List of latest Paper Presentation Topics in October 2022.

PPT Topics in 66 College Symposiums

Paper Presentation Topics PPT Date College Name City

Related to civil engineering

08 Oct 2022 Anjalai Ammal Mahalingam Engineering College Tiruvarur

Additive Manufacturing
Mobility for future
Smart Manufacturing
Clean Energy
Cyber Security for Industry 4.0
Blockchain in industrial engineering
Manufacturing for biotechnology applications
Robotics for the future
Applications of AR/VR in mechanical engineering

08 Oct 2022 Loyola ICAM College of Engineering and Technology Chennai

Power Electronics and Drives
Special Electrical Machines
Power Systems
Embedded Systems
Communication Systems
Digital Signal and Image Processing
and Other EEE & ECE related topics

12 Oct 2022 Gnanamani College of Technology Namakkal

The core theme of the conference being the renewable energy but not limited to
Composite Materials
Powder Metallurgy
Environmental and Societal issues in Material Engineering
Polymers / Ceramics
Corrosion and Degradation of Materials
Modern Manufacturing
Non-Traditional Machining Process
Welding and Casting Technology
Metal Forming Technology
Precision Engineering / Micro Machining
Optimization Techniques

13 Oct 2022 Nehru Institute of Technology Coimbatore

The major topics of the Conference are as follows but are not limited to

Innovation in Robotics:
Robot Design
Mobile Industrial Robots
Collaborative Robots
Multi Robot Systems
Robot Intelligence
Humanoid Robots
Medical Robotics
Cloud and Cognitive Robotics
Underwater Robotics
Soft Robotics
Field and Service Robots
Drone Technology

Intelligent Automation and Control:
AI-based Automation
Internet of Things-based Automation
Intelligent Systems & Algorithm
Intelligent Process Control
E Vehicles and Connected Vehicles
Smart Manufacturing
Advanced Control Algorithms
Smart Sensing Technologies
Artificial Intelligence
Big Data and Data Analytics
Cyber security

14 Oct 2022 SriKrishna College of Engineering and Technology Coimbatore

Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
Machine Learning
Big Data Analytics
Blockchain for Deep Learning Cloud and Fog Computing
Cluster Computing Cyber Security
Data & Informatics
Internet of Things (IoT) Networking Mobile Technology Virtual/Augmented Reality

*Any other Relevant Topics

14 Oct 2022 Arunai Engineering College Tiruvannamalai


14 Oct 2022 Sri Sai Ranganathan Engineering College Coimbatore

Recent trends in their respective departments

14 Oct 2022 Kurinji College of Engineering and Technology Manapparai

Block Chain Technology
Augmented Reality
Hawk Eye Technology
Internet of Things
Artificial Intelligence

14 Oct 2022 Velammal College of Engineering and Technology Madurai

Chemical Engineering
Petrochemical Engineering
Petroleum Engineering
Computing and Simulation
Energy Engineering
Environmental Engineering

14 Oct 2022 Anna University Tiruchirappalli Tiruchirappalli

In Idea Exchange, the topics can be of regarding either the growth of game development or to a make a new game, how the game should be.

14 Oct 2022 K Ramakrishnan College of Engineering Trichy

Power Point Presentation

18 Oct 2022 Faculty of Management Studies Institute of Rural Management Jaipur

Aeronautical Engineering, Agriculture Engineering, Architecture & Design, Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence & Data Science, Automobile Engineering, Big Data & Analytics, Biomedical, Biotechnology, Chemical engineering, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Design Thinking Education, Electrical engineering, Electronics & Communication, Fashion Technology, Food Technology, Humanities, Information Technology, Instrumentation Engineering, Intelligent Computing, Machine & Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Management, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, Nano Technology, Petroleum, Physics, Textile Engineering.

18 Oct 2022 Bannari Amman Institute of Technology Erode


19 Oct 2022 Sengunthar Engineering College Tiruchengode

Open Topic for Paper presentation and Prototype Presentation.

19 Oct 2022 Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College Coimbatore

Analog and Digital Circuits
Antenna Design and RF Propagation
Microwaves Circuits Design
Smart Energy Systems
Nano Electronics and Microelectronics Micro Processor
Electrical Machines and Drive Systems
Electric Vehicle Technologies
Low Power Electronics
Embedded Systems
Signal and Image Processing and Cryptography
Robotics and Automation
Nano-Fabrication & Computing
Semiconductor Technology
Materials for Electronics
Humanoid Robots
Filters and Data Conversion Circuits
Digital Circuits
Mixed Signal Circuits
Adaptive Signal Processing
Antenna Systems
MEMS and Sensors Design
Electronic System Level Design
Information and Communication Technologies
Cooperative Communications
Wireless Networks
Sensing and Sensor Networks
Internet Technology & Applications
Cyber-Physical Systems for Sustainable Computing
Mobile Computing and Communication
Smart City Technologies and Systems
Information and Data Processing
Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks
Optical Communication and Components
Communication Theory and Information Theory
Wired/Wireless Technology Integration
Digital Forensics
Internet of Things
Big Data and Data Mining
Green Pervasive Computing
Mobile Social Networking
Fuzzy, Neural and Evolutionary Computation
Edge and Fog Computing
Smart Security Models and Applications
Wearable Systems and Technologies

20 Oct 2022 Kongunadu College of Engineering and Technology Tiruchirappalli

Your choice

20 Oct 2022 Solamalai College of Engineering Veerapanjan

All Topics

20 Oct 2022 Erode Sengunthar Engineering College Erode

Relevant to your Department

20 Oct 2022 Paavai Engineering College Namakkal

Topic:Any Interesting topics related to Information Technology.
Last Date of Submission: 16-10-2022

20 Oct 2022 Erode Sengunthar Engineering College Erode

Technical Topics

20 Oct 2022 Erode Sengunthar Engineering College Erode

Case Reports on Anesthesia & Pain Management
Case Reports on Cardiology
Case Reports on Anatomy
Case Reports on Dentistry
Case Reports on Diabetes
Case Reports on Emergency Medicine
Case Reports on Endocrinology
Case Reports on Gastroenterology
Case Reports on Geriatrics
Case Reports on Hematology
Case Reports on Hepatology
Case Reports on Medicine
Case Reports on Nephrology

