or non wood fibers (e.g. rice straw, hemp, banana, pine apple, sugar cane, oil palm, jute, sisal and flax)
• Recent Developments in Bio Composite in industrial applications and their advantages
• Environment Friendly Composite-automotive applications and their applications
• Recent Developments in Green Composites
• Low, Medium and High bio-based content product and its difference
• Potentiality of Nano Filler & Nano Materials – Processing
• Comparison of recyclable renewable and non renewable Composite materials
• Morphology studies, Mechanical properties and analysis on bio degradable composites
• Aero Space Applications
• Machining of natural composites
• Design Expert software (Optimization Techniques) using selection of machining parameters
• Polymer matrix materials & Processing of natural fiber
• Studies of Thrust force, Torque, Surface roughness and delamination of bio composites
• Fracture Mechanics in eco friendly composite materials
• Lab Session – Modeling and Analysis of recyclable and renewable composite using ANSYS & Demonstration –Film stacking Methodology

20 Oct 2017 Sri Sairam Institute of Technology Chennai

Impact of renewable sources on energy systems.
Future of bio energy
Recycling of automobiles
Solar energy
Active and Passive Solar Energy
Solar PVC Systems
Solar thermal Systems
Solar tracking systems
Wind energy
Horizontal and Vertical axis wind turbine
Solar atlas
Indian contribution in solar energy
Aerobic and anaerobic digestion
Solar radiation
Solar collectors

20 Oct 2017 MVSR Engineering College Hyderabad

Energy Efficiency
Power Efficiency
Fuel Cells
Biomass and Biofuel
Material Research for Energy
Water Wastage and its Conservation
Renewable Sources and Integrated Smart Grids
Energy audit and management
Energy modeling, simulation and optimisation
Energy- application and management

20 Oct 2017 Trinity College of Engineering Thiruvananthapuram

Any innovative technical papers

25 Oct 2017 Royal College of Engineering and Technology Thrissur

Paper can be presented under following disciplines:
Computer science

27 Oct 2017 Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences BITS Pilani Hyderabad Campus Hyderabad

Computer Science and Information Technology
1. Embedded Systems 2. Augmented Reality 3. Natural Language Processing
4. Genetic Algorithms and Bio-Inspired Computing 5. Cloud Computing 6. Semantic Web 7. Mobile Computing and Data Intensive Computing 8. Soft Computing including multi-criteria Analysis 9. Cybernetics 10. Nano Computing 11. Quantum Computing 12.Big Data Analytics

Electronics and Communication Technology
1.5G Technology.
2. Mobile Satellite Communication.
3. Optoelectronics.
4. Nanotechnology.
5. VLSI.
6.Neural Networks
7.Electronic Counter measures in Defense Systems & IFF Technologies.
8. Substrate Integrated Waveguides
9.Speech Processing.
10. Antenna Design and Radar Technologies.
Electrical and Electronics Technology
1. Intelligence Substation
2. Smart Electrical Energy Metering.
3. Zero Energy Motors
4. MRI Technology
5. Wireless Power Transmission
6. Magnetic Motors
7. Electromagnetic Anti-gravity Propulsion
8. Power Quality Issues with Grid Connected Wind Energy Systems
9. Renewable Energy & Environment Protection
10. Smart Grid Technology
11. Super Conducting Rotating Machines

Mechanical Engineering
1. Power Generation using Nano-carbon tubes
2. Cryogenic Engines
3. Application of CAD software (Catia, ProE) and designing software
4. Automatic Transmission in Automobiles
5. Hydraulic and pneumatic actuators
6. Improvisation during the last two decades in passenger cars
7. Nanotechnology
8. Recent developments in materials for bio- implants.
9. Kinematics/dynamics of Robotic Manipulators
10. Robotic Applications: Present & Future
11. Additive Manufacturing
12.TQM concepts for zero rejection

Civil Engineering
1. Indian Railways: Safety considerations, bullet trains
2. Infrastructure: Housing for all, smart housing
3. Earthquake Engineering – Revised code IS: 1893, seismic risk assessment for NCR region
4. Smart cities.
5. Solid Waste Management
6. Metro Rails DMRC and Metro for Bombay
7. Flood Management: Storage Dams
8. Save Drinking Water
9. Creating Water Conservation
10. Cleaning and rejuvenating Ganges
11. Global Warming: Equity and global Climate Agreement, A step towards a clean Earth
12. Application of Remote Sensing and GIS techniques

Management Sciences
1. BREXIT: Impact on Indian Economy.
2. Role of Skill Development in winning the war against unemployment.
3. Social Networking is the prime catalyst in shaping the actions of Indian Youths.
4. India is the new China: A Distant Dream.
5. The Glass Ceiling: Reality or Myth?
6.Poverty in Third World Countries is due to Prosperity in First World Countries.
7. Steal a Few Lakh and you’re a Criminal; Steal a Few Hundred Crore and you become an Industrialist.
8. 100% FDI in Indian Defense Sector: Boon or Bane.
9. Rural Development is the right answer to our unemployment problem.
10. Ethics in business: An integral part or a passing fad?

