List of India's College Campus Fest Captions 2017.

Event Captions of 33 College Fests

Event Captions Fest Name Fest Type
who will sit on the iron throne. EMINENCE 5.0 Commerce Fest
Take-30 Pratibimb 17 Cultural Festival
VJTI चं मराठी मन Rangawardhan 2017 Cultural Festival
Women in Engineering ADWIETA 2017 Technical Festival
Igniting the Potential TEDxGCT 2017 TEDx
#gotechno Technovanza 17 Annual Techno-management Festival
Come - Compete - Conquer SANKALP 2K17 Techno Cultural Fest
Show Case Your Innovation VIRTUSA 2018 Technical Festival
Bring your Ideas to life, Launch your Startup Amrita TBI PitchFest 2018 Management Fest
The Spirit of Engineering Shaastra 2018 Technical Festival
Take the Leap 1st Shaastra Research Conference Conference
Leadership in Innovation Science Conclave:2018 Conclave
non stop 30 hour inter-college hackathon HACKFEST 2017 Hackathon
Strategize to Decode TECHNITROUS 2K18 Inter-Collegiate IT Fest
Ozora Ozora Mcc Magna 17-18 Management Festival
The Management Olympics Concord 2018 Management Festival
The Indian Carnival Saptrang 18 Cultural Fest
Celebration of Textiles Texus 2018 Technical Festival
innovation for sustainability Pragati 18 Management Fest
True Spirit of Youth Spring Fest 2018 Cultural Fest
Breathe Innovation Hack 36 Hackathon
Transcending Innovations SPECTRA 2018 Technical Festival
Welcome to the Battlefield FLAME Kurukshetra Cultural and Management Fest
Invoke your eminence SANKETA 2018 Mechanical Engineering Symposium
innovate illuminate Celebrate INKARNO 2k18 Techno Cultural Fest
Folds of origami CLIFFESTO 2K18 Techno Cultural Fest
Ignite Your Concrete Core CON'CLASH 2018 Technical Festival
The Technological Extravaganza KRITANJ 2K18 Techno Management Fest
Create Deploy Destroy TechTrix 2018 Techno-Management Fest
Stay Late And Code SLAC 2018 Hackathon
Color of Green APC Rangotsav Conference
Technofied Evolution Projections 2017 Technical Festival
Color of Green Advances in Polymer and Coatings - Rangotsav Technical Festival

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