21 Oct 2022 Medwide Group Miami

Open Topics (Preferable to recent trends)

21 Oct 2022 Nandha College of Technology Erode


27 Oct 2022 Medwide groups France

Agriculture & Food Security
• Plant Science
• Precision Agriculture
• Agricultural Production Systems & Agribusiness
• Agricultural Biotechnology
• Agriculture and Environment
• Agro forestry & Landscaping
• Agronomy & Crop Science

27 Oct 2022 Medwide Conferences France

Advanced Manufacturing Processes and Machining Processes
Composite Materials and Material Science
Renewable Energy
Micro Machining
Bio Fuel
Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing

28 Oct 2022 Nadar Saraswathi College of Engineering and Technology Theni

1) AIROS (Topics: Digital Processing Techniques, Virtual Reality, Cloud Computing, Web Application Development, Telemedicine, and Blockchain Technology)
2) TECHNOVATION (Topics: Digital Processing Techniques, Virtual Reality, Cloud Computing, Web Application Development, Telemedicine, and Blockchain Technology)
3) INNOVALANZ (The ideas are expected to make everyday life easier and more comfortable, thus helping us move towards a better future. The choice of the problem is in your hands!)
4) TECH-O-STAR (A Poster presentation where participants can freely present their innovative ideas in an A3 poster by combining text and graphics. Topics: Artificial Organs, Smart Automation, Cloud Computing, Drug Delivery Systems, etc.)
5) ARIVARANGAM (A Tamil paper presentation. Topics: Artificial intelligence, Wireless technology, Biomedical instrumentation, Cloud computing, Embedded Systems, Nano-Electronic Systems, Sensor-based systems, and other similar topics in the domain)

29 Oct 2022 PSG College of Technology Coimbatore

Wireless Communication
Internet of Things
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Image Processing
Sensor Technology
Soft Computing

02 Nov 2022 Sri Ramakrishna Institute of Technology Coimbatore

Big Data collection in Communication Networks
Big Data for Network Service Intelligence
Adaptive Techniques for Increased Network Performance
Big Data and Network Security
Distributed Data Analytics
Big Data Search Architectures, Scalability and Efficiency
Mobile and Data Communication Systems
Visualization Analytics for Big Data
Mobility and Big Data
Multimedia and Multi-structured Data
Data Mining and Data Pre-processing
Optimization and Big Data
Mobile and Data Communication Systems
Stream data mining
Data Analysis and Decision Making
Real-world and large-scale practices of big data
Computational Models for Big Data
Advanced Big Data Learning and Predictive Analytics
Knowledge Extraction, Discovery, and Analysis
Big Data as a Service and Application
Big Data and Machine Learning Applications
Large-Scale Recommendation Systems
Security and Privacy Preserving Big Data Analytics
Social Data Mining and Analytics
Cloud/Grid/Stream Data Mining
Blockchain data management
Sustainable big data computing platforms
Computation in memory/storage/network
High Performance/Parallel Computing for Big Data
Multi-level Data Processing
Intelligent Data Management

03 Nov 2022 RVS College of Engineering and Technology Coimbatore Coimbatore

Call for Paper
 Design
 Nano Technology
 Manufacturing
 Additive Manufacturing
 Materials and Testing
 Modelling and Analysis
 Energy
 Safety Management
 Engineering Tribology
 Automation
 Mechanical Vibration
 Automotive Hybrid Technology
 Fuel Cell Technology
 Renewable Energy Sources for Mobility
 Automotive Safety systems
 Electric Propulsion For Automotive
 Autonomous Mobility
 Alternate Fuels for IC Engines
 Advanced Manufacturing and Materials
 IoT In Automobile

04 Nov 2022 Bannari Amman Institute of Technology Erode


04 Nov 2022 Dr GR Damodaran College of Science Coimbatore

Track - 1
Services, protocols and architectures
Middleware, frameworks and distributed IoT devices
Dynamic adaptation of IoT networks
Opportunistic networking techniques
IoT big data networks
Congestion, scalability, and reliability
Web of Things
IoT communication technologies
Sensing, actuation and analytics
Human Interaction with IoT
Multi-platform integration and interoperability
Real-world Deployments, and Testbeds
AI and machine learning for the IoT
Data streaming architectures and machine learning analytics
Track - 2
5G Networks and IoT
Software Defined Network (SDN) and IoT
Ultra-low power IoT Technologies
Internet of Nano Things
Resource Management and Access Control
Routing and Control Protocols
Machine to Machine (M2M)/Device-to-Device communication
Identity management and object recognition
Mobile, edge computing, fog computing and IoT
Heterogeneous Networks and Industrial IoT
Collaborative Applications and Systems
Big data and IoT Data Analytics
Cyber-physical systems
Crowd-sensing, human centric sensing
Personal, wearable, and other embedded networked systems
Social computing models

10 Nov 2022 Tribhuvan University Dharan

• Neuroscience and Neurology
• Neuroimmunology
• Psychiatry
• Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
• Psychology and Mental Health
• Paediatric Neurology
• Adult Neurogenesis and Cell Biology
• Neuroinfections and Neuroinflammation
• Neuropharmacology and Neuroendocrinology
• Alzheimer Disease, Ageing and Dementia
• Stroke and Trauma
• Neurosurgery
• Brain and Neurological Disorders
• Neuroimaging and pathology
• Neurotherapeutics, Diagnostics and Case studies
• Neurological Complications of COVID_19

14 Nov 2022 Scientex Paris

Computational Vision

Interactive Computational Models
3D Vision and Advanced Perception
Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence Applications
Machine Learning Techniques
Early Vision Techniques
Multi-Sensory Data Fusion Models
Computational Geometry
Augmented reality
Image-related Computing Techniques
Multidimensional and Multisensor Machine Vision
Virtual Reality and Advanced Visualization
Efficient Training and Inference Methods
Explainable Artificial Intelligence
Optimization and Learning Methods
Visual Reasoning and Logical Representation

Bio-Inspired Computing

Neuro Generative Models
Probabilistic reasoning
Neural Networks and Brain-inspired Computing
Neuromorphic Computing and Architectures
Cellular Automata and Cellular Neural Networks
Evolutionary Computing and Swarm Intelligence
Fuzzy Logic and Systems
Multi-agent systems
DNA and Molecular Computing
Machine Learning and Deep learning Models
Bio-Inspired Methodology Analysis Tools
Rough Sets and Stochastic Processes
Bio-Inspired Computation with Big Data
Bioinformatics and other bio-inspired applications
Artificial Society and Innovative Models
Probabilistic Reasoning and Scheduling Algorithms

