List of latest Paper Presentation Topics in May 2019.

PPT Topics in 15 College Symposiums

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03 Jun 2019 University of Petroleum and Energy Studies Dehradun Dehradun


Algorithms, Numerical Analysis, Complex Analysis, Applied Mathematics, Computer Programming, Linear Control Systems, Algorithm Design, Computational Complexity, Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations, Engineering Mathematics, Graphs and optimization, Automata Theory, System Modeling, Stochastic Process, Estimation Theory, Adaptive Filter, Biological Statistics and Probability, Wavelet Transform and Its Applications, Advanced Linear Algebra, Abstract Algebra, Geometry/Analytics Geometry , Signal Processing, Image Processing, Video Processing, Machine Vision, Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, Evolutionary Algorithms, Data Mining, Fuzzy Logic and Systems, Cognitive Sciences, Pattern Recognition, Expert System, Computational Intelligence, Robotics, Virtual Reality, Algorithms and Data structures, Programming Languages, Operating systems, Natural Language Processing, Software Design, Software Engineering & applications, Network and Information security, Cryptography, Bioinformatics and Bio-signal processing and etc.,


Green Networking and Communications,Cognitive Radio, Vehicular Communication Systems, Power Efficient Telecommunication Systems, Wireless Ad-hoc and Sensor Networks, Cooperative Communications,Radio Resource Management and Optimization, Information Theory and Coding Systems, Power Generation, Protection, and Conversion, Power Engineering and Systems, High-Voltage Engineering, Power Transmission and Distributions,Electric Motors,Green Design for VLSI and Micro Electronic , Circuits, Embedded Systems etc.,


Fluid Mechanics, Aerothermodynamics of Internal Flow, Heat and Mass Transfer, Multiphase Flow, Turbulence Modelling, Combustion, Engineering Thermodynamics, Thermo Physical Properties of Matter, Industrial Engineering, Industrial Tribology, Instrumentation and Control, Internal Combustion Engines, Mechanical and Production Engineering, Aerodynamics, Aerospace Systems and Technology, Applied Mechanics and Design, Biomechanics, Machine Design, Machinery Dynamics, Manufacturing, Materials Science, Mechanical Engineering, Micro-Machining, Micro- and Nano Manufacturing, Micro and Nanomaterials and etc.,


Community Medicine, Public Health, Epidemiology, Occupational Health, Environmental Hazards, Clinical Research, and Public Health Laws and etc.,


Mathematical analyses, Probability, statistics, Geometry, Mathematical physics, Wave propagation, Stochastic processes, Boundary value problems, Linear operators, Function theory, Algebra, Analysis, Applications of Mathematics to Various Branches of Engineering, Approximation Theory, Bayesian Statistics, Coding Theory, Combinatoric Optimization, Computability and Computer Complexities, Computational Aspects of Geometry and Algebra, Computational Mathematics and etc.,


Management Information Systems, Management Science, Market Structure and Pricing, Marketing Research and Strategy, Marketing Theory and Applications, Operations Research Organizational Behaviour & Theory, Organizational Communication, Prices, Business Fluctuations, and Cycles, Product Management, Production and Organizations, Production/Operations Management, Public Administration and Small Business Entrepreneurship, Public Choice, Public Economics and Finance, Public Relations , Public Responsibility and Ethics, Regulatory Economics, Resource Management, Strategic Management, Strategic Management Policy, Stress Management, Supply Change Management, Systems Management, Taxes (related areas of taxes), Time Management, Total Quality Management, Welfare Economics, Economics and Global Finance, Economic System and etc.,

29 Jun 2019 The Arcadia Coimbatore

TRACK-1 Power & Energy
TRACK-2 Electronic Systems
TRACK-3 Communication Systems
TRACK-4 Control & Information Processing

04 Jul 2019 Indian Institute of Information Technology Design and Manufacturing IIITDM Kancheepuram Chennai

Call For Papers
The authors who wish to contribute to the conference are solicited to submit their papers that illustrate research results, projects, surveying works and industrial experiences addressing state-of-the-art research and development in all areas related to computer communication and control. In particular, but not limited, the following topics are expected to be addressed by authors.