27 Oct 2017 Ajay Kumar Garg Engineering College Ghaziabad

All Research

27 Oct 2017 Golden Valley Integrated Campus Madanapalle

Topics are general and open for all branches

30 Oct 2017 Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology Bengaluru


03 Nov 2017 SRM University Kattankulathur Campus Chennai


Network/Ciber Security
Internet of Things-IOT
Digital Signal Processing
Digital Image Processing and Electromagnetics
Embedded System
Mobile Computing
Data Mining
Big Data
Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning
Agent-Oriented Programming
Distributed Computing

Functional Analysis
Combinatronics and Graph Theory
Commutative Algebra
Computational Acoustic
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Differential Equations
Mathematical Biology
Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing
Rough Set Theory and Modal Logics
Topology and Geometry

16 Nov 2017 JMJ College for Women Autonomous Tenali

Radiation detection & measurement
Radiation Physics & Interaction in matter
Radiation processes & transport
Biological effects of Radiation
Applications of Radiation & Radioisotopes in agriculture, medicine, food processing & industry
Environmental Radioactivity
Radiation protection & Dosimetry
Reactor Physics & Shielding
Nuclear Energy & materials
Radiation in space science studies
Materials processing with ion beams, electron, gamma & neutrons
Effects of Radiation on materials
Advances in defects and material characterisation
Radiation for society
Radiation awareness programme

23 Nov 2017 Bangalore University Bengaluru

see the brochure

06 Dec 2017 IIT Madras Chennai

A). Precision Manufacturing
 Precision machining and forming
 Precision casting
 Assembly processes
 Characterization of functional surfaces and sub-surfaces
 Applications in aerospace manufacturing
B). Multi – Scale Manufacturing
 Micro machining and forming
 Micro scale assembly & systems
 Nano machining and polishing
 Nano scale energy beams & processing
 Chemical and electrolyte processing at nano scale
 Micro/Nano metrology
C). New Materials & Processing
 Composites and inter-metallics
 Ceramics
 Polymers
 Ultra strength alloys
 Materials for aerospace applications
D). Emerging Manufacturing Techniques
 Additive manufacturing
 Manufacturing applications in Biotechnology and Biomedical
 Micro/Nano metrology
 Green & sustainable manufacturing on Micro/Nano scale

07 Dec 2017 IIT Madras Chennai

Paper Presentation on:
“Paradigms and Frontiers in Indian Business”

07 Dec 2017 Institute of Management Kerala Thiruvananthapuram

The Technical sessions of the conference consist of invited talks and original contributory papers reporting theoretical and experimental research, development, design, testing and measurement work.

Papers Not Limited to
• Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems
• Optimization Techniques
• Data Mining and Data Warehousing
• Networks security
• Ubiquitous Computing
• Protocol Standards
• Communication Architectures
• Mobile Computing
• Embedded Systems
• Image Processing
• Nano Technology
• Grid Computing
• Cloud Computing
• Parallel and Distributed Computing
• Pervasive Computing
• Sensor Networks and Applications
• Big data analytics
• Internet of Things

08 Dec 2017 Bannari Amman Institute of Technology Erode

Objectives of the training are:
ï‚· To Familiarize with Python scripting and explore
OpenCV libraries and the fundamentals of image
ï‚· To study the recent engineering problems in data
processing and image processing.
ï‚· To evolve effective optimized algorithm on image
processing problems.
ï‚· To develop new methods and algorithms for
training, effective teaching and research.
ï‚· To implement image processing algorithms.
ï‚· To discuss the various technique and applications in
OpenCV, image processing, speech processing, video
processing, etc.
ï‚· To train faculties for exploring research
opportunities and carryout innovative
ï‚· To equip faculties with skills and knowledge in the
field of computer vision, speech processing, image
processing and video processing which are essential
for inculcating learning values in students, guiding
and monitoring their progress towards their career.

