Programming Competitions in College Fests, Events in July 2017.

5 Upcoming College Fests

College Fest Name College Name Programming Events
Practical Introduction to Matlab and Simulink 2017
29 Jul 2017
VIT University

Introduction to Matlab  Introduction to Matlab Programming  Selection Statements  Loop Statements  Vectorized Code  Matlab Programs  String Manipulation  File Input and Output  Functions  Plotting Techniques  Matrix Representation of Linear Algebraic Equations  Basic Statistics, Searching, Sets, Sorting, and Indexing

Workshop on Python Programming Python 2017
30 Jul 2017
Top Engineers

Workshop on Python Programming Python 2017

One day Workshop with Hands-on Training on Real Time Project Design using ARDUINO: Tools and Techniques
03 Aug 2017
Kongu Engineering College


• Essential attributes on Embedded Systems

• Exploring ARDUINO for Embedded Systems

• Developing, testing and debugging using ARDUINO IDE v1.6.5
Role of Integrated Development Environment in Simulation and Embedded C Programming

• Embedded Programming Tool paradigm for Project design using ARDUINO
Arduino Simulation design suite v1.0.1 for Simulating/emulating the project to be developed

• Serial Interface to ARDUINO
• Interacting with the Outside World Using Simple I/O devices
 LEDs & Buzzer Interfacing
 Switch (DIP) Interfacing
 Interfacing Potentiometers
 Interfacing Sensors
 Buzzer/Piezoelectric Speaker Interface
 Seven Segment Display Interfacing
 LCD Interfacing
 Stepper Motor/DC motor Interfacing
 ADC interfacing

• Working with GSM module in ARDUINO
• Project development using ARDUINO Board

One Day National Workshop on Exploring Image Processing and its Applications Using Matlab 2k17
05 Aug 2017
Kongu Engineering College

This workshop aims to cover the following,
• Introduction to MATLAB
• Hands-On to MATLAB Programming
• Introduction to Image Processing
• Hands-On training-Image Processing
F Pre-processing - Filtering and
F Morphological operations
F Edge detection and Segmentation
F Feature Extraction
• Wavelet tool box
• Application and Case Studies

Hands on Training on Sensor Interfacing and Real Time Applications using ARM Processor
12 Aug 2017
Kongu Engineering College

*Introduction to Embedded system design & Applications
* ARM Hardware Architecture
* ARM instruction set, Register, Interrupts
* Memories, Peripherals
* ARM processor Programming
* ARM Processor for IoT and ZigBee technology based applications
ï‚· I/O Device Interfacing techniques
ï‚· Hands-on session on ARM Development Board
ï‚· Software development flow and working with project

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