List of latest Paper Presentation Topics in August 2017.

PPT Topics in 55 College Symposiums

Paper Presentation Topics PPT Date College Name City


18 Aug 2017 Sri Krishna College of Engineering and Technology Coimbatore

3.Grid Computing
4.Network Security
5.Data Mining
6.Blue Brain
7.Computer Forensics
8.Airborne Internet Network

18 Aug 2017 JNN Institute of Engineering Periyapalayam

Biomedical Instrumentation
Smart Instruments
Agricultural Instrumentation
and more......

18 Aug 2017 Sri Sairam Engineering College Chennai

1. Cryptography.
2. Robotics.
3. Data Mining.
4. Computer Forensics.
5. IOT.
6. Grid and Cloud Computing.
7. Network Security.
8. Big Data.
9. Artificial Intelligence.

18 Aug 2017 JNN Institute of Engineering Periyapalayam

Advancement in electronics & communication
Nano material
Embedded system
Bio Medical
Artificial intelligence

18 Aug 2017 Adhi College of Engineering and Technology Kanchipuram Kanchipuram

Material science
General engineering

19 Aug 2017 Loyola ICAM College of Engineering and Technology Chennai

Any topic based on :
*Robotics and Automation
*Sustainable Energy
*Signal processing
*Medical Electronics

19 Aug 2017 Agni College of Technology Chennai

Open topics for paper presentation

19 Aug 2017 Agni College of Technology Chennai

Students (PG/UG)
Research scholars

19 Aug 2017 Saveetha School of Engineering Chennai

Image/Speech Processing
Wireless Communication
Embedded Systems and Instrumentation
Advanced Sensor Technologies
Modern Trends in Electronics
Artificial Intelligence
Data mining and Data Analytics
Industrial Automation /Robotics

19 Aug 2017 Loyola ICAM College of Engineering and Technology Chennai

Cloud Computing
Blue Brain
Network Security
Data Analytic
Android Application
Big data
Parallel computing
Virtual reality and Augmented Reality
Artificial intelligence
Software defined networks

19 Aug 2017 Agni college of technology Chennai

Open topic related with civil dept

21 Aug 2017 Mahendra Engineering College Namakkal

Network/Ciber Security Internet of Things - IoT
Digital Signal processing
Digital image processing
Embedded system
Mobile Computing
Cloud computing
Data mining
Big Data
Artificial intelligence
Machine Learning
Agent Oriented Programming
Distributed computing
Functional Analysis
Combinatronics and Graph Theory
Commutative Algebra
Computational Acoustic and Electromagnetics
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Differential Equations
Mathematical Biology
Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing
Rough Set Theory and Model Logic
Topology and Geometry

21 Aug 2017 Ch S D St Theresas Autonomous College for Women Eluru

1. Composite Materials
2. Manufacturing Engineering
3. New Trends in Engineering
4. Robotics
5.Product Design and Development
6. Recent Trends in Machining Process
7. Optimisation Techniques
8. Renewable Energy
9. Automotive Technology
10. 3D Printing
11. Rapid Prototyping
12. Internal Combustion Engine
13. Recent trends in Automobiles

22 Aug 2017 Sri Sairam Engineering College Chennai

Mechanical Design
Thermal sciences
Manufacturing and Production

22 Aug 2017 Sri Sairam Institute of Technology Chennai

Wireless body area networks
Sensors and Transducers
Biomedical Signal Processing
Medical Image processing
Neural network and fuzzy logic
Pattern recognition techniques
Computational fluid dynamics
Biomedical Instrumentation
Rehabilitation Engineering
Computer aided diagnostic methods
Medical Electronic devices
Virtual Instrumentation
Clinical Engineering
Medical Informatics
Wearable Devices
Medical Robotics

23 Aug 2017 SRM University Kattankulathur Campus Chennai

Structural Engineering
Concrete Technology
Smart materials and smart construction

Geo technical Engineering
Transportation Engineering
Environmental and Irrigation Engineering
Disaster Management
Futuristic trends in Civil Engineering

23 Aug 2017 Sri Sairam Engineering College Chennai

Developments in engineering (Open to all Departments)

24 Aug 2017 Velammal College of Engineering and Technology Madurai

IoT,Data Analytics, Information Extraction, SOA, NLP, Social Surfing, Network Security, Machine Learning and Cloud Sourcing / Sensing

24 Aug 2017 Arunai Engineering College Tiruvannamalai


Computer science theory and technology.
The application of computer science in various fields of theory and practice.
The mathematical theory and technology.
Mathematics in education theory and practice.
All kinds of fields in the management of mathematical theory and practice.
Physical theory and technology.
Physical in education theory and practice.
Physics theory and practice of management in various areas.
Computer science and mathematics, physics parallel application and management.
Electrical engineering
Electronics Engineering
Communication Engineering
Mechanical engineering
Civil engineering
call for papers:

26 Aug 2017 IAETSD Chennai

VLSI & Signal Processing | Smart Antenna | Medical Imaging | MEMS | Networking | Cognitive Radio

