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Business Metrics and its Application in Business Decisions 2019
24 Jun 2019
Sri Krishna College of Engineering and Technology

Focus Areas
Data preparation and descriptive analytics
➢ Data collection tools and techniques
➢ Data cleansing tools and techniques
➢ Descriptive analytics tools and techniques
Predictive Models such as
➢ Predictive Modeling
➢ Root Cause Analysis
➢ Data Mining
➢ Forecasting
➢ Monte-Carlo Simulation
➢ Pattern Identification and Alerts
➢ Sentiment analysis
➢ Multiple linear regression
➢ Text analytics
➢ Simple statistical Modeling
➢ Predictive analytics for functional areas
Prescriptive Metrics
➢ Interpretation
➢ Inference
➢ Story telling

Faculty Development Programme on Business intelligence and Big Data analytics 2019
01 Jul 2019
KL University Hyderabad Campus

Major Course Contents:  Introduction to BI and Big Data analytics  R studio and R for Data Science  Visualization and Exploratory Data analysis using R  Statistical Methods for Decision Making  Analytics Techniques, Optimization Techniques  Data Mining & Introduction to Supervised and Unsupervised learning  Decision Trees, Random Forest, Neural Networks  Predictive Modeling, Multiple Linear Regression for Predictive Analytics  Linear, Logistic Regression, LDA  Time Series Forecasting, ARMA, ARIMA Models  Machine Learning  Handling Unstructured Data, Machine learning Algorithms  Bias Variance trade-off  Model Validation, Data Visualization  Introduction to MapReduce and Hadoop

First International Conference on Intelligent Digital Transformation ICIDT 2019
11 Jul 2019
Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College

Conference Tracks
• Artificial Intelligence
• Machine Learning and Deep Learning
• Cloud and Grid Computing
• Mobile Computing
• Distributed Computing
• High Performance Computing
• Cryptography
• Data Science
• Cyber Security
Track 1 Track 2
• Industry 4.0
• Vehicle systems and Technologies
• Structural Analysis
• Construction Technology
• Automation, Mechatronics, and Robotics
• Climate Change and Environmental Issues
• Unmanned Vehicles
• Analysis and Design of Mechanical Systems
• Aerodynamics and fluid mechanics
• Wearable Sensors For Healthcare Monitoring
• Communication systems
• Mobile and wireless
• Internet of things
• Image and Video Processing
• Wind Energy Technologies
• Green and Renewable Energy
• Power Electronics Devices & Control
• Biomedical Signal Processing and Instrumentation
• Instrumentation Engineering
• Innovations in Mathematics & Statistics
• Simulation & Modeling
• Graph Theory
• Optimization Technique
• Nano Materials and Technology
• Applied Mathematics and Physics
• Geo Physics
• Bio Chemistry
• Quantum Physics and Technology
• Chemical properties of transactinide elements

The IEEE 53rd International Carnahan Conference on Security Technology ICCST 2019
01 Oct 2019
Anna University

Sensor and detection technology
Advanced video systems
Automatic monitoring
Alarm monitoring
Threat identification and Modelling
Information security, encryption & privacy
Cyber security and malware protection
Wireless communications security
Biometrics technologies
Access control and identity management
Barrier technology and Modelling
Less-than-lethal weapons technology
Emergency operations and management
Local, state and national interoperability
Network-centric systems, deployment
Forensic technologies
Operator training and performance
User experiences of operating security systems

Techaura 2k19
31 Oct 2019
School of Engineering and Technology Nagaland University

Food Processing
Bridge Making
Model Presentation
Blind Coding
Web Design
Computer Quiz
Otaku Quiz
Mind Drill
Spelling Bee
Voice Of Techaura
Mr & Miss TechAura
Techno Art
Mobile Legends
Battle Of The Bands

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