18 Nov 2022 RVS Technical Campus Coimbatore

Primary Healthcare
Primary Healthcare - Scientific and Technological Innovations
Role of Primary Healthcare in Disease Surveillance
Role of Digital Health in Primary Healthcare
Multimorbidity in Primary Healthcare
Primary Healthcare and Oncology Relationship
Primary Healthcare in Women
Primary Healthcare and Nursing
Primary Healthcare and Sports Medicine
Oral Health into Primary Healthcare
Primary Healthcare and Infectious Diseases
Primary Healthcare and Pediatrics
Primary Healthcare in Mental Health and Psychology
Nutrition, Dieticians and Primary Healthcare
Primary Healthcare and Dermatology
Primary Healthcare and Cardiology
Primary Healthcare and Diabetes
Primary Healthcare and Family Medicine
Primary Healthcare in Behavioral Services
Primary Healthcare Management

21 Nov 2022 Euroscicon Ltd London

Track-1: Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Immune Systems
Cognitive Systems and Applications
Computer Vision
Fuzzy Computing and Intelligent Systems
Multi-Agent Systems
Neural Network Theory and Architectures
Data Mining and Machine Learning Tools
Pattern Recognition
Knowledge-based Systems
Artificial Life
Advanced Optimization and Design
Artificial Intelligence for Modeling and Simulation
Evolutionary Computing Design
Expert Systems
Soft Computing
Track-2: Sustainable Systems
Green Computing and Communication Systems
Intelligent and Sustainable Networking
Sustainable Development Goals
Explainable Artificial Intelligence [XAI] for Sustainability
Benchmarking Sustainability
Green Data Centres
Sustainable Supply Chain
Sustainable Resource Scheduling, allocation, and management
Energy Efficient Design and Implementation
Cloud enabled AI for Sustainability
AI on controlling systems
AI for decision-support models
Cognitive radio communication
Deep learning for sustainable computing
Senor network for environmental monitoring

24 Nov 2022 CARE College of Engineering Tiruchirappalli

1. Communication Technologies
Digital Communication Technologies
Satellite Communication Technologies
Wireless Network Communication Technologies
Mobile Communication
Mobile Ad-hoc Networks
Computer Network Communications
Communication Modeling Theories and Practices
5G Communication and Networks
Green Communication Systems
Network and Information Security Techniques
Multimedia Communication Frameworks
Microwave Communication Networks and Technologies

2. Electronics
Digital Electronics
Power and Applied Electronics
Electro Technologies
Nanoelectronics and Microelectronics
Semiconductor Technologies
Power Electronics and Drive Systems
Power Systems Reliability and Security
Real-time Systems
Cognitive Electronics
Applied Electronics
Advanced VLSI Systems
Advanced Computer Architectures
Embedded Processors and Networking
Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems
Navigational Electronics

3. Artificial Intelligence Technology and Applications
Cognitive Science
Cognitive Theories and Applications
Natural Language Processing
Machine Learning Techniques
Deep Learning Technologies
Decision Support Systems
Automated Expert Systems
Intelligent Information Systems
AI and Evolutionary Algorithms
Neural Networks and Applications
Intelligent user Interface Technologies

4. Robotics
Adaptive Control Systems
Mobile and Autonomous Systems
Multi-agent Collaborative Systems
Robotics and Engineering Applications
Brain-Machine Interfaces
Networked Robotics
Multi Robotic Systems
Distributed Systems
Nanobots and Novel Sensors
Robotics and Industrial Monitoring
Virtual Systems

5. Aerospace Technologies
Advances in Aerospace Technologies
Aerospace Robotics and Mechatronics
Aviation Human Factors
Aerodynamic Forces and Flexibility
Aircraft Mapping and Navigation
Ballistic Tracking Technologies
Aerospace Communication Techniques
Remote Sensing Technologies

01 Dec 2022 RVS Technical Campus Coimbatore

05 Dec 2022 Pulsus Dubai

Aerodynamics and Fluid Mechanics
Aero-elastic oscillations control
Aerospace vehicles
Boundary layer control
Computational algorithms
Diffusion in a turbulent jet
Fixed and cyclically pitched wings
Fluid Dynamics
Heat exchangers
Hypersonic air-breathing engines
Subsonic and supersonic flows
Unsteady aerodynamic studies
Wing tip vortices
Wings and airfoils
Bio-inspired composites
Bioengineering materials
Biological materials
Cardiovascular engineering
Catheter protection
Characterization of biological tissue
Deformation and fracture of bone
Glass and ceramics
Impact-proof windows
Implants for vocal fold alteration
Laryngeal Fows (CFD)
Mechanics of biological materials
Musculoskeletal biomechanics
Optimization of stent-like cages
Protective systems
Seashells and fish scales
Structural and multi-objective
Vascular stents and catheters
Voice production
Combustion and Energy Systems
Alternative liquid fuels
Combustion noise
Combustion of solid particles
Compressible gas dynamics
Cooling of net-book computers
Detonations and explosions
Energy Conservation
Fuel-air mixtures
Heat transfer
Heat transfer devices
Heat transfer enhancement
High-speed propulsion
Hydrogen production
Hypersonic aerodynamics
Loop heat pipes
Oblique-detonation combustion
Particle combustion in air
Porous media
Problems in combustion
Propagation mechanisms of shock waves
Renewable Energy Techniques
Shock wave physics
Super-adiabatic combustion
Thermal energy storage systems
Thermodynamics and heat transfer
Ultra-compact heat exchangers
Design and Manufacturing
Artificial Intelligence and Data-Driven Design
Biomimetic design
Cellular solids
Change management
Collaborative Design
Comminution processes
Composite materials
Computational synthesis
Concurrent engineering
Design with remote partners
Engineering Design Practice
High-speed grinding
Hybrid materials
Industrial Design
Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Analysis
Laser assisted machining
Metal coating
Modeling, simulation, and optimization
Multi-scale analysis
Multi-scale analysis
Non-Traditional Machining processes
Optimum design methodology
Precision Machinery
Precision Manufacturing and Measurement
Production planning
Reliability and Maintenance Engineering
Robotics and Mechatronics Systems
Selection strategies
System Engineering Design
Wear, fretting and abrasion
Dynamics and Control
Aerospace Mechatronics
Aerospace systems
Biomechanical dynamics
Contact and analytical mechanics
Dynamic System and Control
Dynamics of plates and shells
Force control
Haptic and robotic systems
Mechanical Dynamics
Multibody systems
Nonlinear dynamics
Rover systems
Space Flight Dynamics
Space Robotic systems
Space systems
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)
Materials and Structures
Advanced materials for MEMS
Aerospace, automotive, consumer products
Automotive Electronic Control
Automotive body panels
Bio-inspired composite materials
Cellular solids and deployable microstructures
Composite Materials
Composite airframe structures
Composite bicycle components
Fracture mechanics in natural armor systems
Helicopter component design
High performance composite structures
Machinability of Materials
Material Science and Processing
Materials Engineering
Micro-engines for energy harvesting
Micro-fuel cells
Micromechanics of deformation
Multiscale analysis
Nanocomposite thin films
Natural fiber musical instruments
Novel designs inspired by nature
Operations in extreme environments
Optimization of materials, processes, and devices
Optimizing composite fabrication processes
Polymer nanocomposites
Process modelling
Sensing and energy harvesting
Sports equipment
Ultra-light lattice materials
Vibrations, Acoustics and Fluid-Structure Interaction
Biomechanical applications
Bladed disks
Flow-induced vibrations
Fluid-structure interaction
Nonlinear dynamics of slender structures
Nonlinear rotordynamics
Nonlinear vibrations
Vibration and acoustics

