List of India's College Campus Fest Themes 2017.

Event Themes of 115 College Fests

Event Themes Fest Name Fest Type
today's Vision, Tommorow Technology VISIOTECH 2017 Technical Fest
Go green Scimit 2k17 Project Contest
Techno-Cultural Aquila 2017 Techno-cultural Fest
Bollywood Parwaaz 2017 Management and Cultural Fest
Think green COMPCOM 17.0 ECE Symposium
BEYOND THE BEST Spectra 17 National Level Technical Symposium
Resource Regulation iSquareR 2k17 Technical Fest
Digital India Oscillations 2017 Technical Symposium
Get blood shed and pump your fists EXPELLIARMUS 17 National Level Robotic Hunt
Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality VR AR MR Workshop
The place to showcase your Project. SIPRO 2K17 Project Expo
Freedom of Learning SKYLON 2K17 Technical Symposium
Trend in Civil Engineering with advancements National Conference on Emerging Trends in Civil Engineering National Conference
Highway 67th Milestone Techno Cultural Management Fest
Headway in Booming Biotechnology Euphenics 17 Technical Symposium
Wildlife JAMBOREE 2017 Environment Fest
Angels and Demons Halcyon 2017 Summer Fest
KREO Magnovite v6.0 Techno Cultural Fest
Find Your Vibe SPACE 2017 Cultural Festival
HELP THE KING POLYTEKFEST 2k17 National Level Symposium
Avoid Pollution to Live Fresh AERIS 2K17 Technical Symposium
Good over evil JU RHYTHM 2017 Techno Cultural Business Fest
Light Pragyan 17 Techno Management Festival
To promote Digitalization Threads 17 Technical Symposium
Computer Science XENIUM 2k17 Technical Symposium
Mechanical motocross Wild Track Racing-WTR Technical Symposium
90's kids Aatmatrisha 2017 Techno-Cultural Fest
Chembracing rural India ChemClave 2K17 Chemical Engineering Fest,
Rajashtani Culture E-fest Asia Pacific Technical Fest
Express your talents and technical skills. Chakrawar 2k17 Techno Cultural Meet
Technology re-invented SENSONICS 2K17 Instrumentation Engineering Symposium
A Platform For All Enthusiasts To Portray Their Skills TECHNOMIST-2k17 Technical Symposium
The 90's Nichè ANANT 2017 Techno Cultural Festival
Sustainability in Civil Engineering practices and techniques Aakaar 2017 Civil Engineering Symposium
Learn, Practice, Achieve !!! ELECTROFETE 2K17 Technical Symposium
Annual Technical Meet Convolution 2017 Technical Meet
Anonymous Prayatna 2017 Technical Symposium
Towards Sustainability Mech Tech Meet 2017 Intercollegiate Technical Fest
IOT based Smart Cities National Conference on Recent Trends in the Development of Smart Cities NCRTDSC 17 National Conference
igniting the minds of Future Engineers UDGHOSH 2017 Techno, Cultural, Sports Symposium
Battle Between Engineers ARCUEZ 2017 Technical Symposium
electricity E3 TECHNOVATE 2K17 Technical Symposium
cultural Rapture 2k17 Cultural Festival
Think Diffrent ILLUSION 2k17 Technical Symposium
Renaissance Inquivesta 2017 Indias largest Science Fest
National Level Student Project Contest with Guest Lectures and Workshops SRAJAN'17 Technical Fest
Sustainable Development AZeotropy 2017 Chemical Engineering Symposium
Green Metacognition 17 Technical Fest
Startup India,Standup India Renaissance 3.0 Entrepreneurship Summit
Recover Green Intecho 17 Instrumentation Symposium
Innovation AAVRITI 2017 Electrical Engineering Fest
Unmasking the Anonymous TEDxBITSathy TEDx
Innovative manufacturing for easy tomorrow MEET UP 1.0 Technical Fest
ROOPANTAR -Introducing India 2.0 Rhythm 17 Cultural Fest
Spring TEJAS 2017 Management Fest
The Butterfly Effect Enigma 2017 Business Fest
Being Innovative is our motto Spark 2k17 Mechanical Symposium
Biotechnology International Conference on Advances in Biotechnology and Biotherapeutics 2017 ICABBS2017 International Conference
Vintage MILAN 17 Cultural Fest
Technical Mechnovate 2017 Technical Symposium
Technical Fusion Viruksha 2k17 Technical Symposium
Go Green Echelon 2K17 EEE Symposium
