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Design for Manufacture, Assembly and Environment for Product Innovation and Optimization 2019
25 Nov 2019 View More
Dr Mahalingam College of Engineering and Technology

Ÿ Overview
Ÿ Product design Process
Ÿ Selection of materials and shapes
Ÿ Design for X(manufacturability, assembly
Ÿ Rapid prototyping
Ÿ Design for reliability
Multi objective evolutionary optimization:
Ÿ Concept of multi objective optimization
Ÿ Concept and types of evolutionary optimization
TRIZ methodology:
Ÿ Concept of Ideality/contradiction
Ÿ 40 inventive principles
Ÿ Applications of TRIZ

3rd International Conference on Big Data and Cloud Computing ICBDCC 2019
06 Dec 2019 View More
Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences

We invite researchers, students and industrialists with innovative Ideas to submit their research findings.

4th International Conference on Computational Intelligence, Cyber Security and Computational Models (ICC3) 2019
19 Dec 2019 View More
PSG College of Technology

We enthusiastically encourage prospective authors to submit an electronic version of their original research papers that contain contributions of theoretical, experimental or application nature using EasyChair.

The conference is organized in three tracks with the theme "Contemporary Models and Applications for Computational Paradigms" ; CyberSecurity, Computational Models, Computational Intelligence and will feature distinguished invited speakers in each track. Papers are solicited from industry, government and academia (including students) covering relevant research, technologies, methodologies, tools and case studies. The intention of the conference is to explore the computational concepts to emphasize the role of technology in real time problems. The topics listed below are meant to indicate the breadth of the area and are definitely not to be considered exhaustive.

Computational Intelligence:
Technology depends upon discovery, and discovery upon the advancement of technology; that is certainly the case with Computational Intelligence. Computational Intelligence (CI) is the theory, design, application and development of biologically and linguistically motivated computational paradigms. Traditionally the three main pillars of CI have been Neural Networks, Fuzzy Systems and Evolutionary Computation. However, over time, numerous computing paradigms inspired by nature have evolved. In recent years, there has been an explosion of research in Deep Learning - deep constitutional neural networks in particular. Deep learning has become the core method for artificial intelligence and some of the most successful AI systems are based on CI. This track focuses on computational intelligence techniques and their applications.

Cyber Security:
The increasing use of the internet and social media has made cyber security more important. Cyber security is of paramount importance for government organizations and is a vital asset to the nation. Growing cyber threats such as data theft, phishing scams and other cyber vulnerabilities demand that users should remain vigilant about protecting data. Cyber Security track in this conference aims to bring together researchers, practitioners, developers and users to explore cutting-edge Ideas and end results.

Computational Models:
Computational models are mathematical models that are simulated using computation to study complex systems from the effects of drugs on the body to the interactions of nations in the global economy.

This conference provides a window to the novel endeavors of the research communities to publish their works by highlighting the value of computational modelling as a research tool when investigating complex systems.

This track is aimed to foster research interaction in all aspects of computational science and engineering, and to develop computational models needed to meet the demands of computer systems users and explore the new potentials of computation engines.

5th International Conference on Current Research in Engineering Science and Technology ICCREST 2020
20 Dec 2019 View More
Jayaram College of Engineering and Technology

Paper Presentations, Research Idea Sharing, Journal Publication, Proceedings.

Krishi Manthan 2019
28 Dec 2019 View More
IIM Ahmedabad

Four competitions focused on various areas of discussion:
1. In QUIZ tive - With several rounds of Quizzing will test your temperament and passion for Food and Agribusiness sector.
2. Brain A thon - Brain A Thon gives an opportunity to don the hat of a marketer A platform where students use their skills to surprise with unique solutions We offer a live problem statement from industry and just think out of the box.
3. Strat Jack - Bring management skills and strategic thinking. Strategic Jack helps out to solve a problem statement and an opportunity for students to prove the mettle through 3 Steps Analysing, planning and Execution.
4. Pitchers 2.0 - Be Innovative, think out of the box and create a plan that satisfies the society, the economy and Mother Nature. The Entrepreneurial Idea that will bring the value into different stages of food and agribusiness values chain.

Amrita Tbi Pitchfest 2020
29 Dec 2019 View More
Amrita TBI

If you have a great innovative Idea or product and are looking for funding, then Amrita TBI Pitchfest is the perfect platform to showcase your Ideas/products. Pitchfest is a unique initiative by Amrita TBI and partnered by Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, NITI Aayog, Indian Angel Network, VenturEast and Amazon Web Services to find the most promising startups in India.
Total seed investment outlay up to USD 200,000.

E-Summit 20
10 Jan 2020 View More
IIT Bhubaneswar

Investors Drive, Start-up expo, My Innovation series, Panel Discussions, Open talks, Fireside Chats, Vision Night, IPL Auction, Biz quiz, B-plan, Stock wars, Pitch your product, Entrepreneurial Ideation, Enigma, Online Marketing Competitions.

Prabhanjan 2020
15 Feb 2020 View More
Narayana Engineering College Nellore

There are Various events like Young Manager,Business Quiz,ADZA , MockstockExchange,Best Business Idea,PPT Presentation..

Triveni 20
20 Mar 2020 View More
BIT Sindri

Tech Exhibition
Robo War
Guest Lecture
Line Follower
Robo Race
Discover Bit
Mega Show

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