09 Dec 2022 STECONF Berlin

*Soft Computing
*Grid Computing
*Machine Vision and Computational Imaging
*Mobile Edge Computing
*Autonomic Computing
*Distributed Computing
*High Performance Computing
*Internet of Things
*Quantum Computing
*Computational Intelligence for Electric Machines and Drives
*Machine/Deep Learning
*Cryptography and Blockchain
*Cyber Physical Systems
*Human-computer interaction
*Meta heuristic algorithms
*Crowd Sourcing & Social Intelligence
*Cognitive and Adaptive Automation Systems
*Navigation and Control
*Fault Detection and Diagnosis
*Agents and Multi-agent Systems
*Process Modelling, Control and Optimal Design
*Optimization and Decision Making Support
*Automated Fault Detection, Diagnostics, and Prognostics
*Sensor Fusion for Intelligent Automation Systems
*Smart Products and Embedded Intelligence
*Sustainability and green automation
*Knowledge Based Systems
*Robotics and virtual reality systems
*Human-Robot Interaction and Semi-Autonomous Systems
*Modeling and Simulation Scheduling
*Ubiquitous Mobile Robotics
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------RENEWABLE SYSTEMS
*Intelligent Control Techniques
*Hybrid and integrated renewable energy systems
*Photovoltaic Systems and Solar Energy Engineering
*Renewable Energy Utilizations
*Fault Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance
*Environmental Impacts and Sustainability
*Environment Friendly Energy Systems
*Sustainable Transport and Electric Vehicles
*Sustainable Electrical Energy Systems
*Smart Grid
*Intelligent Integration of Renewable Energy Technologies
*Hybrid Energy Systems
*Energy Efficient Systems
*Sustainability in Process Industries
*Efficient Energy Generation and Conversion
*Control and Optimization of Renewable Energy Systems

13 Dec 2022 Mount Zion College of Engineering and Technology Pudukkottai

Track 1: Power, Energy and Power Electronics
Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution
Renewable Energy Sources and Technology
High Voltage Engineering, HVDC-FACTS
Switching Circuits & Power Converters
Power System Monitoring, Control and Protection
Micro Grids & Distributed Generation
Control Communication and Monitoring of Smart Grid
Energy Storage System
Intelligent control, Neuro-control, Fuzzy control, and their applications
Environmental issues and regulations
Renewable and sustainable energy
New DER technologies
Edge computing, control, and analytics
Smart controls and sensors in end-use devices
Distributed systems and architectures for grid control
Autonomous grid control technologies
Connected and Autonomous Vehicles, Smart Mobility, and Vehicle Functional Security
Power Electronics and Motor Drives
Electric Machines and Actuators
Battery Chargers: Onboard, Wireless, Fast, and Ultra-Fast
Smart grid and utility applications
Electric and hybrid vehicles

Track 2: Communication Technologies
Next-generation networking technologies
Cyber security & Infrastructure Management
Information Systems
Network Security
Interactive Communication
Social interaction, Mobile communications
Ubiquitous Networks
Virtual reality,
Cyber law,
Wireless Communication
Mobile Communication
Wireless Networks
Digital Signal and Image Processing
Augmented & Virtual Reality
Ubiquitous Networks
Track 3: Computing Technologies
Artificial Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic
Cloud Computing
Computational Algorithms
Hybrid Models and Fuzzy Systems
Data Mining
Machine Learning
Meta Heuristics and Swarm Intelligence
Multi-Model Problems and Spatial Distribution
Neuro Fuzzy System
Optimization Methods and Solutions
Self Organizing Maps
Soft Computing
Support Vector Machine
High Performance Computing
Parallel Processing
Virtualization technologies
Web Service Computing, Social Computing, Internet of Things
Architecture, Compilers, Hardware, tools
Data Management
Distributed data systems
Big data & Data Analytics
Multicore and Cluster computing

14 Dec 2022 Sri Sairam Institute of Technology Chennai

Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution
Renewable Energy Sources and Technology
High Voltage Engineering, HVDC-FACTS
Power System Monitoring, Control and Protection
Control Communication and Monitoring of Smart Grid
Energy Storage System
Intelligent control, Neuro-control, Fuzzy control
Environmental issues and regulations
Power Converters and Intelligent Control
New DER technologies
Distributed systems and architectures for grid control
Autonomous grid control technologies
Connected and Autonomous Vehicles
Power Electronics and Motor Drives
Battery Chargers: Onboard, Wireless and Ultra-Fast
Smart grid and utility applications
Electric and hybrid vehicles

