Upcoming CAD Designing Competitions in College Fests, Events in August 2019.

17 Upcoming College Fests

College Fest Name College Name CAD Events
PITS Black and White 19
26 Aug 2019
Parisutham Institute of Technology and Science

Paper Presentation
RC Car racing
AutoCAD modelling
Water Rocketry
Electronics Expo
Poster Designing
Puzzle Box
Chuck Glider
Coding Champ
Idea Sketching
Engineering basics

One Day Training on Analysis of Major Solvents, Esters and Gases using GC-TCD/FID 2019
30 Aug 2019
Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology

Students / Scholars : 60 0 INR
ACADemicians : 1 000 I N R
Industrial Participants /Other labs : 15 00 INR
✓ Registration fee can be paid by cash or DD draw n in favor of Sathya bama institute of scie nce and technology payable at “Chennai” .
✓ The Registration fee includes Workshop kit, softcopy of training manual, refreshment and lunch
✓ Certificates will be issued to all the participants
✓ Accommodation will be provided for outstation participant with payment of Rs 200/day
✓ 20% discount on Consultancy

30 Aug 2019
Kings College of Engineering


30 Aug 2019
Sriram Engineering College

Technical events
1. Paper Presentation
2. Mr. Machinist
3. CAD Modelling
4. Technical Quiz

Non-Technical Events
1. RC Race
2. Box Cricket
3. Dunk Shot
4. Surprise Event

30 Aug 2019
Mahendra Engineering College

Paper presentation
Technical quiz
Fun Games
Cycle Drift
Water Rocketry
Tik tok

30 Aug 2019
SRM Institute of Science and Technology Ramapuram Campus

1. Paper presentation
2. Shrishti- dare to design
3. CAD contest
4. Bridge modelling
5. Poster presentation
6. Brain teaser(quiz)
7. Codify
8. Measure and treasure

1. Cricket
2. 5's football
3. Basketball
6. Tug of what
7. Photography

30 Aug 2019
Sriram Engineering College

Events List in XCALIBER 2K19, Chennai:
Technical events
1. Paper Presentation
2. Mr. Machinist
3. CAD Modelling
4. Technical Quiz

Non-Technical Events
1. RC Race
2. Box Cricket
3. Dunk Shot
4. Surprise Event

Three Days Workshop on Advanced Finite Element Analysis 2019
04 Sep 2019
SRM Institute of Science and Technology Kattankulathur Campus

This workshop includes technical talks on Advanced FEA by Eminent ACADemicians from premier institutes & Industry professionals. Training on ABAQUS software is also provided by an Industrial expert.

06 Sep 2019
Mahendra Institute of Engineering and Technology

CAD Modeling
Paper Presentation
Technical Quiz
Water Rocketry
Short Film
Face Painting &
Surprise Games

CESAR 2k19
12 Sep 2019
Alagappa Chettiar Government College of Engineering and Technology


3rd International Conference on Technological Advances in Mechanical Engineering 2019
19 Sep 2019
AMET University


The objective of this conference is to bridge the researchers from the aCADemia and the industry under one roof, to gain knowledge in diverse fields of research in the fields of Mechanical Engineering. The Conference will provide an attractive platform for the researchers and aCADemicians to discuss about their area of interest with the delegates from different parts of our nation.

Technical Workshop 2019
20 Sep 2019
Karpagam College of Engineering

Industrial Experts and ACADemicians from reputed Organizations will deliver the workshop contents.

