List of India's College Campus Fest Themes 2019.

Event Themes of 89 College Fests

Event Themes Fest Name Fest Type
PUBG MEGALEIO 2019 Technical Festival
AGNI ANUBHUTI 19 Cultural Festival
Artificial Intelligence SKRIAM CONFERENCE 2019 Conference
Artificial Intelligence SKRIAM - 6th National Conference on Emerging Trends of Artificial Intelligence in Business Management 2019 National Conference
MEDICINE Computational Approaches for Personalized Medicine CAPM 2019 Seminar
ATRANGI INVERTIA 2K19 Cultural Festival
Renewable Energy for Buildings Workshop on Solar Energy for Residential Aplications 2019 Workshop
GET MADRASIFIED KARIGAALA 2K19 Civil Engineering Symposium
Game of Thrones REPOWIS 2K19 Talent Fest
MADRAS JARVIS 2K19 Mechatronics Symposium
Prismatic Dreams ELAN & ηvision 2019 Techno Cultural Festival
SIXTH SENSE DAKSH 2019 Techno Management Fest
Version 5.0 TECHETC 2K19 Technical Festival
Iglook Iglook 2019 Technical Symposium
Knowledge of house Iglook 2k19 Computer Science Fest
Feel the Rythm of Genx GENESIS 2K19 Cultural Meet
Tech la carte Tech Tornado 2019 Technical Conference Cum Festival
One world One Host International Students Day 2019 Cultural Festival
Metamorphosis from academia to Bioindustrialisation Avidadham 2019 International Conference
PUBG KRITANJ 2K19 Technical Festival
Explore the undiscovered The WallStreet Business Challenge 2019 Management Festival
Save Birds, Save Nature..!! Sensonics 2k19 Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering Symposium
Computing and Communications National Conference on Cutting Edge Technologies in Computing and Communications NCCETCC 2019 National Conference
Innovation Invites Progen'i 2019 Technical Symposium
The Gold Edition MAGNOVITE OCTA 2019 Techno Cultural Festival
Cryptocurrency NECSI 2K19 Technical Symposium
Multi genre Amity Youth Festival 2019 Youth Festvial
Space and Time GYANITH 2019 Technical Festival
technical PRACHETAS 2K19 Mechanical Engineering Fest
Drones and UAVs KCG DRONE PITSTOP 2019 Drone Racing
Space MECHARENA 2K19 Mechanical Symposium
Science and Technology Prayuddha 2019 Information Technology Symposium
வீழ்வது நாமாயினும் வாழ்வது தமிழாகட்டும் Sangamam 19 Cultural Festival
Evolution- A Spiral in Time Tryst 2019 Technical Festival
Innovation SPLENDORA 2019 Technical Festival
Technical Meditech 2k19 Technical Festival
Sapiens:End Game Biofest 2019 BioTechnology Fest
Music Astonia 2k19 CSE Symposium
Fractals Abhikalpan 2019 Technical Festival
Encourage, Enhance and Evolve SOUDHA 2019 Civil Engineering Festival
Hope for excellence Esperanza 2k19 ECE Symposium
retro YUVAN 2019 Youth Festvial
Motivating students InterfACE 19 Technical Symposium
CIVILIONS MEET CAISSON 2K19 Civil Engineering Symposium
Vikram sarabhai Evince 2k19 Electronics and Communication Engineering Symposium
Promoting Technical Brilliance FENIX 2K19 Computer Science Engineering Symposium
Robotics Circuterzz 2k19 Technical Symposium
Technical International Conference on Information Sciences and Renewable Energy Sources ICISRES 2K19 International Conference
Technical Hunt Aventuro 2k19 Technical Symposium
Code Your inovation Out A National Level Hackathon 2019 Codathon
5 Elements JU-Rhythm 2019 Techno-Cultural-Business Fest
Bohemian Escapade D'Equinox 2K19 Cultural festival
Fiesta de Carnaval Galgotias Unifest 19 Cultural Festival
Useful and Fun Events Alphalite 2k19 Computer Science Engineering Symposium
Robotics and Automation Dexbot 19 Robotics Symposium
DataMining - Text Mining TEXT MINING USING PYTHON 2019 Hands on Training
Machine warrior association MECHANZIA 2K19 Mechanical Symposium
Machine warrior association MECHANZIA 2K19 Mechanical Symposium
Machine learning using Python Machine Learning 101 Hands on Training
Nature does not need Man , Man needs Nature Eclectic 2k19 Technical Symposium
S.O.S: Spirit of Sustainability 91st COEP Regatta 2019 Sports Festival
global GRACE 2019 Cultural Festival
ChemOdyssey Rscience 2k19 Chemical Engineering Festival
- AYAS 19 Technical Symposium
Biomedical Engineering Fifth International Conference on Biosignals, Images and Instrumentation ICBSII 2019 International Conference
innovative Concepts in Engineering ICEMAP 2019 International Conference on Engineering Materials and Processes International Conference
Spectrum Pragyan 2019 Techno Management Fest
Sustainable Development CEANS 2K19 Civil Engineering Symposium
Biomedical, Multidisciplinary National Conference on Recent advancement in Biomedical Engineering 2019 National Conference
NEW TECHNONOLGY- INTERDISCIPLINARY -AERO-MECH-ECE-EEE-IT-ROBOTICS Live Practical Quad Drone - Making and Sky Test Workshop 2019 Workshop
Recent Digital Technology Advancement Kaushal 2019 National Level Convention
KalaKshetra SpringSpree 2k19 Cultural Festival
Nurturing Engineering Ideas Project Model Display Contest 2019 Project Model Display Contest
Around the World in 2 Days Synapse 2019 Medical College Fest
NanoTexellence AZeotropy 2019 Chemical Engineering Symposium
Gaming Provenance 2019 Techno Cultural Festival
Startup Branding THE BRAND WORKSHOP 2019 Workshop
Education SELECT Make-A-Thon 2019 Makeathon
TechFusion Impetus 19 Technical Festival
Vision To Innovate Tech Adrishta 2019 Technical Festival
A platform to enrich knowledge First International Conference on Advances in Intelligent Systems, Soft Computing and Optimization Techniques ICAISCO 2019 International Conference
Materials and Manufacturing First International Conference on Materials Science and Manufacturing Technology ICMSMT 2019 International Conference
Chanakyaneeti BizNest Management Festival
Intelligent Systems for Smart World. International Conference on Intelligent Computing, Instrumentation and Control Technologies ICICICT 2019 International Conference
Conference 8th International Conference on Innovations in Electronics and Communication Engineering ICIECE 2019 International Conference
Education ICSD 2019 : 7th International Conference on Sustainable Development 2019 International Conference

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