» Algorithms and Bioinformatics
» Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
» Computer Graphics & Visualization
» Database, Data Fusion and Mining
» Internet & Cloud Computing
» Multimedia systems & services
» Parallel and Distributing Computing
» High-Performance Computing
» Autonomic and Trusted Computing
» Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
» Virtual Reality and Visualization
» Biomedical Informatics and Computation
» Information and its Technical Education
» Pattern Recognition/Multimedia
» Probabilistic Methods
» Queuing Methods
» Security Information Assurance
» Web and Internet Computing


» Algorithms & Complexity
» Biomedical Instrumentation and Applications
» Chaos and Control Applications
» Computational Science
» Control & Intelligent Sensors
» Modeling and Simulation Techniques
» Control of Biological and Bionics Systems
» Modern Control Systems and their Applications
» Industrial Networks and Automation
» Vision Recognition and Reconstruction
» Linear & Nonlinear Control
» Measurement-Data Acquisition
» Neuro fuzzy Control
» Process Control and Instrumentation
» Robot Design, Development and Control


» Coding, Transmitting & Estimating
» Digital and Analog Communication
» High Speed Communication
» Hyper Network Communication
» Image processing & communication
» Signal Detection and Parameter Estimation
» Signal, Image and Video Processing
» Speech and Audio Processing
» Wireless Communications
» Communications Transmission
» Network Communication
» Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing
» Ad hoc and Sensor Networks
» Network and System Security


» AC-DC/DC-AC/ DC-DC converters
» Automated guided vehicles
» Electric machines design
» Hybrid Vehicle
» Industrial electronics
» Power Electronic Systems
» Power system
» Smart Grid
» Green Energy
» Special Machines
» Drives and Controls
» Optimisation Techniques
» Electro Magnetic Field
» Transmission and Distribution
» SCADA & Electrical Measurements

05 Jul 2019 Vimal Jyothi Engineering College Kannur

The topics of the conference include, but are not limited to

Trends and challenges in VLSI Design.
CMOS/MEMS/Nano Technology, Semi conductor materials
Optical devices, low power devises, memories.
Communication Systems, Information theory and coding.
Embedded System, WSN, Vehicle networks, GPS.
Mobile/Optical/RF/Microwave/Satellite Communication.
Antennas, Wave propagation, EMI/EMC, MIMO systems.
Audio/Video/Image Processing.
Pattern Analysis/Classification.
Remote sensing, Signal detection/estimation.
Security/Cryptography, compression.
Optimization, per formance evaluation, parallel processing.
PLC, Measurments, Telemetry, Adaptive control
Transducers and Instrumentation Technologies.
Data Communications and Networking.
IoT, machine learning, 5G.
Medical Image Processing and Systems.
Diagnosis and Theraputic Instrumentation.

05 Jul 2019 Vignans Foundation for Science, Technology and Research Vadlamudi

Algae Fuels
Bio-Waste Utilization
Cogeneration and Micro-Generation
Combustion, Pyrolysis, and GasicationTechnologies
Desalination Technologies
Electro-Chemical Devices(Fuel Cells, Capacitors, Batteries, etc.)
Energetic System Optimization
Energy Systems and Applications
Environmental Engineering Technologies
Environmental Impact Assessment
Exergy Analysis and Modeling
Fossil Fuels
Green Buildings
Green Energy Technologies
Green Transportation Vehicles
Heat and Mass Transfer
Hydrogen Production and Utilization Technologies
Life Cycle Assessment
New Materials for Energy Applications
Nuclear Energy
Refrigeration and Heat Pump Systems
Renewable Energy Systems
Sectoral Energy Management
Smart Grids
Sustainable Communities
Sustainable Development
Sustainable Mobility
Synthetic Fuels
Thermal comfort and Green Transportation Vehicles
Thermal Systems and Applications
Thermodynamic Optimization
Tri-generation Systems

14 Jul 2019 SRM Institute of Science and Technology Kattankulathur Campus Chennai

• Fuel and Solar cells
• Biofuels and Biorefineries
• Process design and intensification
• Sustainable synthesis, analysis and design
• Hydrogen production and storage
• Materials for energy and environment systems
• Catalysis for Various feed stock
• Climate change
• Global warming
• Air pollution and control
• Solid waste management
• Water policy and regulation
• Waste water treatment
• Life cycle Assessment

18 Jul 2019 Kamaraj College of Engineering and Technology Virudhunagar

Latest Developments and Research in the following fields - Power Systems, Power Electronics, Renewable Energy and Control Systems

26 Jul 2019 Guru Nanak Institutions Technical Campus Hyderabad

We invite original (unpublished) research contributions based on the mentioned theme including the following topics but not limited to:
·Social and Ethical Dimension of Emerging Information Technology/ Computational science
· Ambient Intelligence
· Machine Vision and Industry 4.0
· Data Analytics for Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things
· Communication & Computing

