List of India's College Campus Fest Captions 2019.

Event Captions of 105 College Fests

Event Captions Fest Name Fest Type
Basement for better innovation SHILANYA 2K19 Civil Engineering Symposium
Exploring Technology MEGALEIO 2019 Technical Festival
A Walk Through Fire ANUBHUTI 19 Cultural Festival
The Vivid Brilliance INVERTIA 2K19 Cultural Festival
Relive The Comic Life Miraki 2K19 Cultural Festival
Expect the unexpected Zhagaram 2019 Computer Science Engineering Symposium
Ignite the knowledge IGNITIA 2K19 Mechanical Symposium
Global Clash of Techno Titans Kriya 2k19 Texaholic/Texplore Technical Intercollege Event
The Future is now DAKSH 2019 Techno Management Fest
The Global Clash Of Technology Talentz KRIYA 2K19 Technical Symposium
Pro Gaming League Login 2K19 MCA Symposium
Feel the thrill Verve 2k19 Techno Cultural and Management Fest
Take it easy, TECHETC! TECHETC 2K19 Technical Festival
Discover the undiscovered Zerone 2k19 IT Fest
The rising pageant of DTU AFTAB 2019 Management Event
Ideate Innovate Create SRAJAN 2019 Technical Festival
Unleash your best in our gust...! MECHGUST 2K19 Mechanical Symposium
Close your book, open your Mind. Milantronikz 19 Technical Symposium
Where innovative Ideas are Implemented TECHNOTSAV 2K19 Technical Festival
House of knowledge Iglook 2019 Technical Symposium
#START SOMETHING THAT MATTERS Traction 2019 Cultural Festival
Start something that matters Marquest 2.0 Management Fest
Dirt Guts Glory Aravalli Terrain Vehicle Championship (ATVC) 2019 Terrain Vehicle Championship
Crossroad of innovation KRITANJ 2K19 Technical Festival
Make Your Mark, Change our World The WallStreet Business Challenge 2019 Management Festival
Motto of Asthra is to show case the talent of the Young minds. Asthra 2K19 Information Technology Symposium
Amplify Mind Power Amp 2k19 Technical Symposium
Clash of Brains ACUMEN 2K19 Technical Symposium
Kingdom of active Legends associated with Mechanical KALAM 2K19 Technical Symposium
Colors for Change TECHOFES 2019 Cultural Festival
Clash of Trailblazers TECHNOBLAZE 19.0 Civil Engineering Symposium
Gold Edition MAGNOVITE OCTA 2019 Techno Cultural Fest
Innovators Hub Fifth National Conference on Research and Development in Science, Engineering and Technology 19 National Conference
Get Mechnified PISTOBOLTZ 2019 Mechanical Symposium
Show Yourself who you are to the World Vels Media Fest 2019 Media Fest
We Unite, We inspire GYANITH 2019 Technical Festival
Kalathil Sandhipom KALAM 2k19 Techno Cultural Fest.
Kindle The Curious Interface 2019 Management Fest
Defining the ages Eisen 2K19 Technical Symposium
Apprehend. Acknowledge. Accord MACE MUN 2019 Model United Nations
hic est Nirvana Abhyudaya 2019 Cultural Festival
Where Spin and Speed Matters PRABHANJAN 2019 Management Fest
INITIATE YOUR INNOVATION ELASTOPLAZ 2019 Chemical Engineering Symposium
சங்கமிக்கும் சங்கமம் Sangamam 19 Cultural Festival
Beyond the Barrier SPLENDORA 2019 Technical Festival
Kindling the Youth KITSYUVA 2019 Techno Cultural and Sports Fest
Tech Is Omnipresent VERTECHX 9.0 Technical Symposium
Reverb The Beat Stringz 19 Cultural Festival
Future Opportunities for Career and Ultimate Success FOCUS 19 Career and Skill Development Workshop
Electrifying Your Thoughts Techsonance 2k19 EEE Technical Festival