Ship Building & offshore Engineering ICSOE 2K17 International Conference
Cutting Edge Technologies in Computing NCCETICB 2017 National Conference
Sustainable Development MOMENTUM 2k17 Technical Fest
GO GREEN CHEM-PRO 2K17 Chemical Engineering Fest
Green Energy Techsonance 2017 Technical Symposium
to attain a Better Exposure VISTEK 17 Technical Symposium
Retro Aakruthi 2017 ECE Fest
Igniterz FURIOSA 2K17 Technical Symposium
Petroleum IDHMA 2k17 Technical Symposium
Robotics Robocore 17 Robotics Fest
Get Connected Chiguru 2017 The Mega Intercollegiate Cultural Extravaganza
Go Green is the Scene Expro 17 Technical Symposium
Digital India iClaris 2K17 Technical Symposium
Entrepreneurship Development FDP on Entrepreneurship Faculty Development Programme
Enter the Ecstacy PAnchamithra 2k17 Inter Collegiate Cultural Fest
The Faux Business SHRESHTA 2017 Management Fest
Breakthrough to Excellence AvanzarE 2017 Technical Symposium
Optimization techniques Optest 2017 National Conference
Computer Science NCTCT 17 National Conference
MULTIDISCIPLINARY APPROACH TO FOCUS ON STRENGTHENING OF INFRASTRUCTURE National Level Conference on Multidisciplinary approach to Focus on Strengthening of Infrastructure National Level Conference
Initiate,Inspire and Innovate Cipofest Cultural Fest
New Metaphor INCEPTO 2k17 Technical Symposium
Youth of India Amogh 2k17 Annual Youth Festival
Fashionating India Vastrotsav 17 Textile and Fashion Symposium
Aspire to inspire NCITAC 17 National Conference
Advances in Iron Making Dhatvika 17 Metallurgical Fest
To Expose Your knowledge National Conference on Futuristic Innovation in Engineering NCFIE 17 National Conference
Technology! Paridhi 2017 Technical Festival
Skill India GUSAC Carnival A Knowledge Symposium
Get ReaDy 2 RoCkss....... TEQZONE 2K17 CSE Symposium
Spring KSHITIZ 2K17 Sports Festival
Sustainable Environment for Digital India and Smart Cities IEEE Third International Conference on Science, Technology, Engineering & Management 2017 IEEE Conference
Millennials Inter IIIT Techno-Cultural Fest 17 Techno Cultural Fest
SMAC Technologies National Conference on Big Data Analytics and Mobile Technologies NCBM 2017 National Conference
Frugal Innovation For Smart India MindKraft 2K17 Techno-Management Fest
Eureka 2.0 Cognizance 2017 Annual Technical Festival
Big Ideas Wanted National Level Project Competition Project Competition
LIFE IN TECHNICOLOUR 8th Mile 17 Techno Cultural Extravaganza
Elixir of Darkness Zeitgeist 2017 Annual Socio-Cultural Fest
Paradigm Shift TEDx VNRVJIET 2017 TEDx
Tech Odyssey MANTHAN 17 Techno Management Fest
Mechanical, Manufacturing and Material Sciences International Conference on Advances in Materials, Manufacturing and Applied Sciences ICAMMAS 17 International Conference
Green Techniologies for Global Economic and Social Development 3rd International Conference on Advanced Engineering and Technology for Sustainable Development (ICAETSD 2017) International Conference
Green Technologies for Global Economic and Social Developmen 3rd International Conference on Advanced Engineering and Technology for Sustainable Development ICAETSD 2017 International Conference
Digital India GTU Central Techfest 2017 Techfest
Science and Technology TECHINVENT 2017 Technical Fest
Big Data and Cloud Computing International Conference on Big Data and Cloud Computing ICBDCC 2017 International Conference
Racing of Human power 3 wheeler designed by students Eco Green Vehicle Challenge Technical Contest
Zombie Freeonz 2k17 Annual Cultural Fest
Training,Empowerment and Employment Summer Internship on Vehicle and Aircraft designing and Manufacturing Summer Internship
Research trends in Precision , Meso, Micro & Nano Technologies 10th International Conference on Precision, Micro, Miso and Nano Engineering COPEN 10, 2017 Conference

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