List of India's College Campus Fest Captions 2018.

Event Captions of 105 College Fests

Event Captions Fest Name Fest Type
Where Technology speaks CreSensE 2K18 Computer Science Symposium
An invigorating hunt for Ad-flair Ad-Extravaganza 2018 Inter-Collegiate Advertisement Fest
Unveiling Creativity Prastuti 18 Cultural Festival
Pavithra National Level Workshop on Micro Aerial Vehicles Workshop
Let the next generation start Rendezvous 2k18 Computer Science Symposium
Compete.Code.Conquer Abacus 2018 Computer Science Symposium
Combat of Brains COMPCOM 2K18 Technical Symposium
Revive the past; kick start the future Aarogyadesh 2k18 Workshop
Design is Creation..That's what Engineer do MECCAD 2018 Design Contest
Technically Burn Bright TECBLAZE 18 Computer Science Symposium
Unleash the Potential MECHANO 2K18 Mechanical Engineering Symposium
Wing Your Dreams Udaan 2018 Cultural Festival
Future is Here ELENTRUS 18 Electronics and Instrumentation Symposium
Best season is manmade Ritu 2k18 Techno Cultural Fest
Color the Future Takshashila Techno Cultural Fest
தமிழன் என்று சொல்லடா சங்கமம்'18 Cultural Festival
Management fest EXECUTRIX 18 Management Fest
Fostering Innovation Vision 2018 Technical Symposium
Into The Unknown Conscientia 2018 Astro-Technical Fest
Every Imagination Helps PRAYATNA 2018 Technical Symposium
A tribute to Great Karigaala Cholan Karigaala 2K18 Technical Symposium
Youth Under Vibrant activities YUVA NSIT 2K18 Cultural Festival
invited to Explore Your Implicit Ideas IMPIRE 2K18 State Level Technical Symposium
Where the Great Minds Unite CHISEL Z 2K18 Technical Symposium
Promoting the young minds with entrepreneurial skills DZIRE 18 Project Competition
solar thermal One Day National Workshop on Challenges and Opportunities in Solar and thermal Energy Systems 2018 Workshop
the Talented Of Conspiracy Minds KALINGA YUGA 2K18 ECE Technical Symposium
Scripting the Future Shreshta 2k18 Management Festival
Cradle of Creativity Zaaga 2k18 Tech Fest
Essence of life Shuttertrick 2K18 Photography Contest
Expanding the horizon of techies Tech Tornado 2018 Technical Festival
Unleash your best in our gust...! MECHGUST 2K18 Mechanical Engineering Symposium
Invade for Knowledge Never Evades !. Workshop on Game Development Workshop
Lets techniciate... Karmatek 2k18 Technical Festival
- ASTHIVAAR 2K18 Technical Symposium
You Create, We Screen, together, We Make a Difference Srishti International Short Film Festival-2018 Short Film Festival
Every War Brings A Fresh Beginning. Chakrawar 2k18 Techno Cultural Fest
Color of Green APC Rangotsav Conference
Technofied Evolution Projections 2017 Technical Festival
Color of Green Advances in Polymer and Coatings - Rangotsav Technical Festival
Innovation Invites... Progeni 2K18 Computer Science Symposium
Clash Of Brains Acumen 2K18 Technical Symposium
Battle of Brilliant Minds Vanicom 2018 Commerce Festival
Discover Design Create Clusters 2018 Technical Festival
Sampling To Infinity Sankalp 2k18 Technical Festival
Ignite the wild riding Wild Track Racing Mini Bike Design Fabrication and Performance Contest
Bridging The Gap Between Academics And Industry Intent 2018 Technical Symposium
Use your skills to meet like minded people GUSAC Carnival 2018 Technical Festival
Innovate and innovation.Experience transcendence. TEXUS 2K18 Computer Science Symposium
Rising above the Limits CIVILISATION 18 Civil Engineering Symposium
Discover! Explore! Experience! SSN INSTINCTS 2K18 Cultural Festival
A stage to unveil your mask and show your real talent Rathinam Fest 2018 Cultural and Technical Fest
