List of India's College Campus Fest Captions 2019.

Event Captions of 49 College Fests

Event Captions Fest Name Fest Type
No TECH without MECH GRALITZ 2K19 Mechanical Engineering Symposium
Festival of creation CREOISTA 19 Robo Fest
The end of a decade of tech Comblaze 2K19 Technical Symposium
Coding Is the New Language of Creativity KRANTI 2k19 CSE Technical Symposium
Think Outside The Box NEONIX 19 Technical Symposium
Let's make "IT happen ! Xtrofest and Hackathon 2k19 Information Technology Symposium
Innovation Redefined Abhigyan 2k19 Technical Symposium
Witness the battle of wits One Day Hands-on Technical Workshop 2019 Workshop
Imagine. Create. Iterate Codefest 2019 Coding Festival
Dirt Karting, Go Karting National Dirt Karting Championship NDKC 2K19 Dirt Karting Championship
Expose the experience ENVIZAAGE'19 School Students Symposium
Witness the Future HASHTAG 2.0 Information Technology Symposium
Challenge your limits!!! CRYPTERA 2019 Technical Symposium
A Platform for Innovators TECHEXPO 2019 Tech Expo
Skill Beyond Ether Aero Techno Cultural Fest 2019 Aero Techno Cultural Fest
We don't when we're tired ...but we stop once we're done Sperton 2k19 Civil Engineering Symposium
Witness the cultural legacy LEGACY 2K19 Cultural Fest
No Tech Without Mech MECHANTRA 19 Mechanical Engineering Symposium
There is no tech without mech MECHNOVA 2k19 Mechanical Engineering Symposium
Machines rule the world Let's rule Maquinas 2k19 Mechanical Engineering Symposium
Technical Symposium OPUZELEK 2K19 EEE Symposium
Injecting Exultation AGON 2019 Cultural Festival
Decryption of Talentz... DOTZ v8.0 Technical Symposium
Ready to Be augustified AUGUSTA 2K19 Symposium
#CompeteToConquer Rann-Neeti 2019 Sports Festival
Look to the Future and Build it. WORKTOP 1.0 2019 Business Plan Presentation
Don't Wait. Iterate!! Hack in Hub 2019 Hackathon
Spark Ignite Innovate Robovanza 2k19 Robotics Fest
Join Move Conquer JEMECE 2K19 Management Fest
chennai 3rd International Conference on Technological Advances in Mechanical Engineering 2019 International Conference
Peace No tPieces KIIT International MUN 2019 MUN Conference
#PeacenotPieces KIIT International MUN 2019 Conference
Come Fly With Us! Aerophilia 2019 Aeromodelling Fest
Modern industrial Drives Technical Workshop 2019 Workshop
Challenge Your Inability Hikohiko 2k19 Technical Symposium
No Technology Without EEE GRALITZ 2K19 EEE Symposium
NLP spaCy Hands on Training on Natural Language Processing using spaCy 2019 Hands on Training
Let Your Calibre Rule CALIGO 2K19 Management Fest
Aaruush is a feeling. Aaruush 2019 Techno Management Festival
The Real Rivalry Begins RIVALS-19 Mini Bike Race
Rising in the spirit of innovation AARUUSH 2019 Techno Management Festival
unleash the talent within SRiSHTi 2k19 Technical Symposium
Jeet Junoon Jazba Virudhaka XI 2019 Sports Festival
Learn Apply Compete Win IIT Ropar National Workshop on Design and Advertising 2019 Workshop
#playlikeatitanium TITANIUM JURAL SPORTS FEST 2019 Sports Festival
Annual Sports fest of IIT BHU Spardha 2019 Sports Festival
Sustainable Cities Indo - Israel International Joint Conference on Sustainable Cities 2019 International Conference
Sustainability is the key to Future. Fluxus IIT Indore 2019 Techno Cultural Fest

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