Dumb Charades Competitions in College Fests, Events in February 2017.

2 Upcoming College Fests

College Fest Name College Name Dumb Charades Events
Magnovite v6.0
02 Mar 2017
Christ University Faculty of Engineering

Indian Music
Connect The Dots
Line X
Art Relay
League Of Designers
Circuit Debugging
Western Electric
Group Dance
Robo Wars
Group Discussion
Urban Planning
Street Theatre
Code Fights
Hunt Of The Techie Pirates
Papier Expose
Detach And Attach
Dumb Charades

Tech Tornado 2017
04 Mar 2017
Usha Mittal Institute of Technology

Events in Mumbai:

1. Checkmate (Dare to Stand)
No of participants: Individual

2. Pen IT (Technical Paper Presentation)
No of participants : 1-2

3. Shockwave (Surprise Event)
No of participants: 2 in a team

4. Ultima Online (Online Gaming Event)
No of participants: Individual

5. Construct IT ( Project Management)
No of participants: 1-2

6. Hermes Crypt (Technical Dumb Charades)
No of participants: 2 in a team

7. Ad Mad (Advertising Event)
No of participants: 2 - 5 per team

8. Zona-de-Test (Software Debugging)
No of participants: 2 in a team

9. Code-X (The Coding Event)
No of participants: 2 in a team.

10. Headway (Business Plan)
No of participants: 2 in a team

11. Tech Quotient (Technical Quiz)
No of participants: 2 in a team

12. Counter Strike :
A team of 5 competes in the Gaming Arena.

Event Co-ordinators:
Shruti Tapare - +91 8983411553

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