30 Aug 2017 Sri Sairam Institute of Technology Chennai

common topic related to mechanical

30 Aug 2017 Erode Sengunthar Engineering College Erode

General and new trends in electrical and electronics

30 Aug 2017 Erode Sengunthar Engineering College Erode

All technical papers

30 Aug 2017 Erode Sengunthar Engineering College Erode

Power generation using renewable resources
Safety and security system
Robotics and automation
Embedded system
Recent trends in FACTS or HVDC
Virtual instrumentation
Magnetic levitation
Biomedical engineering
Distribution and grid system

31 Aug 2017 Meenakshi Sundararajan Engineering College Chennai

Role of IOT in electrical engineering.
Power generation using renewable energy resources.
Safety and security system.
Robotics and automation.
Embedded systems.
Recent developments in FACTS/HVDC.
Virtual instrumentation.
Magnetic levitation.
Distribution and smart grid system.

31 Aug 2017 Meenakshi Sundararajan Engineering College Chennai

Artificial Intelligence
Internet Of Things
Cyber Security
Data Mining
Green Computing
Big Data Analysis
Virtual Reality
Recent Trends In IT
Biometrics Security
Wireless Sensor Network

31 Aug 2017 University College of Engineering Tindivanam Tindivanam


31 Aug 2017 Meenakshi Sundararajan Engineering College Chennai

• Automation and Robotics, Mechanical, Electrical
• Computer Network and security
• VLSI Design And Embedded Systems
• Image, Audio & Video Processing
• Microwave Antennas and RF MEMS
• Multimedia and Web Applications
• Networks and Communication Security
• Satellite and space communications
• Wireless Communication and Mobile Computing
• Wireless sensor Networks And IoT
• Other related topics are also welcome

01 Sep 2017 SSM Institute of Engineering and Technology Dindigul

all topics are invited

01 Sep 2017 Sriram Engineering College Chennai

Topics are not limited but other topics should be related to computers.
Online Registration is Mandatory
mail your paper to

01 Sep 2017 Sree Sowdambika College of Engineering Aruppukottai

Any Engineering Topic

01 Sep 2017 Dr Sivanthi Aditanar College of Engineering Tiruchendur

Any topic relevant to civil engineering

01 Sep 2017 Kings College of Engineering Thanjavur

1. Virtual Reality
2. Machine Learning
3. Augmented Reality
4. Neural Network
5. Any trending topics in CSE Domain.

01 Sep 2017 Kings College of Engineering Thanjavur

Applied biotechnology
Stem cells and cancer research
Advances in clinical biochemistry
Drug delivery
Plant biotechnology
Animal biotechnology
Marine biotechnology
Environmental biotechnology
Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology

New-generation bioinformatics (NGB) and Big data analysis
Structural bioinformatics
Bioinformatics and proteomics
Bioinformatics and genomics
Bioinformatics algorithms & databases
Bioinformatics in drug discovery
Bioinformatics in clinical case reports
System biology

Concepts of chemical engineering
Waste water treatment
Biofuels (bio-diesel, bio-ethanol and bio-gas)
Environmental engineering
Modeling of environmental processes

06 Sep 2017 Sathyabama University Chennai

Paper Presentation is individually conducted by the Departments of Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Mechatronics, Automobile Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, Textile Technology, Fashion Technology, Biotechnology, Food Technology, and School of Management Studies.

07 Sep 2017 Bannari Amman Institute of Technology Sathyamangalam

The event will feature the following Tracks over a period of three (03) days:

1. Advanced Computational Paradigms
2. Networking and Data Communications
3. Cyber Security and Data Forensics
4. Signal Processing
5. Computer Vision and Image Processing
6. Computational Intelligence
7. Adaptive Computation and Machine Learning
8. Industry Applications

In addition, the conference features eight (08) special sessions under:
1. Computational Perception and Cognition
2. Human Computer Interaction
3. Social Networking
4. Big Data Analytics
5. Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System
6. Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology
7. Material Science and Nano Technology
8. Non-Linear Dynamics, Plasma Dynamics and Graph Theory

08 Sep 2017 Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology Gangtok

The programme covers the following important aspects
Introduction to MBD using sT Embed
Hands-on C2000 controllers using sTEmbed
 Interfacing Simple peripherals (GPIO) using LED Blinking or Toggle, Push Buttons
 Using HIL concept for blinking an LED with variable PWM signals.
Hands-on C2000 controllers using sTEmbed
 Serial Loopback for explaining UART Serial Transmitting & Receiving.
 Understanding about ADC using Temperature sensor/POT.
 PWM Control for Motor Applications using sTEmbed.
 Sensored field oriented (FOC) control of a non- salient PM motor
Real time PM motor control laboratory exercises using solidThinking EMBED
 Open loop voltage & frequency control.
 Open loop current & frequency control
PIL using InstaSPIN-FOC, real-time control and EMBED
Laboratory Sesssion @ SIEMENS Drives Centre of Excellence.