Bigger and Better Manthan 2018 Inter-College Cultural Fest
Battle between Engineers ARCUEZ 2018 Technical Symposium
Science of Doctors, Art of Engineers. Meditech 2k18 Biomedical Engineering Symposium
Push The Human Race Forward Consortium 2018 Annual Entrepreneurship Summit
Electrifying your thoughts Techsonance 2018 Technical Symposium
Cultural Fest SpringSpree 18 Cultural Festival
Enrichment.Enhancement.Empowerment International Conference on Innovations in Information and Communication Technology 2018 International Conference
Turn your dreams into reality TECHQUEST '18 Technical Symposium
Where Passion Meets action RANN 18 Sports Festival
Experience the Potential Electrofocus 18 ECE Symposium
The Way to innovation Castilo 2k18 Technical Symposium
Flicker Your Finesse... TechnoBlazee 18.O Civil Engineering Symposium
Energykce Development of Renewable Energy Sources for Rural Electrification 2018 Workshop
Come Compete Conquer KARMA 2K18 Management Fest
Where Ideas Meet Reality TECHNOVAGANZA 2K18 Techno Cultural Fest
Where Ideas Can Flow without Resistance. PHASOR 2K18 Technical Symposium
Debugging your potential Ideate 2k18 Technical Festival
Unleash the mettle in you Ayas 18 Metallurgical Engineering Symposium
Experience Xtreme together Xtreme18 Mechatronics Department Symposium
Electrify Your Education EYE 2K18 Technical Symposium
To help connect the dots that needs to be connected! NCAET 2018 National Conference
connecting talents with opportunities. Ersmeronz 2k18 Technical Festival
The Technological Extravaganza KRITANJ 2K18 Techno Management Festival
Flip! Fly! Celebrate! ZERO-G Cultural Festival
Refuse To Lose Spardha 2K18 Sports Festival
VIVID 2018 VIVID 2018 National Level Project Competition
Debunk Your Potential VOLTRIK 18 Technical Symposium
Intelligence Is Our Patent Rights KALAM 2K18 Mechanical Engineering Symposium
Every garment has a story Vastra 18 Technical Festival
The Happening Place App Carnival 2k18 Mobile Application Development
Enhance your Knowledge WIT 2K18 ECE Technical Symposium
Accrete your knowledge ARCS 18 Technical Colloquium
Fostering Metallomania Wootz 9 2k18 Technical Symposium
EMBRACE YOUR IDEA INC.LINE 2018 Management Festival
Unleash the Geek Within InfoQuest 18 Technical Festival
Sky is not the limit It's just the beginning Antariksh 2k18 Inter Collegiate Fest
A tryst with the Darkness Culrav 2018 Cultural Festival
Be Technophiliac TORQUE 7.0 Mechanical Engineering Symposium
Sink the opponent Sinkronizer 2k18 Conference
Technology is at it's best when it brings people together Paridhi 2018 Techno-Management Fest
Congress of Metallurgical Professionals COMPOSIT 2018 Metallurgy Fest
May the Code be with you ! HackFest IIT ISM Dhanbad Onsite Hackathon
Into the Future INTERFACE 18 Management Convention
Stay Late And Code SLAC 2018 Hackathon
The Journey Continues 67th Milestone 2018 Techno-Cultural-Management Fest
Come Witness the Moksh Exodia 18 Techno Cultural Fest
Embarked on Dreams, Ideating Aspirations EDGE 18 Techno Management Festival
Resolve and Succeed Entrepreneurs Meet 2018 Entrepreneurs Meet
Build the Future Reconnaissance 2018 Civil Engineering Fest
Technology and Innovation Tech Craze 2K18 Technical Festival
Raising the Spirit of Substainability Ignite 2018 Techno-Legal-Management Festival
this is where I feel Alive Spandan 2k18 Annual Cultural Fest
An International Conference On Sustainable Water Resources Technoscape 2018 International Conference

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