Technical Fests, Events in June 2017.

12 Upcoming College Fests

College Fest Name College Name Technical Events
Two Day Faculty Development Training Program on alternate Fuels and Engine Testing Fuel 2017
24 Jun 2017
Top Engineers

Two Day Faculty Development Training Program on alternate Fuels and Engine Testing Fuel 2017

Android App Development Tricks Student Workshop (Dual Certificate) - 2017
08 Jul 2017
Engineering Forum

Important Sessions on:

Android Intro and jargons:

Android is a mobile operating system developed by Google, based on the Linux kernel and designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Android's user interface is mainly based on direct manipulation, using touch gestures that loosely correspond to real-world actions, such as swiping, tapping and pinching, to manipulate on-screen objects, along with a virtual keyboard for text input.

Android Application Layouts :

The Android framework gives you the flexibility to use either or both of these methods for declaring and managing your application's UI.

For example, you could declare your application's default layouts in XML, including the screen elements that will appear in them and their properties. You could then add code in your application that would modify the state of the screen objects, including those declared in XML, at run time.

Android SDKs and IDEs :

Android Studio provides the fastest tools for building apps on every type of Android device.

World-class code editing, debugging, performance tooling, a flexible build system, and an instant build/deploy system all allow you to focus on building unique and high quality apps.

Learning Activities :

Activities are one of the fundamental building blocks of apps on the Android platform.

They serve as the entry point for a user's interaction with an app, and are also central to how a user navigates within an app (as with the Back button) or between apps (as with the Recents button).

Menus and User Interface :

Menus are a common user interface component in many types of applications. To provide a familiar and consistent user experience, you should use the Menu APIs to present user actions and other options in your activities.

Beginning with Android 3.0 (API level 11), Android-powered devices are no longer required to provide a dedicated Menu button. With this change, Android apps should migrate away from a dependence on the traditional 6-item menu panel and instead provide an app bar to present common user actions.

Manifest & XML Code :

Every application must have an AndroidManifest.xml file (with precisely that name) in its root directory.

The manifest file provides essential information about your app to the Android system, which the system must have before it can run any of the app's code.

Workshop session teaches you how to build a user interface using Android layouts for all types of devices.

Designing Android App :

Android provides a flexible framework for UI design that allows your app to display different layouts for different devices, create custom UI widgets, and even control aspects of the system UI outside your app's window.

Mini Bike Design and Fabrication Techniques 2017
14 Jul 2017
Karpagam College of Engineering

The objective of this One day National workshop is to impart the required knowledge and skills in the following field

1) Mini Bike Design & Fabrication Techniques

2) ATV Design and Fabrication Techniques

3) Electric Vehicle Design and Fabrication

International Conference on Renewable Energy and Sustainable Environment RESE 2017
20 Jul 2017
Dr Mahalingam College of Engineering and Technology

The conference themes:

Ø Renewable Energy Technologies: Best Practices and Applications

Ø Sustainable Environment: Prospects, Challenges and Innovations

Ø Education, Skill Development, Employment and Entrepreneurship

Ø Social Impact and Community Engagement

Robotsavam 2017
28 Jul 2017
Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham

1. Robo wars
2. Robo race
3. Drone race
4. Paper presentation
5. Poster Presentation
6. Robo Soccer
7. RC Boat Racing
8. Pick and Place Robots challenge
9. Kaun Banega Robopathi
10. Robot Exhibition
11. Virtual Robot Game Design
12. Online Gaming challenges
and many more...

National Level Project Innovation Contest 2017
29 Jul 2017
College of Engineering Pune

National Level Project Competition cum Exhibition

Prizes for the top winners
1st prize – Rs. 75,000/-
2nd prize – Rs. 55,000/-
3rd prize – Rs. 35,000/-

Indian Space Conclave 2017
05 Aug 2017
VIT University

Shark Tank – Put forth your ideas to Sharks (investors) from the business world.

World Internet Café – Join us in parallel discussions on topics spread across several tables

Ignite talks – Interactive presentation talks or a public interview? Chosen by popular vote!

First International Conference on Advanced Computational and Communication Paradigms ICACCP 2017
08 Sep 2017
Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology

Selected extended papers will be published in the Special Issue on:

Advanced Signal Processing Methods in Medical Imaging - Frontiers in Bioscience-Landmark (SCI, Thomson reuters Imapct Factor: 2.484)

Advanced Intelligent Computing and Communication Networks -International Journal of Advanced Intelligence Paradigms (IJAIP) (Scopus Indexed)

Machine Learning Techniques for Social Network Analysis -International Journal of Computing and Informatics (IJCI) (Scopus Indexed)

ICACCP-2017 will cover the advanced computational paradigms and communications techniques which give rise to failsafe and robust solutions to the emerging problems faced by mankind and immense potential for future innovations and applications. Typical applications encompass the fields of Computer Networking and Data Communication, Cyber Security, Signal Processing, Computational and Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision and Image Processing, Computational Perception and Cognition, Human Computer Interaction, Adaptive Computation and Machine Learning to name a few.

Technologists, Scientists, Industry Professionals and Research Scholars from Regional, National and International levels are being invited to present their original unpublished work in this conference. ICACCP-2017 intends to provide a platform to present, share and exchange results, ideas and views regarding their original research work, and also to explore scope for future collaboration amongst people from Academia, Industry, and Research Community.

(i) Prof.(Dr.) Kalyanmoy Deb, Michigan State University, USA (ii) Prof.(Dr.) Subhalaxmi Kher, Arkanasas State University, USA (iii) Prof. (Dr.) Biplab Sikdar, National University of Singapore, Singapore (iv) Prof.(Dr.) Valentina Emila Balas, Aurel Vlaicu University of Arad, Romania (iv) Prof.(Dr.) Dharmendra Singh, Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, India (v) Dr. Atma Sahu, Coppin State University, USA have kindly agreed to deliver the Keynote Speeches during the conference. In addition, Professors and Scientists from IITs NITs, BARC, DRDO, ISRO have also kindly agreed to deliver Invited Talks on various topics related to the conference. We also expect other foreign delegates and researchers.

Tesla 2017
12 Sep 2017
MIT College of Engineering

Aerothon, RoboWars, NitroBusters, GameOfDrones, etc

Aavartan 2k17
07 Oct 2017
NIT Raipur

Aavatan is the celebration of engineering science and technology organised wholly and solely by the students of Technical committee of Nit Raipur.Thus one cannot go low on the level of enthusiasm shown by the young engineering population and the resulting magnificient fire from the air spark .marvellously planned events enticing guest lectures and modern workshop organised with the help of other commities and clubs makes Aavartan a hard to miss event

25 Oct 2017
Marine Engineering and Research Institute Mumbai

Paper Presentation
Model Making
Boat Racing
Just A Minute
Talent Show
Essay Writing
Escape Situation
Fantasy League
Counter Strike
Band War
DJ Night

International Summit on Student Volunteerism in the Global Scenario 2017
25 Oct 2017
Anna University

Student Volunteerism in Indian Scenario
Cultural Exchange Activities
Thematic Stage Shows on Social Awareness
Lectures on Volunteerism in Global Scenario
Team - Building Simulations Towards Inter Personal Skill Development
Group Dynamics – Sports Events
Traditional Expo – Exhibition on Ethnic Foods and Arts
Field Visits

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