List of India's College Campus Fest Themes 2018.

Event Themes of 99 College Fests

Event Themes Fest Name Fest Type
Advertisement Ad-Extravaganza 2018 Inter-Collegiate Advertisement Fest
Legal, Social and Economic Issues International Essay Competition 2018 Essay Competition
Be Virtual Enjoy the Reality National Level workshop on Virtual Reality Development Workshop
Rise from Ashes YAKSHA 2K18 Technical Symposium
Rebirth Crescendo 2018 Cultural Festival
Rise from the Ashes YAKSHA 2K18 Technical Symposium
Service and awareness based Aarogyadesh 2k18 Workshop
Research Methodology One Day Workshop on Research Methodology 2018 Workshop
Future prospects of biotechnology in indian scenario DNAXIS 2k18 Bio-Technology Symposium
Colors Takshashila Techno Cultural Fest
Fusion MAGNOVITE Season 7 Technical Festival
பாரம்பரியம் சங்கமம்'18 Cultural Festival
The step towards Industrial Excellence and Quality MANUSYS 18 Technical Symposium
Royal Mech formation aCKni vyuhaa 2018 Mechanical Engineering Symposium
Executixs and Know ur market EXECUTRIX 18 Management Fest
Marvel PRAYATNA 2018 Technical Symposium
Dare to be Remarkable CZENIA 2K18 CSE Technical Symposium
Colour the Future Karigaala 2K18 Technical Symposium
Go Green YUVA NSIT 2K18 Cultural Festival
We team JARVIS like to bring out your Technical Knowledge JARVIS 2K18 Mechatronics Department Symposium
Green KALINGA YUGA 2K18 ECE Technical Symposium
CHAKRA - THE WHEEL Shreshta 2k18 Management Festival
Golden Ratio Zaaga 2k18 Tech Fest
Tech vistaara Tech Tornado 2018 Technical Festival
Feeding the fodder for the needy cattle... MECHGUST 2K18 Mechanical Engineering Symposium
Invaders Workshop on Game Development Workshop
Engineering In Healthcare National Conference on Recent Trends In Biomedical Engineering 2018 National Conference
Engineering and Technology IT ELEGANCE 18 Project Expo
- ASTHIVAAR 2K18 Technical Symposium
Express your talents and technical skills. Chakrawar 2k18 Techno Cultural Fest
Food Waste Management System using IoT EWORK 18 Hackathon
Fusion of aca APC Rangotsav Conference
Save Nature SENSONICS 2K18 Technical Festival
Ancient Greek mythology Vanicom 2018 Commerce Festival ECENTRA 2K18 Technical Symposium
Exhibition of Literary Talents GANLITRA 2018 Inter Collegiate Meet
Celebrate LabVIEW technology Clusters 2018 Technical Festival
An Amalgamation of Academia, Industry and Start-ups Research Conclave 2018 Research Conclave
SHOONYA Sankalp 2k18 Technical Festival
Embark, Execute and Explore Intent 2018 Technical Symposium
Techno Farming GUSAC Carnival 2018 Technical Festival
Fusion Battle of Bands Aphasia 18 Battle of the Bands
Candles - A spark in the dark KarmAnta 2k18 Management Festival
The orgin of creativity ARCUEZ 2018 Technical Symposium
Magic in everything Samgatha 2018 Techno Cultural Fest
ALCHEMY ABHIKALPAN 2018 Technical Festival
Plunge to the Pearl E-summit 18 Entrepreneurship Summit
Ekatva: Unity in Diversity SpringSpree 18 Cultural Festival
Rural entreprenuership, Women empowerment, Sustainable technologies ANTAHPRAGNYA 2k18 Technical Festival
Superheros v/s Supervillians VaSSaUnT 2018 Cultural Festival
water ABRAXAS 2.0 Techno Cultural and Management Fest
Sports RANN 18 Sports Festival
Honour for true talent MEETUP 2.0 Project Expo
100% Waste Segregation PRAKRITI 18 Technical Symposium
Artificial Intelligence Castilo 2k18 Technical Symposium
Save _farmers, Save_fuuture Techiemeet 2k18 Technical Symposium
ANSYS Tool Enactment of Solid Dielectrics using ANSYS Tool for Electrical Engineers 2018 Technical Seminar
Equality KARMA 2K18 Management Fest
Technical THUNDER 18 Electrical and Electronics Engineering Symposium
Explore Engineering MESAR 2K18 Mechanical Engineering Symposium
Destinnova towards Sustainability SPARDHA 18 Management Fest
it Is all about Setting the Wildest Dreams into actions,it Provides Platform for the Emerging Revolu PHASOR 2K18 Technical Symposium
Metallurgy Ayas 18 Metallurgical Engineering Symposium
Annual Fest Xtreme18 Mechatronics Department Symposium
Trance Into Modernity EYE 2K18 Technical Symposium
Indian Street Culture Moksha, NSIT 18 Cultural Festival
Prism of Possibilities Techkriti 2018 Technical and Entrepreneurial Fest
Cartoon Network KRITANJ 2K18 Techno Management Festival
Create Magic In Your Life ZERO-G Cultural Festival
Technology for the future Techbiyo 18 Technical Symposium
Robotics DEX-BOT 2018 Technical Symposium
Throwback to the 70s SYNAPSE 2018 Medical College Cultural Fest
Realize Your Creative Thoughts VIVID 2018 National Level Project Competition
Transfer Of Resposibility To The Next Generation Of Rulers KALAM 2K18 Mechanical Engineering Symposium
To explore the skills of students TecQuora 2k18 Technical Symposium
Integrating fashion in Technology Vastra 18 Technical Festival
Modern Technology Kweizar 18 Techno Cultural Fest
Resource Optimization Aakaar 2018 Civil Engineering Fest
Multidisciplinary First International Conference on Recent Research in Engineering and Technology ICRRET-2018 International Conference
Green Computing and Green Management Prastuti 2018 Annual Students Convention
Resource Optimization AAKAAR 2018 Civil Engineering Fest
- Radiance 2018 Mechanical Engineering Symposium
Welding and Non-Destructive testing Wootz 9 2k18 Technical Symposium
New Generation ESPERANZA 2018 Technical Cum Cultural Fest
Zodiac Antariksh 2k18 Inter Collegiate Fest
Halloween Culrav 2018 Cultural Festival
Artificial Intelligence TORQUE 7.0 Mechanical Engineering Symposium
Nature-based solutions for water CESAVJTI18 Poster Presentation Competition
Dreaming Discoveries Cognizance 2018 Technical Festival
#DoWhatYouLove #SportsForAll AAHVAAN 18 Sports Festival
Futuristic Trends in Management INTERFACE 18 Management Convention
Technology and Youth Teknothon 2k18 Computer Science Festival
Sufi AALEN 2018 Annual Fest
Discovery INNOVARIOUS 2018 Techno-Literature Fest
Carnival Exodia 18 Techno Cultural Fest
Raising the Spirit of Substainability Ignite 2018 Techno-Legal-Management Festival
Water treatment Technoscape 2018 International Conference

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