List of India's College Campus Fest Themes 2020.

Event Themes of 92 College Fests

Event Themes Fest Name Fest Type
Blockchain Technology Advanced Blockchain Development 2020 Workshop
Avengers MEGALEIO 2020 Technical Event
Patent Drafting Importance of Patent Drafting for Innovation and Commercialization PAT-DRAFT IC 2020 Workshop
Heal the World VIDYUT 2020 National Level Multifest
Industry 4.0 Technovation 4.0 Technology Innovation Challenge
Vision2020 TECBLAZE 2020 CSE Technical Symposium
Cosmic Expeditions: Astounding Odysseys Ensuring Humanity’s Existence Wissenaire 2020 Technical Festival
Back to the 90s Ethos 20 Cultural and Management Fest
Technology Now and Then SPECTRA The Fest 2020 Technical Festival
DYSTOPIA INVICTA 2020 Techno Cultural Design Fest
Arcade Ranbhoomi 6.0 Sports Fest
TurningOnIdeas ELECTROFOCUS 2020 Technical Symposium
Industry 4.0 VSVN MEET 2020 Technical Symposium
Sports Spardha 2020 Sports Fest
COSMIC EXPEDITION WISSENAIRE 2020 Annual TechnoManagement Fest
Technology Doesn't change people PORT 2020 IT Symposium
A Brio Breakthrough E-Summit 2020 Entrepreneurship Summit
Disruption Dilemma Ideastorm 2020 Business Model Competition
Disruption Dilemma E-Summit 20 IIT Roorkee Entrepreneurship Summit
Ready to Race KCT MINI DIRT BIKE 2020 Mini Bike Competition
UNIQORN - The Unique Survives LIBA Chrysalis - BANDSLAM - Chrysalis 20 Cultural Event
A saga of Intergalactic Ventures Tecnoesis 2020 Annual Techno Management Fest
Technical Symposium Lexicon2020 CSE Technical Symposium
Industrial Revolution 4.0 E- Summit 2020 Entrepreneurship Summit
Arduino Arduino Workshop 2020 Workshop
Empowering Institutes Kaushalyam.Org Ver.5.1 Regional Conference
Dreamland Alegria 2020 Annual Fest
Dreamland Alegria 2020 Cultural Fest
DreamLand Alegria 2020 Cultural Festival
Green Energy Breakthrough of Green Energy in Chemical Engineering 2020 Technical Symposium
Age of cultural Renaissance Abhikalpan 2020 Youth Fest
Technical Pragyotsav 2020 Technical Festival
A Vintage Affair Fluxus IIT Indore 2019 Techno Cultural Fest
Prithvotsav - A Nature Carnival 2020 Vivrti 2k20 Inter-College Techno Cultural Festival
हस्तkala Festronix 2K20 Annual Utsav
A Reflection of Fond Remembrances Anwesha 20 Cultural Festival
Talent explosure Frolics 2020 Management Fest
ICATN'20 ICATN 20 International Conference
To dedicate teachers ASIRIYARGAL THIRUVIZHA and An ethical creators 2020 Cultural Fest
Shark Tank BizzHour 2020 Management Fest
ECEntra 2020 ECEntra 2020 Technical Symposium
Augmented Analytics CSIR Sponsored One Day National level Technical Seminar on Augmented Analytics - The Next Generation Data Analytics Using Machine Learning 2020 Technical Seminar
An Archaic Insurgence Robo-Soccer IIT INDORE 2020 Technical Festival
Quiz Cognicioun 2020 National Level Business Quiz
Myths and Reality Invictus 2020 Inter-College festival
Revolution 2020 KURUKSHETRA 2020 International Techno Management Fest
technical symposium Pratistha 2020 Civil Engineering Symposium
Saamarthya Lakshya 2k20 Technical Festival
Hackathon Hack36 2020 Hackathon
Conjure The Eerie Aurora 20 Cultural Festival
IoT and Machine Learning Technokret 2020 Student Convention Technical Fest
Feel the Machines Teckzite 2020 Techno Management Fest
Retro DYUKSHA 20 Techno Cultural Festival
Workshops,technical events, cultural fest Nakshathra20
Artificial Intelligence Hands on Training on Natural Language Processing using spaCy 2020 Hands on Training
Encouraging Students Prabhanjan 2020 Management Fest
Sport FURY 2020 Sports Fest
Gen-Z The Game Changers Ecstasy 2020 Cultural Fest
Discovering the Known Unknowns Pune StartUp Fest 20 Entrepreneurship Summit
Freestyle Ozmenta 2020 CSE Symposium
Injecting Exultation AYUSHPRAGYA 2020 Cultural Fest
Esprit De Corps MANIA 20 Management Fest
Conserve water, conserve life! Elecxa 20 Electronics and Communication Engineering Symposium
Space IGNUS 20 Social Cultural Fest
Euphoric Eisteddfod D'equinox 2020 Annual Cultural Fest
Hand-On workshop Learn by Doing Workshop on Blockchain Technology 2020 Workshop
Avengers REPOWIS 2020 Management Fest
ICT sustainable development CSI Student Convention 2020 Technical Festival
It's time to electrify POWERGALE 2020 Technical Symposium
A PORTAL INTO PARADISE TECHNIKALA 2020 Annual Inter College Tech Fest
Intelligent Analytics International Conference on Data Science and Big Data analytics for Sustainability 2020 International Conference
Innovation Trishul 20 Annual Tech Fest
Diversity ELEMENT 7 Cultural Fest
New Age Entrepreneurship E Next 2020 Entrepreneurship Summit
Vintage TAKSHASHILA 2020 Techno Cultural Sports Fest
Rajasthani culture THAR 2020 Techno Management Festival
An Era To Reminisce Impressions 20 Annual Techno Cultural Fest
Future Innovision Conscientia 2020 Technical Festival
inovate The second International Conference on Innovative Mechanisms for Industry Applications ICIMIA 2020 International Conference
Exploring the New Dimensions and Discoveries of Electrochemical Science and Technology Intersect 2020 Technical Symposium
Innovation International Conference on Computing Methodologies and Communication ICCMC 2020 International Conference
Pixel Ingenium Pragyan 20 Inter Collegiate Technical Exhibition and Competition
Research Research Conclave 2020 Conclave
Cric-Space Technovate 2020 Techno Cultural Festival
Explore the Possibilities ISTE Sponsored International Conference on Latest Trends in Science, Engineering and Technology ICLTSET 20 International Conference
ENGINEERING 10th International Conference on Science and innovative Engineering ICSIE 2020 International Conference
Artificial Intelligence International Conference on Sentimental Analysis and Deep Learning ICSADL 2020 International Conference
Silent Disco and Open Air Cinema CUTS 2.0 Cultural Fest
Data Visualization 4th IEEE International Conference on Computer, Communication and Signal Processing ICCCSP 2020 International Conference
Material Science International Conference on Advancements in Aeromechanical Materials for Manufacturing ICAAMM 2020 International Conference

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