11 Dec 2017 Kalpataru Institute of Technology Tiptur

Conference Themes:
Environmental Science & Engineering:
• Municipal solid waste
• Bio-medical waste: Environment and Public Health
• Noise pollution and health
• Water pollution and public health
• Vehicular emissions and pollution control strategies
• Opportunities of reuse and recycle of treated sewage
• Resource recovery and conservation
• Urban Air Quality and Public Health
• Climate Change : Issue & Strategies
Remote Sensing And GIS Applications:
• Use of remote sensing tools for environmental management.
• Geology/geomorphology
• Coastal management
• Earth Sciences:
• Earth and planetary material sciences
• Hydrosphere sciences
• Dynamic and Earth Sciences Isotope Chemistry
• Isotope Hydro Metrology
• Earth Material Dynamics

Climate Sciences:
• Energy and Climate change
• Climatology and Hydrology
• Climate variability Urban and Infrastructure Planning
• Disaster Mitigation and Management
Water Resource And Engineering:
• Hydro geology
• Hydro-climatology
• River processes
• Hydraulics and hydraulic structures
• Water resources planning and management
Soil Science And Engineering
• Petrology and geomorphology
• Soil and land degradation
• Soil fertility and soil contaminants
• Soil physics and processes
• Soil chemistry and biology
• Underground structures and tunneling
• Geo- environmental engineering
Energy Science And Engineering:
• Terrestrial energy sciences
• Bio-energy and organic resources
• Geothermal energy
• Solar energy and electro-chemical energy

Ocean And Coastal Engineering:
• Ocean engineering and offshore structures
• Ocean and coastal observation systems
• Impact of climate change on coastal environment
• Marine pollution --International obligations

Sustainable Construction:
• Building Design
• Eco friendly Materials
• Sustainable Planning
• Energy Conservation
• Material Recycling
• Architectural Environment

11 Dec 2017 Karunya University Coimbatore


Data Security
Network Security
Secure Communications
Security & Privacy
Key Management
Authentication Systems: Public Key Infrastructures, Key Management, Credential Management

Cloud Computing

Cloud and Systems Management
Cloud Computing and Networking
Data as a Service
Data Sharing and Infrastructures
Secret Sharing
Cloud Security
Mobile Cloud
Security & Isolation in Cloud, Data Centre and Software-Defined Networks

Internet of Things (IoTs)

Internet Technologies
Network Protocols
Network Monitoring and Control
Traffic Measurement, Analysis, Modeling and Visualization
Quality of Service (QoS)
Routing and Flow Control in LANs, WANs and PANs
Network Security
Network applications (web, multimedia streaming, gaming, etc.)
Security & Privacy in Peer-to-Peer and Overlay Networks
Security & Privacy for Emerging Technologies: VoIP, Internet of-Things, Social Networks
Secure Routing, Naming/Addressing, Network Management
Security & Privacy in Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing, e.g., RFIDs
Next-generation Communication Networks
Network Architectures
Sensor Nets and Embedded Systems
Modeling & Simulation of communication networks and Systems

Big Data

Big Data Techniques in Cyber Security
Big Data Communication and Analytics-
Data Network Management
Social Computing and Networks

Cyber Security

Database Security
Digital Signature Techniques
Forensic Analysis of Cyber Crimes
Secure User Authentication
Advance Persistent Threat
Security in Mobile Networks
Hardware Security
Cyber Physical System
Mobile & Ubiquitous Communication Networks
Information-Centric Networking
Software-Defined Networking

11 Dec 2017 Kalasalingam University Virudhunagar

14 Dec 2017 Vel Tech Dr RR and Dr SR Technical University Chennai

IoT Architectures & Protocol
IoT and Interoperability
Internet of Things & Networks
Internet technologies and protocols
5G’s impact on IoT
IoT Standards & Protocols - A Convergence
M2M Interaction
IoT & Security Standards
Integrated Infrastructure for IoT
IoT & Business Ethics
IoT Interactions
Integration of embedded devices in IoT

14 Dec 2017 VelTech Multitech DR Rangarajan DR Sakunthala Engineering College Chennai

15 Dec 2017 Karpagam College of Engineering Coimbatore

Original contributions are solicited on topics covered under following broad areas(but not limited to):

Computer Science and Engineering
Internet of Things/Computer Networks/Cloud Computing
Data Mining/Big Data/ Data Analytics
Programming Languages and Software Engineering
Computer Animation and Artificial Intelligence
Cyber Security

Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Soft Computing Techniques
Electric Drives and Control
Smart Grid Technologies
Power Systems & Power Quality Engineering
Renewable Energy Sources

Electronics and Communications Engineering
Signal/Image/Video Processing
Embedded Systems
VLSI/Nano Technology
Wireless Communications
Smart Antennas

