Upcoming Designing Competitions in College Fests, Events in December 2018.

4 Upcoming College Fests

College Fest Name College Name Designing Events
Alcheringa 2019
31 Jan 2019
IIT Guwahati

A variety of Events under a number of modules:
Event Modules:
1. Vogue Nation - Fashion Events including a fashion rampwalk event, a photoshoot event and a innovation Designing event
2. Class Apart - Includes events like Rock-o-Phonix which is the largest rock band competition of the country, Mr. and Mrs. Alcheringa, and Crossfade which is DJ face-off event.
3. ABCD - Dance Module containing events for Group Dance, Classical Solo, Solo dance, Duo Dance and a street dance face-off.
4. Stagecraft - Performing Arts module containing events for Stage Play, Street Play and Solo Performances
5. Music - Module contains events for Hindi Rock Band, Acoustic Band, Solo Singing and Choir Singing(Group Singing)
6. MUN - Model United Nations Module
7. Pantomime - Module with fun events like Roadiez, Interrogation Anxiety and Alcher's Got Talent
8. Literary - Module including PARLIAMENTARY DEBATE, Poetry Slam, Hindi Poem recital and JAM(Just - A - Minute)
9. Art Talkies - Artist oriented events like Graffiti, T-Shirt Painting, Live Sketching, Face Painting, Clay Modelling to name a few.
10. Sports - 5v5 Football, 3v3 Basketball, 3v3 Volleyball, Arm Wrestling and Gully Cricket
11. Digital Dexterity - Online events module, Follow Alcheringa official page on facebook or insta to know regular updates
12. Light Camera Action - Filmography and Photography Module
13. Quiz Module

Infotsav 2019
08 Feb 2019

1. Technical Events:
We propose to carry out a plethora of events ranging from code lover's event to developer's art related to web-design, social initiatives, app-design.
The details of the events we propose to be conducted under this category are like:-

Hackathon :
24 hours, nerve wrecking problem statements and an environment full of code and logic, hackthon will provide a platform to the participants to make a website, android app or a desktop app in limited time period based on a problem related to real life.

Techathlon :
The event is an ultimate test of codes and logic and consists of three events which can be played either individually or as a part of techathlon wherein the cumulative scores will be added to decide the winners. The events are:

Code Stumble : The event will consist of two rounds. In the first round, participants are required to write a code given on the problem in such a way that it is hard to decipher. In the following round the codes would be randomised and participants would have to decipher the and tell the output.

Bug spot: Participants are required to find out bugs from the code given to them in the least time possible.

Algo writing: Participants would be given a problem statement, and they are required to write an algorithm to solve it on the paper. They will be judged on the basis of their efficieny and accuracy.

Code Rush :
The problem statements would have an edge as they would be deciphered. Participants would have to master cryoptography, decipher the problem and then come up with a solution in the least time possible. They will be judged on the basis of time and whether they passed the test cases

Code Shuffle:
To give an edge to the technical stuff going on in the events, code shuffle would give a different angle as the code would be given to the students beforehand, but in a shuffled manner. The sequence of the commands would be different. The participants are required to find out the correct sequence and come up with the final code and the correct output

2. Robotics Events:
We intend to conduct a series of fun and dedicated events for the hardcore lovers of robot family and the related coding stuff.
The details of the events we propose to be conducted under this category are like:-

Blazing Wheels
This is a track event. Put your engineering and coding skills to a test by building a remote-controlled bot that will run on our custom designed track. But beware, the track will be filled with various fixed and moving obstacles which the robot will have to overcome. And failing to do so may incur in penalties. It’s a race, so judging will be done based on points scored and time taken.

Robo Soccer
So you think the game of soccer is boring, just men running after a ball. Well what about we let robots play it. Bring your custom built robot that will compete with another robot(s) in this specially modified version of soccer. Watch and cheer for your favourite bot as they make the traditional game more futuristic. Matches will be played either 1 vs 1, or 2 vs 2. High scorer at the end of full time wins.

Robo Maze
They say Artificial Intelligence is the future. Well why not implement it now, albeit on a smaller scale! This is an AI based event where the participants have to make an intelligent bot that will find its way out of the maze. The design of the maze will be unknown to the participants. The bot will have to use specific Artificial Intelligence algorithms, no hard coding is allowed. The scoring will depend on time of completion.

Robo Wars
We’ve watched people fight. We’ve even watched dragons fight. Now let us watch robots do the same. Robo Wars will consist of two bots fighting each other in a designated arena. Their aim will be to outpower their opponents: push them out of the arena or throw them in the pits allocated for this purpose. The most powerful bot after a certain time wins.