Technical Workshops and Hackathon 2019
09 Oct 2019
VIT University

We at innovators quest are trying to organise different events namely workshops and hackathons.
Planning to conduct two out of the given list of workshops and one hackathon.
Workshop on gesture robotics : Gesture Based Robotics (also known as Accelerometer Controlled Robotics) deals with robots which involve human-machine interaction - where a robot is controlled through hand movements sensed by an accelerometer.The workshop helps participants understand the concepts and applications of an accelerometer sensor, microcontrollers and other electronic components used in Robotics. It includes practical training on building robots based on gesture recognition technology, providing students a glimpse into Human Machine Interaction technologies.
Breadboards, wires, arduino boards, arduino cables, arduino IDE, accelerometer modules, hand glove material for robotics depends on the type of robot we intend to control using getures
Workshop on cyber security : In order to become an Ethical Hacker or Security Expert one must think out of the box and be willing to try unconventional methods to achieve the goal.
This workshop is specifically designed to provide the right knowledge to the aspiring Hacking and Cyber Security enthusiasts. This workshop will explore the various means that an intruder has, to gain access to computer resources. It will investigate weaknesses by discussing the theoretical background behind, and whenever possible, actually performing the attack.
Workshop on Digital Electronics : It's no wonder that computers have become inarguably pivotal in our society. From cars and thermostats to pacemakers and cellphones, computers are everywhere. But did you ever wonder how do these teeny tiny components that make up a whole system perform complex actions.
Softwares like OrCAD will be needed for sure. Hardware may include breadboards, ICs, cables, power sources (battery) etc
AR using Unity : In this workshop people will learn about the Augmented Reality technology. They will get the knowledge that how does Augmented Reality work and how can they make a Augmented Reality App. At the end of the session we will teach them how to make an App and finally they will be able to make a working Augmented Reality App.
Since Augmented Reality is the future and many big companies are working on it, so in our workshop they will learn something new and can develop some cool Augmented Reality based app.
Workshop on UI/Ux design : The UI/UX Design Specialization conveys a structure driven way to deal with UI and user experience structure, and offers pragmatic, ability-based guidance based on a visual correspondences viewpoint, as opposed to on one concentrated on promoting or programming alone. In this workshop we will outline and show all phases of the UI/UX improvement process, from client research to characterizing an undertaking's system, degree, and data engineering, to creating sitemaps and wireframes. We will teach current prescribed procedures and softwares in UX structure and apply them to make viable and convincing screen-based encounters for sites or applications.
Competition at the end and prize for the best UI implementer will be the uniqueness in the event.
Workshop on web devlopement
Design - a - thon : Event Team Size :3 ; Event Round : Multiple
This is basically a hackathon where we might or might provide hardwares to the particpants (mostly we wont as it will drastically increase the budget for the event).
Uniqueness depens on the theme we put up for it or else it will be an open themed hackathon.

1st International Conference on Innovative and Advanced Engineering Research 2019
18 Oct 2019
Sahyadri Valley College of Engineering and Technology

International Conference on Innovative & Advanced Engineering Research is an international forum for researchers, engineers, aCADemicians as well as industrial professionals from all over the world to share and publicize their research work and development activities in the field of, Engineering, Bio, Technology, Innovations. This conference provides opportunities to our university students to interact with the external researchers and delegates to exchange new ideas and application experiences face to face, also helps the university to find global partners for establishing educational and research relations and for future collaboration.

We are pleased to invite you to submit your paper for presentation at this conference in oral. You are also possible to propose a special session in this conference.

Special Issue on Sensors in the Field of Electrical and Electronics 2019
10 Nov 2019
Tamilnadu Government Polytechnic College

I am sure that this special issue will provide a common platform for aCADemicians, researchers and professional experts to discuss major issues in the sensors. Real time embedded systems are quickly achieving ubiquity, both in people’s everyday life and in industrial environments. Real time sensing interfaces, processing, specific operating system support. Real time sensors, sensing techniques, real time low power and low cost sensing. Areas of application include factory, automation, structural health monitoring, pipeline behavior, wind generation operation, environment monitoring, power management and assets monitoring. Although wireless sensors networks have been proposed, studied and developed for more than a deCADe, many challenging issues remain especially in various industrial scenarios. Recent technology advances in micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), embedded, processors and wireless communication have led to the development of wireless sensor networks.