Mechanical Engineering
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Advanced Optimization Techniques
Nano and Hybrid Composites
Non-Conventional Sources of Energy
Di-Diesel Engines

Civil Engineering
Transportation Engineering
Geotechnical Engineering
Structural Engineering
Water Resource Engineering
Environmental Engineering

15 Dec 2017 G Pullaiah College of Engineering and Technology Kurnool

Goods and Service Tax
Make in India
Smart Cities Opportunities and challenges
Emerging Opportunities and challenges of India in Global Market
Marketing – Green, Digital, Retail and Rural
FDI, Foreign exchange market
Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Financial inclusion
Indian Economy
Export and Import
Other Management Concepts

10 Jan 2018 Sacred Heart College Autonomous Tirupattur Vellore

All Engineering and Technology

02 Feb 2018 Karpagam College of Engineering Coimbatore

Smart & Nano Materials
Composites, High-Strength Alloys
Manufacturing Methods - Modern Materials
Lean Manufacturing Techniques
Design and Product Optimization
Vibration, Control and Diagnostics
Green Energy, Fluid Dynamics
Automation and Robotics
Virtual Prototyping
Supersonic & Hypersonic
Composite Structures
Fatigue and fracture mechanics
Airship Transportation
Rocket Propulsions & Space Mechanics
Helicopter theory & Maintenance
Launch vehicles & Re-entry vehicles
Destructive & Nondestructive testing
Aircraft Investigation, Wind Tunnel Testing
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Safety Issues in Industries
Signal and Speech Processing
Micro processors and Micro Controllers
Antennas and Wave Propagation
RF and Microwave Systems
Ad- hoc Networks
VLSI, Device Modeling
Emerging Issues in 3G and 4G Networks
Bio- Medical Applications
MEMS, Wireless Sensor Networks
System on Chip (SoC)
Electromagnetic Interference & Compatibility
Analog and Digital Communication
Wireless Communication
Optical and Mobile Communication
Satellite Communication
Soft Computing, Parallel Systems
Distributed Systems, Green Computing
Mobile Computing, Concurrent Engineering
Digital Image Processing
Reverse Engineering, Rapid Prototyping
Machine Learning, AI Techniques
Information and Knowledge Management
Decision support Systems
E- learning & Computational Intelligence
Geographical Information Systems(GIS)
Evolutionary Computing
Granular Computing
Agile Process, Cloud Computing
Information and Web Security
Android Data Mining & Big Data Analytics
Grid Computing
Networks, Software Engineering
Computer Graphics and Visualization
Computer Architecture ,Algorithms and Analysis
Internet of Things (IoT)
Gaming, Health Informatics and Virtual Reality
Introduction to Finance
Public Finance
Financial Economics, Corporate Finance
Behavioral Finance, International Finance
Investment Management
Entrepreneurial Ventures
Entrepreneurship and Society
Creativity and Innovation
Financing Ventures
Small and Medium Sized Enterprises
Corporate Entrepreneurship
Change Management
Total Quality Management
Strategic Management
Marketing, Economics
Human Resource Management
Organizational Behavior

21 Mar 2018 Pavai College of Technology Namakkal


* Current Ship Design and Ship Building Scenario.
* Efficient Design using Green Technology.
* Inland and Coastal Navigation.
* Ship Repair and Conversion.
* Efficient Propulsion Systems.


* Offshore Structures.
* Protection of Harbor and Coastal Region.
* Advanced Structural Analysis.
* Maritime Environment and Protection.
* Under Water Technology.

23 Mar 2018 AMET University Chennai

The topics of interest include but are not limited to, the following tracks:
 Advanced materials in Engineering
 Bio Medical, Electronics and Green Architecture
 Building Energy Conservation and Green Architecture
 Computer Vision and Robotics
 Computational Fluid Dynamics
 Civil Engineering Materials
 Chemical and Process Engineering
 Design of Embedded system with VLSI
 Data mining
 Electrical Materials Electro magnetics
 Electrical, Electronic and Systems Engineering
 Green Manufacturing
 Internal combustion Engines Internet and Mobile Computing
 Instrumentation and Control Engineering
 Mechatronics
 Materials preparation and processing Nanotechnology
 Nano Devices
 New Technology, methods and Techniques in Civil Engineering
 Networking, Communication and Multimedia
 Photonics and Opto-electronics
 Power engineering
 Pervasive, Grid, Cloud computing
 Renewable and Non-Renewable Energies
 RADAR and satellite communication
 Semiconductor devices
 Structural Engineering, Signal and Image Processing
 Theory and Advanced Technology of Engineering Structure

26 Apr 2018 Mangalam College of Engineering Kottayam

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