List of India's College Campus Fest Themes 2017.

Event Themes of 78 College Fests

Event Themes Fest Name Fest Type
Social Action Plan 16 Competition
Go Green is the Scene EXPRO 17 Production Engineering & Mechanical Engineering Symposium
The Power To Achieve ZARIUS 2K17 Mechanical Engineering Symposium
Live Young Symaroh 2017 Cultural Fest
Go Green XELFUGETS 2k17 Technical Symposium
Ability Abhyuday Annual Social Festival Social Festival
Retro 18th Futura Technical Fest
Retro Project Design Contest Project Design Contest
Network and Computing Technologies N-Connect 2k17 Conference
Robotics Robo War and Robo Race 2k17 Tech Fest
Retro VIBE 2k17 Battle of Bands
Accessory Design Workshop Cum CAD Modelling Contest Workshop
Smart Cities Smart Infr-est Tech Fest
Aerospace Vayushaastra 17 Aeronautical Engineering Fest
A Surreal Symphony Vivacity 2017 Cultural-Management Festival
Pirates Anwesha '17 Cultural and Sports Fest
Skill India Stepcone 2017 Technical Symposium and Project Design Contest
War of Imagination Spectra 2016 Technical Fest
"Its Showtime Fellas" Carpe Diem'17 Cultural Festival
The Island Of Dreams Unmaad 2017 Cultural Festival
War of Imagination SPECTRA 2017 Technical Fest
War of Imagination Sardar Patel Robotics Challenge (SPRC) 3.0 Technical Fest
Intellection Chrysalis 2017 Media and Management Event
Renegades Unleashed IGNISENSE 2017 Management Fest
Support Jallikattu Fornya 6 Technical Symposium
Around the world Spandan 2k17 Cultural Festival
The Business Plan EXALTUS T 17 Techno Management Fest
Take the Challenge AMAZIAH 2K17 Management Fest
Evolution of Arts In-Bloom 2017 Cultural Festival
Government, Industry and Institution Ideasynth 3.0 Technical Festival
Good Old 90's Echoes 2017 Cultural Fest
Good Old 90s Echoes 17 Cultural Fest
Make in India Probe 2017 ECE Symposium
Climate Change Yukti 2017 Business Conclave
Current Affairs Y. Bhagavan Memorial National Level English Debate Competition Debate Competition
An transformation of tomorrow Srishta 17 Techno Cultural Fest
dynamism in wetware computing - to an era of Neuromorphic Chips Wissenaire 17 Techno Management Festival
Timeless Tales Verba Maximus '17 Literary Fest
Knowledge & Ideas Sharing Yodha 2k17 Project Expo
Smart Grid/Smart City Workshop on Smart Grid/Smart City an Indian Perspective Workshop
Food Loves Tech Zelos 2k17 Foodie's Techno Symposium
Tribute to INDIAN DEFENSE SANKETA 2K17 Mechanical Symposium
Wild West Advaita 17 Techno-Cult Fest
Managing Technology driven Business in India CONNAISSANCE 2017 Student Research Paper Presentation
Digital India TRANCE 2K17 ECE Symposium
Media Criticism Off the Record Conclave
startups, bplans Startupedia: The BPlan Pitch Management Fest
Parivartan - Transforming India Lakshya 2017 Technical Fest
Emerging Revolutionary advancements in ELT ERA ELT 2017 International Conference
Free Open Source Software Carte Blanche 17 Technical Symposium
Assasins creed Zion 2017 Technical Festival
Propose your Ideas to protect Our Nation – The future of Cyber WAR, How Protected are WE? National Cyber Safety and Security Standards Summit ’17 (VI Ed) Technical Conference
Renewable Energy, Nuclear Energy, Cloud Physics & Material Science Innovative Technologies for Rural Development and their Commercialization (ITRDC-2017) Conference
Business Model Competition UNICUS 2017 Business Model Competition
Carnival Zeal Talentron 2K17 Cultural Competition
Technology for Sustainable Development ONYX 2k17 Techno Cultural Fest
Sports Spardha 2017 Sports Fest
Emerging Jharkhand JINKS Pranav 2017 Cultural & Technical Fest
Workshop on Ethical Hacking National Level Workshop on Ethical Hacking Workshop
conference for Informatics 8 Communication International Conference on Advances in Informatics and Communication Technologies ICAICT 17 International Conference
Retro Impressions 2017 Techno Cultural Managerial Festival
Get blood shed and pump your fists EXPELLIARMUS 17 National Level Robotic Hunt
Angels and Demons Halcyon 2017 Summer Fest
90's kids Aatmatrisha 2017 Techno-Cultural Fest
National Level Student Project Contest with Guest Lectures and Workshops SRAJAN'17 Technical Fest
Sustainable Development AZeotropy 2017 Chemical Engineering Symposium
Biotechnology International Conference on Advances in Biotechnology and Biotherapeutics 2017 ICABBS2017 International Conference
Vintage MILAN 17 Cultural Fest
Ship Building & offshore Engineering ICSOE 2K17 International Conference
Sustainable Environment for Digital India and Smart Cities IEEE Third International Conference on Science, Technology, Engineering & Management 2017 IEEE Conference
Mechanical, Manufacturing and Material Sciences International Conference on Advances in Materials, Manufacturing and Applied Sciences ICAMMAS 17 International Conference
Green Techniologies for Global Economic and Social Development 3rd International Conference on Advanced Engineering and Technology for Sustainable Development (ICAETSD 2017) International Conference
Green Technologies for Global Economic and Social Developmen 3rd International Conference on Advanced Engineering and Technology for Sustainable Development ICAETSD 2017 International Conference
Big Data and Cloud Computing International Conference on Big Data and Cloud Computing ICBDCC 2017 International Conference
Racing of Human power 3 wheeler designed by students Eco Green Vehicle Challenge Technical Contest
Training,Empowerment and Employment Summer Internship on Vehicle and Aircraft designing and Manufacturing Summer Internship
Research trends in Precision , Meso, Micro & Nano Technologies 10th International Conference on Precision, Micro, Miso and Nano Engineering COPEN 10, 2017 Conference

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