STEPCONE 2018, GMR Institute of Technology, Technical Paper, Project Contest and Exhibition, Rajam, Andhra Pradesh, 2nd - 4th February 2018

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Event Type:
Venue/Offline Mode
Start Date :
2nd February 2018
End Date :
4th February 2018
Location :
Rajam, Andhra Pradesh
Organizer :
GMR Institute of Technology
Category :
Technical Paper, Project Contest and Exhibition

About Event

After enjoying the phenomenal success over the last few years, GMRIT has set its aim high for this year. With meticulous planning and invincible spirit, we are ready to take the challene furthur. All the theories boil down to one most crucial thing in Engineering Application. This Ideology forms the basis of an occasion which lets the engineer in every student fly and air the spark within.

GMRIT takes a great privilege to disclose the 12th edition, the 3-day mega event under the name of STEPCONE 2018. Stepcone makes a platform for engineering students where everyone gets a chance to embrace the best of knowledge, envisioning dreams without boundaries, to showcase their skills and knowledge in fun, practical and innovatice ways. It seeks to host discourse on concepts, experiences, challenges and their solutions to spread knowledge and faster innovation, inquistiveness and creativity among young engineering population. Pushing our limits further, exploring the hidden potentials, we are conceiving ourselves through bigger, crazier and advanced version of the most awaited technical and cultural colloquium bagging marvelously planned events, enticing guest lectures, advanced workshops, creative non-technical events, exciting spot-events and infotaining spotlights.

We are anticipating to witness the best minds of the students who come together to develop high and go beyond the corridors of competition and become the examples of genuinely responsible youth of the country who strive to carry forward the lights of Knowledge!


1.project Design Contest Development Contest
4.idea Bucket
5.industry Defined Problems
Technical Events
Paper Presentations


aspen Plus
3d Printing
Swarm Robotics
Brainwave Controlled Robotics
android app Development
Cyber Security
internet of Things
Pcb Design
Photo Voltaics
andro Engine
Project Planning
andvanced Survey

PPT Topics

1.Robotics and Industrial Automation
2.Advanced Materials and Design
3.Renewable Energy and Alternate Fuels
4.Additive and Sustainable Manufacturing Technologies
5.Condition Monitoring and Reliability
1.Big Data Analytics
2.Cyber Security/Computer Forensics
3.Internet of Things
4.CLOUD /FOG/EDGE Computing
5.Wireless Communications(4G/5G)
6.Network Security/Cryptography
7.Social Networks
8.Software Engineering/Software Testing
9.Soft computing techniques
1.Emerging Technologies in wireless communications
2.Artificial Intelligence
3.VLSI and Embedded Systems
4.Speech and Image signal processing
5.Fuzzy and Neural Networks
6.Cellular and Mobile Communications
1.Chemical Recation Engineering
2.Transfer Operations
3.Modeling,Simulation,Optimization and Control
4.Process Integration and Intensification
5.Advanced Separation Techniques
6.Advances in Bio , Nano and Polymer Technologies
7.Energy and environment
1.Virtual Reality
2.Data Mining
3.Cloud Computing
4.Wireless Technologies
5.Artificial Intelligence
1.Smart Grid Techonology
2.Hybrid Electric Vehicles
3.Nano Fluids
4.Waste Heat Recovery
5.Renewable Energy Sources
6.Energy Audit and Management
7.Modelling,Simulation and Optimization for Energy Sector
1.IOT – Application For Civil Engineering
2.Innovative Structural Designs – Case Studies
3.Low Cost Construction
4.Concrete Technology
5.GIS, Remote Sensing and its Applications
6.Environmental Sustainability / Environmental Impact and Assessment
7.Modern Construction Materials and Techniques
8.Disaster Resisting Solutions
9.Geotechnical Engineering
10.Water Resources and Transportation Engineering
1.Wireless Power Transmission
2.Trends in Power Electronics and Drives
3.Renewable Trending Energy Harvesting techniques
4.EHV Technologies
5.Sensor and Activator Systems
6.Industrial Automation
7.Optical Technology in Current and Voltage Measurement
8.Improvements in Microbial Fuel Cells
9.Internet(Broad band) over Electric Lines
10.Wireless Battery Charging Techniques
11.Hybrid Electric Vehicles
12.Improvements in PV panels
13.Smart Grid
14.Modern Power Electronics on FACTS
15.IOT For Electrical Appliances

Event Caption

Educate Inspire Change


CSE ECE IT EEE Mechanical Civil Chemical


PHONE -8186045505

How to reach GMR Institute of Technology, Rajam

GMR Nagar,
Andhra Pradesh,532127

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