Artificial Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic
Cloud Computing
Computational Algorithms
Hybrid Models and Fuzzy Systems
Data Mining
Machine Learning
Meta Heuristics and Swarm Intelligence
Multi-Model Problems and Spatial Distribution
Soft Computing
Support Vector Machine
High Performance Computing
Parallel Processing
Web Service Computing, Social Computing, Internet of Things
Architecture, Compilers, Hardware, tools
Big data & Data Analytics
Multicore and Cluster computing

14 Dec 2022 Sri Sairam Institute of Technology Chennai

Track-1 (CSE): Computer Science & Engineering
CSE 1.1 Artificial Intelligence
CSE 1.2 Internet of Things
CSE 1.3 Data Mining and Ontology
CSE 1.4 Network Security
CSE 1.5 Soft Computing, Fuzzy System and ANN
CSE 1.6 Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
CSE 1.7 Social Network Mining
CSE 1.8 Blockchain
CSE 1.9 Cloud Computing & Green Computing
CSE 2.0 Human Computer Interaction

Track -2 (EC): Electronics & Communication Engineering
EC 2.1 Satellite, Space and Wireless Communication
EC 2.2 VLSI Design
EC 2.3 Antennas and Propagation
EC 2.4 Optical Communication and Photonics
EC 2.5 Instrumentation and Control Systems
EC 2.6 RF and Microwave Devices
EC 2.6 Image and Signal Processing
EC 2.7 Spectrum Efficient Management, Sensing and Cognitive Radio

Track-3 (EE): Electrical Engineering
EE 3.1 Control of Power Electronics
EE 3.2 Electrical Machines Design and Drives
EE 3.3 Energy Harvest and Storage
EE 3.4 Multilevel Inverters
EE 3.5 Power Electronics Converter and Design Issues
EE 3.6 Renewable Energy Systems
EE 3.7 Smart Grid
EE 3.8 Communication Systems Engineering
EE3.9 Electric & Hybrid Electric Vehicles

23 Dec 2022 Sage University Bhopal Campus Bhopal

Data Engineering
Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
Data Visualization and Interactive Data Exploration
Artificial Intelligence and Data Analysis
Data Models, Semantics, Query languages
Data Integration and Interoperability
Search and Information extraction
Data Privacy and Security
Multimodal Data Analysis
Data Classification and Regression
Deep learning for Big Data Analysis and Mining
Predictive Modeling and Analytics
Stream Data Processing
Big data Systems Modelling, Analysis, and Simulation
Data-driven Feature Learning and Pattern Recognition
Advanced Data Mining and Machine Learning Techniques
Workflows, Scientific Data Management
Internet of Things [IoT]
Big data and IoT Data Analytics
Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Networks
Artificial Intelligence for IoT
Distributed Machine Learning for IoT
Industrial IoT and Cyber Physical Systems
Semantic Computing Technologies and IoT
Quality of Data/Service/Experience
Intelligent IoT Networks & Communications
Control and Decision Making for Smart IoT
Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC) and IoT
Heterogeneous Networks and Web of Things
Software Defined Network (SDN) and IoT
Blockchain and Emerging Technologies for IoT
Smart Cities and Internet of Vehicles
Social Networks and Multimedia Computing
Security and Privacy for Intelligent IoT Models

05 Jan 2023 REVA University Bengaluru

Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning and Computational Intelligence
Deep Learning
Data Science
Blockchain Technology
Cryptography and Cyber Security
Cloud Computing
Soft Computing
Game and Decision Making
Quantum Machine Learning
Distributed Computing
Smart Healthcare Devices
Automation and Robotics
Industry 4.0
Network Security
Video Analytics
Internet of Things and Security
Computer Vision
Big Data Analytics
Natural Language Processing
Autonomous System
Quantum Machine Learning
Business Analytics

05 Jan 2023 Bannari Amman Institute of Technology Erode

Cervical Cerclage
complications of HIV
Consumptive Coagulopathy
Emergency Caesarean
Fallopian Tubes
Family Planning
Female Pelvic Medicine
Feto-Maternal Outcome
Gall Bladder Disorder
HELLP Syndrome in Pregnancy
Inflammatory Disease
Laparoscopic Surgery
Maternal-Fetal Medicine
Menstrual Cycle
Mental Health Issues
Neonatal Infection
Pelvic Medicine
Reconstructive Surgery
Reproductive Endocrinology
Reproductive Toxicology
Sexually Transmitted Infections
Ultrasound Scan
Urinary Incontinence

09 Jan 2023 Pulsus conference Londom

Track 1
Mobile Computing Systems and Applications
Ubiquitous Networked Applications
Mobile Edge Computing
Mobile Data Management and Applications
Internet of Things
Mobile Cloud Computing Models and Applications
Wearable Mobile Computing
Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing Architectures
Mobile Crowdsourcing Techniques
Energy Efficient Mobile Systems Design
Novel Software Models for Mobile Devices
Social Networks and Mobile Web
Location and Context Sensing Technologies
Mobile User Interfaces and Interaction Technologies
Intelligent Infrastructure Support Technologies
Peer-to-Peer Mobile Networks
Mobile Adhoc and Sensor Networks
Energy-Aware Mobile Computing Models
Sustainable Mobile Network Models and Architectures
Track 2
Sustainable Data Analytics and Modeling
Sustainable Resource Management Techniques
Big Data Analytics
Sustainable Data Mining Techniques
AI and Computational Intelligence in Sustainable Informatics
Sustainable Information Retrieval Techniques
Sustainable Cities
Energy-Efficient Data Management Techniques
Mobile User Interfaces and Interaction Models
Sustainable Developments and Technologies
Sustainable Information and System Modelling

11 Jan 2023 Institute of Engineering, Tribhuvan University Lalitpur

Call for Paper
The primary objective of ICIRMST is to foster a focused attention on the latest research progress in inventive electronic material and material processing technologies. This conference aims to solicit novel research contributions that address the challenges of advanced electronic materials and technologies. ICIRMST invites researchers and practitioners from both industry and academia to submit their contributions on the below mentioned topics.