Amalgamation of Engineering and Medicine Meditech 2k19 Technical Festival
Where geeks meets Beats Astonia 2k19 CSE Symposium
Unveil the Exuberance ELIXIR 2019 Cultural Festival
Crafting your vision SOUDHA 2019 Civil Engineering Festival
Where Passion Meets action RANN 2019 Sports Festival
Become an engineer One Day National Level Workshop for Mechanical Students 2019 Technical Workshop
Connection Is Power Grafiya 2k19 Computer Science Engineering Symposium
It's a place to explore "Who you are" to the universe... Pixel 19 Technical Symposium
Be Technophilic Torque 8.0 Technical Festival
Bigger, Better and Techy-er TECHAGON 19 Computer Science Engineering Symposium
கொங்கு பொறியியற் கல்லூரியின் கொங்கு சமுதாய வானொலி பெருமையுடன் வழங்கும் பிற கல்லூரி மாணவர்களுக்கான கலைவிழா Alaivarisai 90.4 MHz Radio Fest
Hack & Knock 1.0 Hackathon 2019 24 Hours Programming Contest
Where Curiosity meets opportunity FENIX 2K19 Computer Science Engineering Symposium
Coder King Hackathon 19 Hackathon
Strategies to Decode Chakarvyuh 2019 Business Plan Competition
Unleash your potential here! INFOCRUISE 2K19 Technical Symposium
Beats Of Imagination JU-Rhythm 2019 Techno-Cultural-Business Fest
Live|Love|Spread D'Equinox 2K19 Cultural festival
A Legacay of Champions ENERGIA 2K19 Sports Festival
Cloud Computing Tool Two Days Workshop on DevOps Tool 2019 Hands on Training
Explore, Express and Excel EXPRO 19 Technical Symposium
Infinity Unravelled Waves 2019 Techno Management Fest
Let the Mindgames begin! Prayatna 2019 CSE Symposium
We are the world MECHANZIA 2K19 Mechanical Symposium
Challenge Yourself ! Techquest 19 Technical Festival
We are the world MECHANZIA 2K19 Mechanical Symposium
New Begging Endless Capabalities AJIET AAKAR 2K19 Techno Cultural Festival
Get electrified Eclectic 2k19 Technical Symposium
For all the unstable elements in you Rscience 2k19 Chemical Engineering Festival
Sync Your Skills SYNERGY 19.0 Technical Symposium
beyond dreams... Conact 3.0 Cultural Festival
blend of colours KALARAVA 2019 Techno Cultural Fest
Code-4-Cause St.Peter's Hackathon 2019 Hackathon
An Euphoric Leap Udaan 19 Techno Cultural Fest
Desire. Aspire. Inspire XTACIA 2019 Cultural Festival
Cast your desire AYAS 19 Technical Symposium
Let's Celebrate Technology Pragyan 2019 Techno Management Fest
Drone Touch and Feel -Fly High Live Practical Quad Drone - Making and Sky Test Workshop 2019 Workshop
the ultimate aim TELOS 2019 Technical Festival
Here's Your Tech Byte!!! UNiTRON 2K19 Technical Festival
Ignite Imbibe innovate GENOS 2K19 Chemical Engineering Festival
Insignia of Meridian KIIT E-Summit 2019 Entrepreneurship Summit
Rise from Within IGNITE 5.0 Technical Festival
Come-Create-Cherish Provenance 2019 Techno Cultural Festival
Get! Set! Grab! SNS Shopping Utsav 2k19 Consumer Fair
Thrive to Transform Tantragyan 2019 National Level Project Competition
Compiling innovations C-Elit 2019 CSE Symposium
Design It, Build It, launch It SELECT Make-A-Thon 2019 Makeathon
Vigour Valour Victory Spree 2019 Sports Festival
Redefining Possibilities Impetus 19 Technical Festival
#UnitedToDebate JECRC MUN 2019 Model United Nations
Remake the retro Exodia 19 Techno Cultural Festival
Escaping The Ordinary BizNest Management Festival
A Platform for Innovators TECHEXPO 2019 Tech Expo

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