07 Aug 2019 Maharashtra Institute of Technology World Peace University Pune

• Cyber Security in Modern Power Systems
• Distribution System Planning and management
• Electrical Machines and Adjustable Speed Drives
• Electrical Traction Systems and Control
• Embedded Control of Converters and Drives
• EMI and EMC issues in Power Electronic System Design
• Energy storage technologies and systems
• FACTS Devices - Applications in Power System
• Green and Renewable Energy Technology
• Hybrid Electric Vehicle System
• Industrial Electronics and Automations Robotics
• Intelligent Controllers for Industrial Applications
• IoT Systems and Networks
• Linear machines and Levitation control
• Micro-Electromechanical Systems
• Modeling and Simulation of electrical systems
• Power electronics systems and Applications
• Power line communications
• Power Quality
• Power System Modeling and optimization
• Power System Stability and Control
• Sensors and Systems
• Smart & Micro Grids
• Switchgear and Protection
• Systems Identification and Selection

21 Aug 2019 SSN College of Engineering Chennai

We invite you to submit an abstract in the range of the following streams within the ICSD 2019 program:

1. Economic Sustainability:
Financial Sustainability, SME, MicroFinance,
Emerging Countries, International Trade,
2. Environmental Sustainability:
Water and Soil conservation, Healthcare,
Renewable Energies, Food and Enviromental Legislation
3. Socio-Cultural Sustainability:
Sustainable Urbanism, Education, Human
Development, Psychology, Sociology

We are inviting proposals for paper presentations, posters/exhibits, or virtual presentation. Proposal ideas that extend beyond these thematic areas will also be considered. For more information about the ideas and themes underlying this community send an e-mail at: (link sends e-mail)

Virtual participation is available for those who are unable to attend the conference in person. All conference registrants (in-person and virtual) can be published in the European Journal of Sustainable Development (link is external) or in the Book of Proceedings ICSD 2019 (ISBN).

04 Sep 2019 European Center of Sustainable Development CIT University Rome

Research manuscripts and proposals are invited in the following topics (but not limited to)

Advanced Materials
Ceramics, Shape Memory Alloys and Nanomaterials
Materials for Aerospace Applications
Polymers and Polymer Composites
Glasses and Amorphous Systems
Characterization and Testing
Bio Materials
Building Materials
Chemical Materials
Optical/Electronic Materials
Magnetic Materials
3D materials
Cryogenic materials

Micro/Nano Machining
Metal Forming
Green Manufacturing
Non-Conventional Machining Processes
Additive Manufacturing
Metal Joining
Subtractive Manufacturing
Sustainable Manufacturing Technologies
Embedded system
Sensors for automation
Vibration engineering
Mechanical dynamics and vibration
Mechanical strength
Mechanical design
Casting technology and equipment
Welding technology and equipment
Plastic processing technology
Cellular manufacturing
Advanced manufacturing processes

12 Sep 2019 KLE Dr. M.S. Sheshgiri College of Engineering and Technology Belgaum

Sensor and detection technology
Advanced video systems
Automatic monitoring
Alarm monitoring
Threat identification and modelling
Information security, encryption & privacy
Cyber security and malware protection
Wireless communications security
Biometrics technologies
Access control and identity management
Barrier technology and modelling
Less-than-lethal weapons technology
Emergency operations and management
Local, state and national interoperability
Network-centric systems, deployment
Forensic technologies
Operator training and performance
User experiences of operating security systems

01 Oct 2019 Anna University Chennai

ICRTCCNT: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Mobile Computing, Computer Graphics
ICRTCCNT: Cyber Security, Network Security, Multimedia Applications
ICRTCCNT: Data Warehouse & Mining, Software Engineering, Service Oriented Architecture
ICRTCCNT: Internet of Things, Big Data, Pervasive Computing
ICRTCCNT: Mechatronics, Robotics & Automation
ICRTCCNT: Network & Wireless Communication
ICRTCCNT: Parallel & Distributed Computing, Grid & Cloud Computing, Soft Computing
ICRTCCNT: Power Electronics, Smart Grid, Control & Instrumentation
ICRTCCNT: Sensor Networks, Embedded Systems, Satellite & Optical Communication
ICRTCCNT: Signal & Image Processing, VLSI Design

18 Oct 2019 Kings Engineering College Chennai

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06 Dec 2019 Kalasalingam Academy of Research and Education Virudhunagar

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