Advanced Electronic Materials
Functional and Multifunctional Materials
Bio Inspired Lightweight Electronic Materials
Flexible/Stretchable Electronics
Micro/Nano Electronic Materials
Electromagnetic shielding materials
Dielectric & Magnetic materials
Piezoelectric and ferroelectric materials
Optoelectronic materials
Metamaterial-based devices
Wearable electronic materials
Nanosensors and Nanodevices
Sustainable and Advanced Semiconductor Materials
Inventive Material Technologies
Micro/Nano Fabrication Technologies
Processing and Characterization of Smart Materials
Sustainable Materials and Thin-Film Technology
Advanced Material Characterization and Testing Models
Advanced Mechanisms of Superconductivity
Interface Engineering
Nanophosphors and Radiation Effects Measurement
Smart Materials Processing to Transform Material Properties
Electronic Packaging and Distributed Analysis
Process Modeling and Simulation
Machine Learning for Electronic and Metamaterial Design
Electronic Materials for Computer & Communication

20 Jan 2023 RVS Technical Campus Coimbatore

Agent Communication and Networking
Intelligent Web Services
Data Centre and Cloud Networking
Sensor Networks
Vehicular Networks
Virtual Private Network
Network Virtualization
Network Protocols
Interference Reduction in Networks
Data Communications
Grid Computing
Information and Network Security
Mobile Computing
Network Management
Service Oriented Architectures
Storage Area Networks
Wireless Communication
Smart Systems
On Chip Systems
Neuromorphic Computing
Energy Harvesting
Energy Efficient Architectures
Cognitive Ergonomics
Models of Smart Environments
Smart Computing Algorithms
Smart Energy Management and Analytics
Renewable Energy Sources and Technology
RF/Millimeter -Wave Circuits and Systems
Electronic Devices and Materials Processing
Analog and Mixed Signal ICs
Data Engineering and Data Warehousing
Data Mining and Web Mining
Database Management Systems
Software Engineering
Agent Oriented Software Engineering
Component-Based Software Engineering
Software Architectures
Software Dependability Evaluation
Software Design Patterns
Software Project Management
Software Reverse Engineering
Software Testing Tools
Internet of Things (IoT)
Internet of Things Architecture
Middleware modelling
Social Acceptance of IoT Systems
Interface and Control Systems in IoT
IoT Analytics
Security of Things
Cognitive IoT
IoT Based E-Commerce
Computational Geometry
Probabilistic Algorithms
Software Defined Networking

23 Jan 2023 Francis Xavier Engineering College Tirunelveli

Track - 1 : Intelligent Systems
Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Systems
Agent and Multi Agent Systems
Intelligent Business Systems
Machine Intelligence
Computer Vision
Pattern recognition
Web Intelligence
Intelligent Software Engineering Models
Fuzzy Systems
Brain-Computer Interface
Computational Intelligence
Intelligent Search and Optimization Techniques
Mobile Computing and Intelligence
Virtual Environments
Human-Machine Interaction
Wearable Computing Systems
Intelligent Communication Systems
Intelligent information and Network Systems
Track - 2 : Sustainable Systems
Sustainable Design and Environment
Intelligent Energy Efficient Architectures
Green Data Centers
Sustainable Software Systems
Smart Resource Scheduling and Allocation
Algorithms for Reduced power and energy utilization
Real Time Systems
Sustainable Circuit Design
Low Power Electronics
Sustainable Technologies and Human Factors
Green Decision Making and Development
Next-generation Sustainability Solutions
Sustainability for Industries
Sustainable Systems and Smart Cities
Security, Trust and Privacy
IoT and Big Data based Sustainable Computing Architectures
Data Intelligence
Track - 3 : Applications
Smart Cities
Smart Cyber Physical Systems
Sustainable High Performance Systems
Sustainable Industries
Sustainable Supply Chain and Manufacturing Systems
Power Electronics
Business Intelligence
Transportation and Logistics
E-waste Analysis and Solutions
Power Aware Networking Applications

02 Feb 2023 SCAD College of Engineering and Technology Tirunelveli

Artificial Intelligence
Capsule Networks
Smart Agent-based Systems
Machine Learning
Fuzzy based Intelligent Systems
Evolutionary Computing
Expert Systems
Human-Computer Interaction Technologies
Cognitive Intelligence
Artificial Immune Systems
Cyber-Physical Systems
Artificial life
Knowledge-based Systems
Artificial Neural Networks
Computational Intelligence
Neuro-Fuzzy Models and Techniques
Intelligent Estimation and Classification Models
Hybrid Intelligence
Internet of Intelligent Things
Quantum Computing
Cyber-Security Models and Techniques
Reinforcement Learning
Smart Systems
Deep Learning based Smart Energy Systems
Innovative Energy Control and Management Techniques
AI in Renewable Energy Systems
Smart Power and Energy Systems
Distributed Energy Systems
Active Power Generation Models
Intelligence Fault Diagnosis and Maintenance Technologies
Smart Process monitoring and Control Strategies
Techniques to Reduce Energy Consumption
Smart Energy Optimization Techniques
Neural Estimation for Energy Consumption
Predictive Control, planning and Scheduling algorithms
Dynamic Control of Energy Systems
Distributed Computing and Control in Energy Systems
Secured and Privacy-preserving analytics for Smart Energy Systems
Innovation Quantum Computing Processes in Energy Systems

02 Feb 2023 JCT College of Engineering and Technology Coimbatore

Track 1
1. Cloud Infrastructure as a Service
2. Software/Process as a Service
3. Everything as a Service
4. AI and ML for cloud operations management
5. Intelligent Storage & data architectures
6. Software-defined network (SDN)
7. Network function virtualization (NFV)
8. Hybrid-clouds & multi-cloud integration
9. Fault tolerance, high availability & reliability
10. Secured and trustworthy cloud environments
11. Cloud programming languages and models
12. Predictive cloud service management

Track 2
1. Edge and cloud networking for 5G/6G
2. HPC workflows for hybrid cloud
3. AI for sustainable cloud operations
4. Multimedia cloud computing
5. Software engineering methods for cloud services
6. Resource management and optimization
7. Data management and distribution
8. Blockchain driven cloud services
9. Microservices in the cloud
10. Mobile cloud networking
11. Operational analytics and DevOps solutions
12. IoT-Cloud Integration
13. Deep edge and multi-access edge cloud

09 Feb 2023 R V College of Engineering Bengaluru

1. Advanced 5G/6G Network Architectures
2. Intelligent Communication Environments
3. Internet of Things [IoT]
4. Communication Security, Standards, and Applications
5. Artificial Intelligence and Human Computer Interaction Models
6. Millimetre and Terahertz Communications
7. Big Data Mining and Data-Driven Communication Models
8. Collaborative Communication Models
9. Security, Privacy and Trust

