Debugging Competitions in College Fests, Events in July 2017.

9 Upcoming College Fests

College Fest Name College Name Debugging Events
31 Jul 2017
RMK College of Engineering and Technology

Technical Quiz
Paper Presentation
Robo Race
Circuit Debugging
Project Display

One day Workshop with Hands-on Training on Real Time Project Design using ARDUINO: Tools and Techniques
03 Aug 2017
Kongu Engineering College


• Essential attributes on Embedded Systems

• Exploring ARDUINO for Embedded Systems

• Developing, testing and Debugging using ARDUINO IDE v1.6.5
Role of Integrated Development Environment in Simulation and Embedded C Programming

• Embedded Programming Tool paradigm for Project design using ARDUINO
Arduino Simulation design suite v1.0.1 for Simulating/emulating the project to be developed

• Serial Interface to ARDUINO
• Interacting with the Outside World Using Simple I/O devices
 LEDs & Buzzer Interfacing
 Switch (DIP) Interfacing
 Interfacing Potentiometers
 Interfacing Sensors
 Buzzer/Piezoelectric Speaker Interface
 Seven Segment Display Interfacing
 LCD Interfacing
 Stepper Motor/DC motor Interfacing
 ADC interfacing

• Working with GSM module in ARDUINO
• Project development using ARDUINO Board

Black and White 2017
03 Aug 2017
Parisutham Institute of Technology and Science

Paper Presentation
Chuck Glider
Para Glider
Water Rocketry
Web Designing
Coding Champ
Puzzle Box
Line Following Robot
Circuit Debugging
RC Car Racing
Sumo Robotics
AutoCAD Modelling

Hands-on Training on Network Simulator (NS-2)
04 Aug 2017
Kongu Engineering College

Overview of NS2 and NS2 Installation
• Working with simple examples – wired and wireless scenario
• Working with existing protocols
• Simulation and interpretation of trace file
• Trace file analysis using awk scripts
• Plotting Xgraph
• Performance evaluation of routing protocol
• Energy Models
• C++ and Otcl integration method
• New Agent creation
• Creation of New Packet structure
• Sending and receiving our own packets
• Design and recompilation of new protocol
• Adding External Patches to NS2.
Debugging code in NS2

Ozmenta 2k17
05 Aug 2017
Velammal Engineering College

Technical :
1.Paper presentation
2.Complete the code
4.Mobile App Mockup
5.Capture the flag
Non Technical :
3.Meme Creation
6.Suprise event

Sintacs 17
09 Aug 2017
Sri Sairam Institute of Technology

Walder Web (Web Designing).
Valar Codulus (Coding).
Bug Slayer (Debugging).
Maesters Master (Paper Presentation).
Three Eyed Raven (Google It).
Online Application Developement Event.
Surprise Events.

Quintessa 17
11 Aug 2017
Sri Sairam Engineering College

Paper presentation
Coding and Debugging
Technical connections
Technical quiz
Mystery event
Surprise event

TechVizhaa 2017
12 Aug 2017
Velammal Engineering College

Paper Presentation
Cin (C) Out (Coding)
Bug War (Debugging)
Ziuq (Tech quiz)
Buildout Web (Web designing)
Online Tech test
Basking Bingo (Games)
Stupefy (Stress Interview)
Cave-Dweller (Pc and console gaming)
Pirates Ahoy (Treasure Hunt)
Thunderbolt (Surprise event)
Screen/Off (Short film contest)

Android Dev+ Proteus PCB Simulation + Microsoft .NET App [One Day Practical Training Workshops with Certificates]
27 Aug 2017
Engineering Forum

Workshops on:
1. Microsoft .NET App + SQL Server [IT Jobs Foundation Training]
2. Proteus PCB Design & Simulation Workshop [Practical & Certificates]
3. Android Development Tricks [Dual Certificate]


Important Sessions on:

1. .NET Apps Installation, Working out Applications
2. Designing Circuits and Working out Simulations
3. Developing Android Applications

Android Intro and jargons:

Android is a mobile operating system developed by Google, based on the Linux kernel and designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Android's user interface is mainly based on direct manipulation, using touch gestures that loosely correspond to real-world actions, such as swiping, tapping and pinching, to manipulate on-screen objects, along with a virtual keyboard for text input.

Android Application Layouts :

The Android framework gives you the flexibility to use either or both of these methods for declaring and managing your application's UI.

For example, you could declare your application's default layouts in XML, including the screen elements that will appear in them and their properties. You could then add code in your application that would modify the state of the screen objects, including those declared in XML, at run time.

Android SDKs and IDEs :

Android Studio provides the fastest tools for building apps on every type of Android device.

World-class code editing, Debugging, performance tooling, a flexible build system, and an instant build/deploy system all allow you to focus on building unique and high quality apps.

Learning Activities :

Activities are one of the fundamental building blocks of apps on the Android platform.

They serve as the entry point for a user's interaction with an app, and are also central to how a user navigates within an app (as with the Back button) or between apps (as with the Recents button).

Menus and User Interface :

Menus are a common user interface component in many types of applications. To provide a familiar and consistent user experience, you should use the Menu APIs to present user actions and other options in your activities.

Beginning with Android 3.0 (API level 11), Android-powered devices are no longer required to provide a dedicated Menu button. With this change, Android apps should migrate away from a dependence on the traditional 6-item menu panel and instead provide an app bar to present common user actions.

Manifest & XML Code :

Every application must have an AndroidManifest.xml file (with precisely that name) in its root directory.

The manifest file provides essential information about your app to the Android system, which the system must have before it can run any of the app's code.

Workshop session teaches you how to build a user interface using Android layouts for all types of devices.

Designing Android App :

Android provides a flexible framework for UI design that allows your app to display different layouts for different devices, create custom UI widgets, and even control aspects of the system UI outside your app's window.

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