List of India's College Campus Fest Captions 2018.

Event Captions of 50 College Fests

Event Captions Fest Name Fest Type
Ignite, Improvise, Implement KL HACK LEAGUE 2018 Hackathon
Innovative Ideas in Big Data International Conference on Bigdata, Computer Science and information Technology ICBDCSIT 2018 International Conference
#KeralaFloodRelief Python Programming Practice Workshop 2018 Workshop
Mechanical Rules the World..! MAQUINAS 2K18 Mechanical Symposium
Fight 4 Pride Nemesis 18 Technical Festival
The Millennials Arthanomics 2018 Arts College Fest
Fest For Emerging EngineerZz.... TECHNOBUZZ 2K18 EEE Symposium
Code For Glory CodeFest 2018 Coding Fest
When art meets hearts Legacy 18 Cultural Festival
Innovation Redefined ABHIGYAN 2K18 Technical Symposium
Automation and Robotics TECHYUGA 18 Technical Symposium
Innovation redefined ABHIGYAN 2K18 ECE Symposium
A force to Be Reckoned with ERECKEN 18 EEE Symposium
Amplified and Rectified Xenics 18 Technical Symposium
Think to infinity and beyond INSCON 18 Technical Symposium
Contest Mr Mechanic Contest 2018 Technical Contest
. ESPIRE 2K18 ECE Symposium
Choose to muse Autumn muse 2018 Sports and Cultural Fest
Decryption of Talentz DOTZ V7.0 IT Technical Symposium
An International Conference On Sustainable Water Resources Technoscape 2018 International Conference
turn on.learn on Techno VIT 2018 Techno Management Fest
show_us_your_spark SPARK QUEST 2K18 Technical and Management Fest
Try and Fail but don't fail to Try Cryptera 18 Computer Science Symposium
Come... Let's power the world XEMPLAR 2K18 EEE Symposium
Experience the Expertise YUGNA X 2K18 Technical Symposium
Escape The Ordinary Pulse 2018 Socio-Cultural Literary and Sports Fest
Have a Byte And Hack a Bit Bits and Bytes 2k18 Hackathon
Let Your Calibre Rule Caligo 2K18 Management Fest
Corporate Yodhas Inspira 2018 Management Fest
beat the blues feel the hues Dhanak 2018 Cultural Festival
Where Time Awaits Talent TALENTIME 35 Management Fest
The Perfect fusion on Masterminds LOGIN 2018 MCA Symposium
Refuse to Loose Rann-Neeti 2018 Sports Festival
#NowOrNever Xamboree 18 Cultural Management Fest
JEET, JUNOON, JAZBA. Virudhaka 2018 Sports Festival
An Event For Coding Masters Mathuino 2018 Coding Event
Ideate Your Ideas PRASTHUTHI 2K18 Paper Presentation
The three C’s will help u crack all the events that follow:  CONCENTRATION  COMMON SENSE  CAREFULLNESS HOCUS FOCUS 2018 Non-Technical Fun Event
Fun filled event Crazy Symbols 2018 Dumb Charades
Survival for the fittest Call for duty 2018 Robotics Competition
Draft your vision VISION 2018 Paper Presentation
Reserve your seats for a technical convo Stuck in a Bowl 2018 Technical Discussion Event
Electronics like never before Circuitron 2018 Circuit Design Competition
Delve into the lore MAHASANGRAM 2K18 Management Fest
The Largest Games and Sports Festival in india Spadha 2018 Sports Festival
Beyond borders Saturnalia 18 Techno Cultural Fest
Aspire More. Be More. It’s time for the Encore! NEEV 2018 Business School Fest
Who Will Wield the infinity Gauntlet Eminence 2k18 Commerce Fest
Think. Dream. Live. Anwesha 2019 Techno Cultural Fest

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