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5 Upcoming College Fests

College Fest Name College Name Writing Events
Advanced Image and Video Processing using Computer Vision (Open CV) 2019
09 Dec 2019 View More
St Josephs Institute of Technology

The following topics covered in the Workshop:
• Image Processing Techniques and the Transformation
• Image Processing Techniques with Open CV Colour Conversion, Arithmetic operations in images
• Basic image transformations applications of Image Thresholding
• Video processing accessing over webcam and IP Cam.
Writing the captured frames to a folder & Working with IP cameras Grey scale and HSV Conversion using videos
• Image Processing Algorithms
• Foreground and Background Separation
• Video Processing on Open CV
• K-means Clustering Algorithm
• Face Detection and Recognition
• Colour based Object Tracking and Drawing

One Day Hands on Training Programme in Scientific Paper Writing 2019
12 Dec 2019 View More
MEA Engineering College

One Day Hands on Training Programme in Scientific Paper Writing

One Day National Level Workshop on Journal Writing, IPR and Patent Drafting 2019
13 Dec 2019 View More
Karpagam College of Engineering

Introduction to Journal paper Writing and paraphrasing
Plagiarism and publication ethics.
Overview of IPR
Drafting patents and filing process
Copyrighting and trademarks

Ethos 20
26 Jan 2020 View More
IIM Sambalpur

"Step up,
Sangeet samrat,
rang rangoli,
first pallete,
the mask,
i factor,
ramp burn,
laughtey raho"
"Case Study Competition,
Article Writing Competition (Online),
Mock Recruitment Competition (Online)"
Pitch Up- Business Plan Competition, Reshaping Startup- Case Study Competition, Entrepreneurial Workshop
Shutter Up,
Be the bard,

Invictus 2020
10 Feb 2020 View More
JD Birla Institute

Western Dance, Fashion Show, Stress Interview, Best Manager,Unplugged,Indoor Cricket, T20 Auction, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Human Resource, Human Resource, Bollywood Dance, Just A Minute, Football Management, Debate, Quiz, Ad Spoof, Ccreative Writing, Volleyball, Throwball, Table Tennis, Pool, NGO

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