Track 1: Electrical and Electronics Engineering  Radio Engineering  Wireless Sensor Networks  Signal Processing  Signals and systems  Digital & Analog Communication  Semiconductor Device  VLSI  Digital Signal Processing  Digital Image Processing  Micro Electronics  Power Electronics  Electrical Machines  Electrical Drives and Control  Programmable Logic Controller

Track 2: Communication Engineering
 Coding Techniques for 3G & 4G  Digital Multimedia Systems  Antenna Systems  Optical Communication  Satellite Technology  Earth Station Systems and Technology  Wireless Networks  Cognitive Radio Design  Millimeter Wave Technology  Biomedical Signal Processing  Wavelets and Applications  MIMO Systems

Track 3: Embedded System Engineering  Robust Control  Intelligent Control
 Industrial Automation  Embedded System  Embedded Web Servers Hardware Design/Implementation

12 Dec 2019
VIT University Chennai Campus

With an insight to expand the horizons of the Smart Grid in our society, it is vital to bring to a common platform an extensive knowledge sharing of the high impact research and development at both the aCADemic and industry perspective. Smart Grids have proven itself to be the future of global power distribution and management. The significant benefits of incorporating smart grid in the existing portfolio are multi-faceted. It proves to be highly intelligent, reliable, resilient and self-dependent structures. However, they do bring with them numerous challenges that may be treated as opportunities and explored.
For a utility, the Smart Grid enables the conglomeration of customers, services, and new technologies. This comes in play by reinforcing profound technologies, renewable integration, network modeling, and monitoring. Grid congestion and storage in the presence of renewable sources; impact of distributed energy resources interconnection to existing grids; energy efficiency; solar energy system; wind energy system; hybrid systems; electric vehicles; realizing carbon negative systems; realization of low carbon futures and power analytics are few of the arena to which this conference will step into. This will further facilitate in understanding how the smart grid will revolutionize electricity production in the near future. It will pave the way to a vigorous debate on business models based on DER intervention.
All the mentioned dimensions of Smart Grid and more will be addressed and brainstormed at the 2019 PECCON. Our keynotes, discussion, and presentations will deep dive and align itself towards Smart technology for Smart grid.
We warmly invite you to join PECCON 2019, which will prove to be a benchmark that truly brings industry and aCADemic perspectives under one roof!

We hope to see you in Chennai this December 2019.

4th International Conference on Computational Intelligence, Cyber Security and Computational Models (ICC3) 2019
19 Dec 2019
PSG College of Technology

We enthusiastically encourage prospective authors to submit an electronic version of their original research papers that contain contributions of theoretical, experimental or application nature using EasyChair.

The conference is organized in three tracks with the theme "Contemporary Models and Applications for Computational Paradigms" ; CyberSecurity, Computational Models, Computational Intelligence and will feature distinguished invited speakers in each track. Papers are solicited from industry, government and aCADemia (including students) covering relevant research, technologies, methodologies, tools and case studies. The intention of the conference is to explore the computational concepts to emphasize the role of technology in real time problems. The topics listed below are meant to indicate the breadth of the area and are definitely not to be considered exhaustive.

Computational Intelligence:
Technology depends upon discovery, and discovery upon the advancement of technology; that is certainly the case with Computational Intelligence. Computational Intelligence (CI) is the theory, design, application and development of biologically and linguistically motivated computational paradigms. Traditionally the three main pillars of CI have been Neural Networks, Fuzzy Systems and Evolutionary Computation. However, over time, numerous computing paradigms inspired by nature have evolved. In recent years, there has been an explosion of research in Deep Learning - deep constitutional neural networks in particular. Deep learning has become the core method for artificial intelligence and some of the most successful AI systems are based on CI. This track focuses on computational intelligence techniques and their applications.

Cyber Security:
The increasing use of the internet and social media has made cyber security more important. Cyber security is of paramount importance for government organizations and is a vital asset to the nation. Growing cyber threats such as data theft, phishing scams and other cyber vulnerabilities demand that users should remain vigilant about protecting data. Cyber Security track in this conference aims to bring together researchers, practitioners, developers and users to explore cutting-edge ideas and end results.

Computational Models:
Computational models are mathematical models that are simulated using computation to study complex systems from the effects of drugs on the body to the interactions of nations in the global economy.

This conference provides a window to the novel endeavors of the research communities to publish their works by highlighting the value of computational modelling as a research tool when investigating complex systems.

This track is aimed to foster research interaction in all aspects of computational science and engineering, and to develop computational models needed to meet the demands of computer systems users and explore the new potentials of computation engines.

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