08 Sep 2017 Karunya University Coimbatore


08 Sep 2017 Coimbatore Institute of Technology Coimbatore

any other Innovative ideas related to CSE branch

08 Sep 2017 Coimbatore Institute of Technology Coimbatore

9600996665, 8682828552

08 Sep 2017 PSN College of Engineering and Technology Tirunelveli

big data
speech recognition
any recent trends

08 Sep 2017 Priyadarshini Engineering College Vaniyambadi


08 Sep 2017 Coimbatore Institute of Technology Coimbatore

Automobile Engineering
Thermal Engineering
Fluid Mechanics And Turbo Machinery

08 Sep 2017 JNTUA College of Engineering Pulivendula Pulivendula


11 Sep 2017 SreeNidhi Institute of Science and Technology SNIST Hyderabad

Biomedical Signal and Image Processing
Human Computer Interaction
Machine Vision
Smart Systems – Smart Homes, Healthcare, City, Village, Industry
Intelligent Transportation Systems
Microelectronic Mechanical Systems (MEMS)
Intelligent Embedded Systems
IC Technology
Internet of Things (IoT)
Communication and Networking
Green Photonics
Antennas for Green Communication
Sensors for Data Acquisition System
Renewable Ocean Energy Conversion Systems
Hybrid energy harvesting systems
Renewable technologies for on-grid electricity generation
Green building
Renewable Energy (RE) potential and status in India
Clean Development Mechanism (Carbon Credits) in electrical engineering
Energy storage technologies and trends
Application of renewable energy sources for Electrical Vehicles
Energy Saving technologies for Power Electronics, Electric Machinery, Power System and Control.
Energy efficient Lighting technologies.
Solar PV and solar thermal technology for green earth.
Cloud Computing
Internet of Things (IoT)
Big Data Analytics
Theoretical Computer Science
Semantic Web Technology
Computational Intelligence
Network and Security
Digital Image and Video Processing
Software Engineering
Computer Architecture and Embedded Systems
Artificial Intelligence
Health Care Applications
Digital Content
Multimedia Security
Computer Vision
Distributed and Parallel Computing
Pervasive Computing
Satellite Communication
Natural Language Processing
Wireless Sensor Networks
Wireless Body Area Networks
Wearable Computing
Latest Wireless Technologies
Nano computing
Malware Analysis
Cyber Security

14 Sep 2017 VIT University Chennai Campus Chennai

see the website for more details

15 Sep 2017 Kallam Haranadha Reddy Institute of Technology Guntur


15 Sep 2017 Kongu Engineering College Erode

High Performance Computing
Robotics and Image Processing
Big Data analytic and Cloud Computing
Communication and Security
Advance Trends in it

15 Sep 2017 Kongu Engineering College Erode

Maximum 2 Authors per paper/ poster
Innovative concepts, Emerging trends, Own Projects gets first priority
6 minutes for presentation
3 minutes for quires
Communication Language Tamil/ English

15 Sep 2017 Mahendra Engineering College Namakkal

Power system
Power electronics
Renewable energy
Embedded system
Recent trends in electrical

20 Sep 2017 SSM Institute of Engineering and Technology Dindigul

Topics of interest covered by ICDSA’17 include and but not limited to the following basic issues Advancement, Application and Performance related original and innovative work in the below said and relevant area will have top preference also papers are not limited to the mentioned areas.
· Big Data Security & Toolkits
· Big Data Economics
· Big Data for Business Model Modernization
· Big Data in Business Performance Management
· Big Data in Government Sectors
· Business Strategies and usage of Big Data
· BDA and Business Research
· Application of BDA Tools and its Impact on Business
· Trends in Big Data
Any Topic related to Computer Science.

23 Sep 2017 Rathinam College of Arts and Science Coimbatore

The topic for Shikhar 2017 is “Growing protectionist policies across the world, are we moving towards deglobalization? Challenges and opportunities for India”.

26 Sep 2017 N L Dalmia Institute of Management Studies and Research Mumbai

1) Project Based - final year Engg & Poly students
2) Innovative Start up ideas
3) Solution to Industry Defined Problems

04 Oct 2017 St Vincent Palloti College of Engineering and Technology Nagpur

A). Precision Manufacturing
 Precision machining and forming
 Precision casting
 Assembly processes
 Characterization of functional surfaces and sub-surfaces
 Applications in aerospace manufacturing
B). Multi – Scale Manufacturing
 Micro machining and forming
 Micro scale assembly & systems
 Nano machining and polishing
 Nano scale energy beams & processing
 Chemical and electrolyte processing at nano scale
 Micro/Nano metrology
C). New Materials & Processing
 Composites and inter-metallics
 Ceramics
 Polymers
 Ultra strength alloys
 Materials for aerospace applications
D). Emerging Manufacturing Techniques
 Additive manufacturing
 Manufacturing applications in Biotechnology and Biomedical
 Micro/Nano metrology
 Green & sustainable manufacturing on Micro/Nano scale

07 Dec 2017 IIT Madras Chennai

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