Training Events in February 2020.

9 Upcoming College Fests

College Fest Name College Name Training Events
LabVIEW Programming and Its Applications 2020
25 Feb 2020
Kongu Engineering College

Fundamentals of LabVIEW programming architecture
Programming with State Machine concept
Interfacing of sensors such as Ultrasonic, Infrared, Keyboard, LED display, Motor drive control etc., for project related applications

Demo and Hands on Training:
Signal Processing:
Practical session on Stationary and Non stationary signal generation and processing using NI USB 6009
Real time Bio-medical signal acquisition and analysis using NI ELVIS
Project based applications using myRIO

Electrical Power Quality:
Real time measurement and analysis of various power quality parameters: Voltage & Current THD, Power factor and Transients using NI USB 6009

28 Feb 2020
Aditya Institute of Technology and Management Tekkali

Web Marathon
Blind Coding
Pick And Place
Robo Race
Aero Modelling

28 Feb 2020
M Kumarasamy College of Engineering (Autonomous)

Innova Presenter
Paper Presentation
Brain Rumble
Quiz Event
Web Co DBMania
Bug Monsters
Google Hunting
Fun Zone

Two days National Workshop on ‘Hands on workshop on Network Simulator 3 2020
28 Feb 2020
Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College

Two days National Workshop on ‘‘Hands on workshop on Network Simulator 3’’ -28th and 29th Feb 2020

CEA Fest 20 IIT Madras
06 Mar 2020
IIT Madras

Aquanomics, Concrete Challenge, Modelling, Bon Auto Routier, Encode Steel, Geo Genius, Master Builder, Sustainable Design Challenge, Debate, Quiz, Prabandha, Potential Professor, Case Study, Research Expo and many more......

National Conference on Industry 4.0: Current Prespectives and applications 2020
12 Mar 2020
SA Engineering College

Artificial Intelligence, Ecosystem & Infrastructure, Industrial Big Data ,Internet of Things (IoT), Internet
of Services, Smart Manufacturing ,Predictive Analytics ,Cyber-physical Systems ,Robotic and Automation,
Mobile Computing, Cloud Computing for Industry 4.0, Support System for Industry 4.0,
Flexibility and Agility Industry 4.0 - Strategy and Operations ,Distributed manufacturing,
Planning and scheduling in Industry 4.0, Performance Management in Industry 4.0 ,Logistics and SCM in Industry 4.0
and Ripple Effect

indias First Ever Live Practical Workshop on Rc F22 Raptor Fighter aircraft Making and Flight Sky Test 2020
13 Mar 2020
IIT Mandi

Highlights of this Aeronautics Workshop ?
• Aircraft Design session by Aerospace Engineering Industrial Experts
• Live RC KIT Making Training to all students
• RC Materials given to all Individual Team
• Aim of the Workshop – At End of the Workshop ,Every Students Team should have to Make their
• Own RC Plane
• Fly Test – Only by RC Pilot

Two Days Workshop on Introduction to Blockchain Technology 2020
13 Mar 2020
Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College

• Blockchain Basics
• Blockchain Transactions
• Verify Message Signature
• Manage Your Blockchain Identity
• Blockchain Data Overview
• Blockchain Data & Private Blockchains
• Building Your Own Private Blockchain
• Planning a Web Service
• Web Services with Node.js
• Digital Assets with Blockchain Identity
• Build a Private Blockchain Notary Service
• Introduction to Ethereum
• Introduction to Solidity
• Smart Contracts and Solidity
• Tooling for Smart Contracts

One Day Technical Python Workshop 2020
22 Mar 2020
MIRAI Academy

Python Workshop

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