1. Social Interaction and Mobile Communications
2. Internet Virtualization and Cloud
3. Machine Learning and Wireless Communication Research
4. Wearable Computing and Communication Models
5. Virtual Reality and Extended Reality Models
6. Ubiquitous Computing and Communication Techniques
7. Cooperative and Cognitive Virtual Networks
8. Network Traffic Analysis and Modelling
9. Next-Generation Adaptable and Automated Virtual Networks

16 Feb 2023 Francis Xavier Engineering College Tirunelveli

Cloud Based Communication
Computing in Healthcare
Intelligent Computing Systems and their Applications
Data Communication and Computer Networking
VLSI Design and Automation

23 Feb 2023 Surya Engineering College Erode

Session 1 - Orthopedic Surgery
Session 2- Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery
Session 3 - Minimally Invasive Surgery
Session 4 - Organ Transplantation and Adaptive Immunity
Session 5 - Robotics and Computer Assisted Surgery
Session 6 - Laparoscopic and Endoscopic Surgery
Session 7 - Surgical Techniques
Session 8 - Thoracic Surgery
Session 9 - Anaesthesia and Intensive Care
Session 10 - Neuro Surgery
Session 11 - Brain and Spine Vascular and Endovascular Surgery
Session 12 - Outpatient Surgery and Imaging
Session 13 - Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Session 14 - Pediatric Surgery
Session 15 - Medical Surgical Nursing
Session 16 - Clinical and Experimental Surgery
Session 17 - Lasers in Surgery
Session 18 -Surgery for Obesity and Related Diseases
Session 19 - Endocrine and Gland Surgery
Session 20 - Coloproctology and Colorectal Surgery
Session 21 - Gastroenterological Surgery
Session 22- Eye Surgery
Session 23- Dermatologic & Cosmetic Surgery
Session 24-Cardio Vascular and Extra Corporeal Technologies
Session 25- Current Problems in Surgery
Session 26- Obestetrics and Gynaecological Surgery
Session 27- General Surgery and its Specialties
Session 28- Obstetric Anesthesia
Session 29- Pediatric Anesthesia
Session 30- Cardiac Anaesthesia
Session 31- General Anesthesia
Session 32- General Surgery and its Specialities

13 Mar 2023 Medwide Group Paris

Track - 1
Big Data collection in Communication Networks
Big Data for Network Service Intelligence
Adaptive Techniques for Increased Network Performance
Big Data and Network Security
Distributed Data Analytics
Big Data Search Architectures, Scalability and Efficiency
Mobile and Data Communication Systems
Visualization Analytics for Big Data
Mobility and Big Data
Multimedia and Multi-structured Data
Data Mining and Data Pre-processing
Optimization and Big Data
Mobile and Data Communication Systems
Stream data mining
Data Analysis and Decision Making
Real-world and large-scale practices of big data
Track - 2
Computational Models for Big Data
Advanced Big Data Learning and Predictive Analytics
Knowledge Extraction, Discovery, and Analysis
Big Data as a Service and Application
Big Data and Machine Learning Applications
Large-Scale Recommendation Systems
Security and Privacy Preserving Big Data Analytics
Social Data Mining and Analytics
Cloud/Grid/Stream Data Mining
Blockchain data management
Sustainable big data computing platforms
Computation in memory/storage/network
High Performance/Parallel Computing for Big Data
Multi-level Data Processing
Intelligent Data Management

14 Mar 2023 Graphic Era Hill University Dehradun Campus Dehradun

1. Big Data Mining and Analysis
2. Large-Scale Data Computing Models
3. Secured Big Data Processing for Sustainability
4. Green Data Centers and Computing
5. Big Data and Information Security
6. Advanced Data Analytics
7. Data as a Service
8. Data Sharing and Infrastructure
9. Information-Centric Networking
10. Internet Technologies
11. Data Measurement, Analysis, Modeling and Visualization

1. Sustainable Communication Networks
2. Efficient Power-Aware Architectures and Models
3. Renewable and Configurable Architectures
4. IoT and sustainable computing
5. Efficient Resource Allocation and Scheduling
6. Sustainable Models and Architectures for Smart Grids
7. Novel Optimization Techniques
8. Sustainable High-Performance Systems
9. Complex Systems: Modelling and Simulation
10. Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Systems
11. Deep Learning and Computer Vision
12. Sustainable Mobile Computing and Communication Frameworks
13. QoS consideration for sustainable computing

23 Mar 2023 Shree Venkateshwara Hi-Tech Engineering College Gobichettipalayam

Data Engineering
Database-as-a-Service and cloud/edge computing
Big Data Analytics
Smart Data Clustering and Classification Techniques
Data Integration and Interoperability
Smart Data Grids and Processing
Peer-to-peer, parallel and distributed databases
Data Visualization and Interactive Data Explorations
Web data mining and Information extraction
Smart Information Retrieval and Integration
Uncertain, Probabilistic and Approximate Databases
Smart Data management and workflows
Advanced Query Processing and Optimization
Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

Computational Intelligence
Machine Learning for Database Systems
Semantic Web
Multimedia Information Processing and Analysis
Deep learning
Statistical and Reinforcement learning
Data-driven Fuzzy Systems Design
Artificial Neural Network
Social Networks Visualization and Analysis
Supervised and Unsupervised Learning
High performance computing
Cognitive Intelligence and Decision Making Models
Nature Inspired, Evolutionary Computation and Hybrid learning Algorithms

30 Mar 2023 Kongunadu College of Engineering and Technology Tiruchirappalli

Analog and digital circuits
Microwaves circuits design
Low Power electronics
Embedded systems
RF and wireless technology
Signal and image processing
Analog/Digital/Mixed-signal Circuits
Biomedical Applications
RF Circuit Design
MMIC & CMOS Circuits
Nano-fabrication & Computing
Materials for Electronics
Sustainable mobile networks
Smart sensors and sustainable computing
Next generation networking infrastructure and sustainability
Energy-efficient cloud computing technologies
IoT and sustainable computing for Smart Healthcare and Smart cities
Energy-efficient wireless mobile communications
Security, trust, and privacy in sustainable mobile computing and
Cyber-physical systems for sustainable computing
Efficient data management for sustainable mobile computing and
Big data processing for energy-efficient mobile computing
Energy-efficient networking for smart environments
Cloud and Fog Computing in AI
Big Data Analysis
Context-Awareness and Intelligent Environment Application
Financial Engineering and Time Series
Forecasting and Analysis
FinTech Application
Innovative Machine-Learning Applications
Intelligent E-Learning
Intelligent Human-Computer Interaction
IoT Application
Smart Healthcare
Smart Living and Smart Cities
Information Security
Natural Language Processing
Artificial Intelligence

