List of India's College Campus Fest Captions 2017.

Event Captions of 75 College Fests

Event Captions Fest Name Fest Type
Go Daring, Do Karting... Vishnu Karting Championship 2017 Karting Championship
Ideate, Innovate, Implement Action Plan 16 Competition
Mobile Tune-up Technical Workshop on Mobile Technology Workshop
Beyond Conventions Infusion 2017 Management Fest
Showcase your hardware skills STRIDERZ 2k17 ECE Symposium
Excel to get !! XELFUGETS 2k17 Technical Symposium
I am not Disable, I am Differently Able. Abhyuday Annual Social Festival Social Festival
Reinvent the Future 18th Futura Technical Fest
In Association with "Make In India" Project Design Contest Project Design Contest
reaching for the stars Adastra 2017 Techno Management Robotics and Literary Symposium
Realise, Indulge, Experience Avani 2k17 Nature Fest
Think.Dream.Live Anwesha '17 Cultural and Sports Fest
Think. Create. Enjoy Kshitij 2017 Techno-Management Fest
Where time waits for talent Talentime 33 Management Festival
The official Cultural Extravaganza of IIM,Calcutta Carpe Diem'17 Cultural Festival
Unleash the Power of Youth CYBERFEST 2K17 CSE Symposium
Bring your Ideas to Life. Launch your startup at Amrita TBI PitchFest. Amrita TBI PitchFest 2017 Management Fest
Rule the Castle Calic 2k17 Commerce Fest
The much awaited fest! Spandan 2k17 Cultural Festival
In the Age of Technology XENIA 2017 Cultural Fest
The Royal Heritage Rajnigandha 2017 Cultural Festival
Catalysts for excellence Ideasynth 3.0 Technical Festival
reach undefined Apogee 2k17 Technical Symposium
Believe Rise Achieve Purvodaya 16 Management Fest
Bring on the Nostalgia Echoes 2017 Cultural Fest
Explore | Experience | Embrace CONVERGE 2017 Techno Cultural Management Fest
Svatantrya Probe 2017 ECE Symposium
Discover yoy Nova cest 17 Technical Fest
World Cancer Day Srishta 17 Techno Cultural Fest
knowledge runs free Wissenaire 17 Techno Management Festival
Hitch your wagons to the stars Dhurya 2017 Literary Fest
Zeal for excellence SANKETA 2K17 Mechanical Symposium
Think beyond the limits Niral 2017 Technical Symposium
Empowering Innovation Synergy 17 Technical Festival
Experience Matters XLerate 2017 Leadership, Cultural and Sports festival
Never Before Never again INNOWAR 2K17 Technical Symposium
#Create #Innovate #TechNovate TechNovate 2017 Techno Cultural Fest
A Talkshow Off the Record Conclave
For the Students , By the Students, With The Students Zenfox 2k17 ECE Symposium
Battle of minds Yuddhavarna 17 CSE Symposium
A Quest of Eminence TALAASH 2017 Technical Festival
Ideat.Plan.Execute Startupedia: The BPlan Pitch Management Fest
Legacy Rebooted TESSERACT 2017 Technical Festival
Reinvent The Champion in You ANOKHA 2k17 Technical Fest
Blaze Of Glory Petrocup 2017 Sports Fest
Explore Your Freedom Carte Blanche 17 Technical Symposium
Nothing is True. Everything is Permitted. Zion 2017 Technical Festival
Never Fails to Entertain You ENIAC 2k17 Technical Symposium
Ideas Exchanged Lada Fest 2k17 Literary Fest
Bring Your Idea to Life Prarambh 2017 Startup Event
Energy is our vision Energy is our action SPE INDHAN 2K17 Petroleum Engineering & Petro Chemical Engineering Fest
Only the mother of all ideas prevail UNICUS 2017 Business Model Competition
Unleashing Talent in you Zeal Talentron 2K17 Cultural Competition
Where Innovation Meets Nature ONYX 2k17 Techno Cultural Fest
Excellence Through innovation Xlencia 17 Management Fest
Lightening the Nation VIDHYUTRA 2k17 Technical Fest
thinkBEYOND FootPrints Technical Fest
NLWEH'17 National Level Workshop on Ethical Hacking Workshop
Dawn of Adrenal Bolt Blitzschlag 17 Techno-Cultural Fest
Echoes of The Past Impressions 2017 Techno Cultural Managerial Festival
Lets Technitiate KARMATEK 2017 Techno Management Fest
Gives Wings to your ideas EclEctiquE 2K17` Technical Symposium
That 90's show Aatmatrisha 2017 Techno-Cultural Fest
Ideate, Innovate, Create SRAJAN'17 Technical Fest
Ideate Innovate Create SRAJAN 17 Project Contest
Live the Change MILAN 17 Cultural Fest
Come, Join The Happiness Techno Sahotsava 2017 Cultural Fest
Exploring Advances in Automobile Engineering IEEE sponsored International Conference on Intelligent Transport System and Vehicle Technology - ITSVT 2017 Conference
The RetroFuture APOGEE 2017 Technical Symposium
The Battle Begin Sangharsh 17 Sports Fest
Beginning of Innovation SwaroopMM 17 Technical & Cultural Festival
Combustion to Conservation Eco Green Vehicle Challenge Technical Contest
Curious Imagination => Infinite Creation RESONANCE 2017 Technical Fest
Join us to gain skill and employament Summer Internship on Vehicle and Aircraft designing and Manufacturing Summer Internship

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