Four Days STTP on Recent Trends in Antenna and Microwave Technology 2021, CARE College of Engineering, Training Program, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, 7th - 10th June 2021

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Category :
Training Program
Event Type:
Venue/Offline Mode
Start Date :
7th June 2021
End Date :
10th June 2021
Location :
Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu
Organizer :
CARE College of Engineering
Four Days STTP on Recent Trends in Antenna and Microwave Technology 2021

About Event

The Short Term Training Program aims to provide a forum that enhances knowledge on recent trends in Antenna and Microwave to give potential solutions for 5G/6Gdesign for automotive and health care applications. Moreover, it builds hope in developing the global cooperative research with the exposure to challenges and research issues towards massive network. It also encourages the faculty to grow towards the new research areas for their career development.
The STTP is planned in such a way that the hands-on training using CST tool can be used in
building 5G/6G design. The STTP will be helpful for
the young researchers and faculty to formulate the
modeling and simulation needed for the development
of society and proves to be valuable in achieving tasks
through the emerging technology


DAY 1:
*Smart Antennas on 5G and beyond applications
*5G & UWB Antennas
DAY 2:
* Millemeter wave communication for 6G wireless networks
*Metamaterial based mimo antennas for 5G applications
DAY 3:
*Metamaterial Antennas in Wireless applications
*Hands on session - Introduction to CST Tool for Antenna Design
DAY 4:
*Applications of Wireless technology - 5G and beyond
*Hands on session in designing Metamaterial Antennas using CST Tool

Event Guests

DAY 1:
✓Dr. D.Sriram kumar, NIT,Trichy.
✓Dr. Gunasekaran Thangavel, Program director, University of Technology and Applied Sciences,Muscat.
DAY 2:
✓ Mr.V.Sanjay kumar, Arizona State University,US
✓ Dr.Immaculate Rosaline, Assistant Professor,Ramiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore.
DAY 3:
✓ Dr. Rajesh kumar V, Assistant Professor-I, VIT,Vellore.
✓ Ms.P.Geetha, Associate professor,P.R.Engineering College, Thanjavur.
DAY 4:
✓ Mr.T. Jayanandhan, CEO,Tesla Minds.
✓ Dr.G.Gandhimathi, Professor ECE, Trichy Engineering College.

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CSE ECE IT EEE Telecommunication Design

How to reach CARE College of Engineering, Tiruchirappalli

# 27, Thayanur , Trichy – 620 009

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