11 Apr 2023 SCAD College of Engineering and Technology Tirunelveli

Artificial Intelligence
Intelligent User Interfaces
Natural Language Processing
Deep Learning & Virtualization
Neural Networks
Social Network Analysis
Uncertainty in AI
Explainable Artificial Intelligence
Fuzzy Control and Adaptive Systems
Hybrid Intelligent Systems
Pattern Recognition
Intelligent Control and Autonomous Systems
Computer Vision and Robotics
Knowledge Based System
AI and Big Data
Applied Intelligence for Cyber Security
Quantum Artificial Intelligence
Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
Computational Theories
Human Computer Interaction
Soft Computing
Quantum Computing
Evolutionary Algorithm
Hybrid Intelligent Systems
Cognitive Computing
Cloud/Edge Computing
Internet of Things
Blockchain Technologies
Next Generation Networks
Semantic Web Services
Data Analytics

04 May 2023 Narasus Sarathy Institute of Technology Salem


15 May 2023 TOKYO Tokyo

1. Distributed Control Systems
2. Expert Systems for Industry
3. Intelligent Fault Detection and Identification
4. Knowledge-based Systems & Applications
5. Machine Learning in Control Applications
6. Hybrid Learning Systems
7. Decision Support Systems
8. Neural Networks based Control Systems
9. Machine Learning and Optimization
10. Software Agents for Intelligent Control Systems
11. Soft Computing based Control Algorithms
12. Fuzzy and Genetic Algorithm based Control
13. Evolutionary Computation and Control
1. Agile & Aspect Oriented Software Development
2. Empirical Software Engineering
3. Modeling and Model-Driven Software Engineering
4. AI and Software Engineering
5. Autonomic Software Systems and Self Adaptation
6. Distributed and Collaborative Software Engineering
7. Software Evaluation and Maintenance
8. Crowd-based Software Engineering
9. Software Reuse, Testing and Analysis
10. Software Validation and Verification
11. Software Security, Privacy, Reliability and Safety
1. Mobile Cloud Computing
2. High Speed Networks
3. Big Data Communication and Analytics
4. Machine-to-Machine Communications
5. Human-Computer Interaction
6. Cryptography & Network Security
7. Heterogeneous Wireless Networks
8. Wireless and Adhoc Network
9. Wireless Multimedia Systems
10. Optical Networking
11. QoS and Resource Management
12. Self-Organizing Networks and Networked Systems
13. Mobile & Ubiquitous Communication Networks
14. Software-Defined Networking
15. Internet of Things & Cyber Physical Systems [CPS]
16. Social Computing and Networks

17 May 2023 Vaigai College of Engineering Madurai

Cardiovascular Diseases, Interventional Cardiology, Vascular Biology, Cardio-Oncology, Nuclear Cardiology, Cardiovascular Pharmacology, Cardiac Transplantation, Paediatric Cardiology, Diabetic cardiomyopathy, Clinical Cardiology, Hypertension, Electrocardiography, Sports Cardiology, Cardiovascular Toxicology, Clinical Case Reports on Cardiology, Complications of Heart Illness, Heart Disease in Women, Cardiovascular Surgery, Cardiac Devices & diagnosis, Covid-19 and Cardiology, Advancements and current research in cardiology, Advances In Cardiovascular Imaging.

18 May 2023 Scientex Conferences Tokyo

Intelligent Computing Technologies
Parallel and Distributed Computing
Ubiquitous Computing
Fog/Edge Computing Models
Mobile Cloud Computing Models
Software Engineering Practices
Artificial Intelligence
Smart Grid Computing Models
Bioinformatics and Computation
Sustainable and Energy Efficient Computing Models
Smart Grid Computing Frameworks
Internet of Things
Social and Affective Computing for Web Intelligence
Adaptive Neural Networks
Deep Learning
Autonomic Computing and Machine Vision
Intelligent Data Mining and Big Data
Pattern Recognition
Communication Technologies
Distributed and Automated Communication Techniques
Antenna, Microwave Theory and Applications
Mobile and Wireless Communication
Cognitive Communication Networks
Signal Processing for Wireless Communications
Sustainable Communication Practices
Vehicular Communication Frameworks
Information-Centric Networks
Multimodal Communication Techniques
Wireless Communication Channel Analysis
Quantum communication
Satellite Communication
Space Time Communication Techniques
Innovative Modeling and Simulation of Communication Systems
Artificial Intelligence for Mobile Communication
Smart Grid Communications
AdHoc and Sensor Networks
Next-generation Communication Software and Services

22 May 2023 Gnanamani College of Technology Namakkal

Neurology, Neuroscience, Psychiatry and Brain Disorders

25 May 2023 Scientex Conferences Tokyo

Call for Paper
Electronics Systems
Novel Digital Circuits and Systems
Non-Linear and Linear Circuits
Emerging Sensors and Sensing Systems
Sustainable and Energy-aware Electronics Systems
Bio-inspired Electronics Systems
Embedded Wireless Systems
Advanced VLSI Systems
Micro/Nano Electronic SystemsLow-Power Electronics
Electronic Device Assessment, test, and Reliability
RF Circuits and Applications
Flexible Electronics
Computational Electronics
Communication Systems
Optical, Wireless, and Mobile Communication Systems
Novel Communication and Information Theory
Antenna and Wave propagation
Communication Protocols Design and Management
Communication Device Modeling, and Coding Analysis
5G Networks and Communication
Communication Network and Information Security
Internet of Things and Big Data
Novel Microwave Theories and Technologies
Sustainable Communication Technologies
Vehicle Communication Systems and Internet to Vehicles
AI for Wireless Communication Networks and Systems

01 Jun 2023 PPG Institute of Technology Coimbatore