3. Managerial Events:
We propose to carry out a range of events for enhancing managing, marketing and operation skills of individual/groups because the perspective of our college not only involve technical field but also managerial field.
The details of the events we propose to be conducted under this category are like:-

The best way to do a thing is to prepare for it beforehand. With the event Jobs, the participants would be getting a one hand experience with mock interview and selection process, enhancing their personality and knowledge in the process.

The flagship event of the managerial category, Pinnacle invites some amazing ideas in the form of a presentation that can showcase both the managerial as well as the personality of the participant.

Sameeksha is the paper presentation event, wherein the participants are required to present a deep case study on a given topic and show their managerial acumen.

Corporate Crisis:
The participants would be given a real life crisis situation that they have to overcome. They need to show their managerial skills, team work and the witty tactics that they will be implementing in order to solve the crisis

In this event the participants are required to come up with a product that can prove to be a benchmark in making the lives of people easier. They also have to show their convincing skills, while trying to promote their product an as influential brand.

IPL Auctions:
Making the event a fun one, Auctions would provide a break to the participants as they would be participating in mock bidding of the players. This would test their managerial skills as they would be on a tight budget while trying to gather the best of the players

4. Online Events:
We intend to organize a series of fun and dedicated events for indulging good amount of traffic at our Fest social media platforms (facebook page, website ) and also a way to promote our Fest at social networking level.
The details of the events we propose to be conducted under this category are like:-

Trove Trace
Trove Trace is the simulation event of in form of the online treasure hunt contest. A series of hints would be provided on the facebook page and the participants would have to decipher them in order to win the hunt.

Jobs Bureau
Jobs Bureau gives you a chance to get placed before the actual campus drive in a virtual world where you learn to be an efficient project leader and a skilled coder. The simulation takes you into the flock of assignments where you move ahead by gaining experience and money.

Poster Making
In this online event ,participants will show their imaginative and creativity skills by Designing the poster for the next Infinity Wars movie. They will be judged on the basis of likes as well as aesthetic and graphic Designing skills.

This is an online event where the participants will use the boomerang feature of instagram and post it. They will be judged on the basis of likes and creativity.

The participants will perform a prank and post the video of it on Facebook. They will be judged on the basis of likes and creativity.

Fill in the memes
The participants will be given an incomplete meme an they will have to fill it using all their creativity and would be judged on the same.

5. On-site Events:
We intend to conduct a sequence of entertaining and lively events for indulging the crowd/audience of our Fest during the fest dates so that they didn't get scattered and the college should look lively during that time.
The details of the events we propose to be conducted under this category are like:-

BIT quiz
This quiz will test the participants Business and IT knowledge in the form of the famous quiz show Jeopardy.

Programming Quiz:
This quiz will test the participants coding knowledge in various languages such as C, C++, Java, Python etc.

Aptitude/puzzles Quiz:
This quiz will test the participants aptitude through mind teasers and puzzles.

Anime/MCU Quiz
This informal event will test the participants knowledge of anime, tv shows and will also feature questions from the MCU and DC series.

6. Additional
A series of fun loving computer/mobile games that will help the crowd to explore their different skills. We will be hosting games of Cs Go, Pub G and Tekken.

To make the crowd more engaged we will also be having a lot of informal events like Treasure hunt, Zorbing, Paintball, Tug of war and Dodgeball.

20 Feb 2019
JNTUA College of Engineering Kalikiri

Workshop (Robotics, PCB Designing)
Poster presentation
Power point presentation
C programming contest
Technical Quiz
Mini projects
Short films contest
Spot events
Dubsmash contest
Photography contest
Treasure hunt
Pubg tournament

21 Feb 2019
IIT Jodhpur

A. Cultural:
Music, Dance, Drama, Fine arts, Hindi literature, English literature, Quiz, Debate and many more.

B. Technical:
Aeromodelling, Automobile, Programming, Electronics, Robotics, Wed Designing, Project exhibition.

C. Prakriti:
Red Cross across India, Nav umesh, Blood Donation Camp, Street plays.

D. Major events:
Clash of bands, Antarang: the fashion show, Group Dance, Robo Soccer, Robo War, WCA Rubik’s Cube

E. Informals:
Paintball, Zorbing, Breakthrough, Speed dating, LAN gaming, Fun Games, Business events, Tech informals, Scavenger’s hunt.

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