Music Competitions in College Fests, Events in November 2017.

6 Upcoming College Fests

College Fest Name College Name Music Events
Mediasphere 2018
28 Nov 2017
St Francis Degree College for Women

Online Events :
1. Rennomer - Give your brand new Title to the movie Bahubali
2. Jingle Jangle- create a jingle on anything related to Christmas
3. Musically - Lip sync with those popular dialogues or songs
4. Expresso - Feature Writing

Other Events :
28th Novemeber :-
1. First Cut - Short films or P.S.A
2. Adzap - create a product and advertise it
3. Moviebuff - Act it. Guess it. Win it.
4. Mediascape - Media Quiz
5. Crazy Khabri - Mimic your fav Journalist
6. News Room - News Presenter

29th November :-
1. Just Dance- Dance competition
2. Vox Factor- Sing, beatbox, Rap (Everything Vocal)

Impressions 2017
09 Dec 2017
College of Engineering Pune

Dance: Street Forward, Rangeela, So Du ET
Music: Saavani, High Current, Stay Tuned
Art: Strokes in blinks, Wrap in scrap, Tee two one sold, Doodlie doo
Acting: Limelight, Artiskit, Suno Suno, Kavyaa
6th Lens: Box Office, Freelenser
Informal Events

D'Ignito 2017
16 Jan 2018
De Paul Institute of Science and Technology

1) Coding & debugging
2) Word hunt
3) HR game
4) Marketing game
5) Street play
6) Best Social Worker
7) Gaming
8) Web designing
9) RJ hunt
10) Short film
11) Treasure hunt
12) Music band
13) Hungama or spot dance
14) Group dance
15) Photography
16) Poetry writing

Kashiyatra 2018
19 Jan 2018

Abhinay - Dramatics Event
Bandish - Indian Music Event
Crosswindz - Western Music Event
Enquizta - Quiz Event
Mirage - Lifestyle Event
Natraj - Dance Event
Samvaad - Literary Event
Toolika - Fine Arts Event

Mind Over Matter MOM 2K18
19 Jan 2018

Model Expo
Model expo gives an opportunity to trot out their innovative ideas in the framework of a model. MOM invites all those
kindling young minds out there to present oneself and be a part of this enthralling fest.
* Conducted at school level and institute level.
* Entry Fees:- School level �350/-, Institute level �500/-
* Participate in a team of 6 or less.
* Prizes worth �25,000/-
* Submit an abstract beforehand and top projects will be selected for the exhibition.
* Winning model will be promoted further for patent by ABV-IIITM,Gwalior.
Mobile App Development (MAD)
MOM2k18 gives a platform to all the app developers to participate and emblazon their app development skills. Participate with
your self made app based on our theme.
* Institute level event.
* Submit an abstract of your app beforehand.
* Entry Fees: �500/-
* Prizes worth: �18,000/-
* Full Download & promotions support for the winners
Brain Wave
MOM 2k18 provides you with an opportunity to present your ideas to the experts in the field.
* School level event.
* Submit an abstract of the idea on the given problem statement. Only shortlisted participants will be called for final round.
* Give your presentation in front of the judges (in .ppt or .pptx format).
* The 15 min presentation time slot includes 10 min for presentation and 5 min for Q & A session.
* Participation in a team of 2 or individually.
* Entry Fees:-�300/-
* Prizes Worth: �10,000/-
Examen - the Quiz
MOM2k18 is here with a quest for knowledge to keep you on your toes, pick your brain and tickle your stomach.
* School level event.
* Entry Fees: �200/- per team
* First round will be conducted at designated schools
* Final Round at ABV-IIITM
* Prizes worth: �12,000/-

Stage performance competition.
* School level event.
* No Entry Fees.
* Participation in teams of not more than 15.
* Skits should be 10-15 minutes long
* The play should not be vulgar and must be related to our theme.
* Prizes worth: �5,000/-
Band Wars
Enthrall on a Musical journey as various bands compete .
* School level event.
* Entry Fees: �500.
* Prizes worth: �10,000

Informal Events
On-spot Drawing Competition.
* Open to all.
* Entry Fees: �100/-
* Participants are allowed to use any type of colours, pencils, etc
* They can give their submission as a sketch or painting
* The participants have to arrange their own drawing materials, only drawing sheets will be provided to them.
* Prizes worth:-�5,000/-
Quiz on TV Series, Movies, Anime.
* Open to all.
* Participation can be done individually or in a team of not more than 3.
* Use of any type of electronic device (like mobile phones, Bluetooth, etc.) during the quiz is strictly prohibited. If found,
then it will lead to the disqualification of the team.
* Entry Fees: �100/- per team
* Prizes:-N,000/-
Treasure Hunt
Treasure Hunt will involve finding sneaky interactive clues which have been hidden throughout our institute campus.
* Open to all.
* Entry Fee:-�100/- per team.
* Prizes Worth:-�3,000/-
Online Events
* Open to all.
* Bring your self-composed quotes, poems and songs
* No Entry Fees
* Prizes worth: �5,000/-
World of Trollcraft
* Open to all.
* No entry fees
* Prizes Worth:-�2,500/-
* Make meme/troll based on our theme.
* No swearing, crude language, or mean-spirited entries will be accepted.
* Open to all.
* Dubsmash Contest
* The length of the video must not be more than 30 seconds.
* The content of the video must not be vulgar.
* No Entry Fees
* Prizes:-�2,500/-

Taarangana 2018
02 Feb 2018
Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women
New Delhi

Major Events during Taarangana are broadly classified into PRO NIGHTS, PRIME EVENTS and a variety of FUN EVENTS.
Prime Events -
Urban Thump : Gripping performances by energetic Dance crews, matching their footsteps to the best western beats.
Synnove : Appeasing to the soul, enthralling to the eyes while solo/duet performances steal your wits and cries!
Knights of The Fall : Surrendering to the rhythm in their veins, Bands battle against each other to earn the most coveted victory title.
Mr. and Ms. Taarangana : Blending the features of a Talent Hunt and a Beauty Pageant, this competition favours the search for the most desirable individuals.
Aaghaz : Where words meet wisdom and, wisdom is translated through actions ­ Street Play competition with teams focusing on various social issues.
Lilac Dreams : Style, Confidence and Costumes are the major three keys to success in the most chic event of the fest, the very famous Fashion Parade.
Digital Art : Fingers linger around the most famous design softwares, to transform a given picture into a marvel.
Creative Writing : Given a detailed setting, take time,innovate and fortify a piece with your Shakespearian instinct and imaginative writing.
War of the words : Mighty words clash and opinions staged, because it is no joke but Debate!
Antraa : Music has a way of healing your soul. A singing­in­group competition that will revive your spirit in melody and Music.
Anhad : Swing to the beats of student singing sensations, competing against each other in the final solo/duet showdown.
Monochrome : Jumble and juggle with three colours to make a breathtaking master piece. Out of the three, two are decided ­ black and white but, what will the third be!
Thread Art : Minimal prop of a thread will decide, if you are capable to create a magnificient marvel of pride.
Choreo : Step up in style and groove to the beats you like. Set the theme as your mood and, perform to be the star & impress the crowd.

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